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  1. Here it is , I bought a GW-M5610-ER the watch appeared for sale on the marketplace on Facebook so a quick 20 minute drive later and a deal was done . First impressions are very comfy and the auto light from tilting the watch is a good feature. I am sure this will just be first of many Gshocks for me now
  2. Ignore my previous post .....I just bought myself a GShock , solar and multiband . All will be revealed later after I have been to collect it .
  3. @WRENCH thanks for the link , it is certainly a possibility
  4. I like the look of the compass watch , do you have the model number for it please
  5. The search has been put on hold for the time being , It is my Birthday next month so my wife suggested I hold off until then.
  6. I thought the first one was only solar , thankyou for pointing out to me that it is also radio controlled.
  7. I have narrowed it down to two , firstly the GW-M5610-1ER I like the rectangular case and the fact it is a solar My next choice is is made on the basis of go large or go home , the GW-7900B-1ER I like this one as it is big and bold and as well as being a solar it also has the radio controlled time adjust ( this would be a first for me as I have never owned one before )
  8. I watched the documentary last night and really enjoyed it. Guy Martin really will turn his hand to anything.
  9. @Igerswis wow that is some collection , very impressive indeed. The 5600's look good
  10. I like the look of this style especially the rectangular case.
  11. I am not a fan of their ani/digi combinations and am thinking rubber rather than metal. I will check out their website for ideas and probably go for a digi version. Thanks
  12. I have never owned a G Shock for myself , I did come across one a while ago which tidied it up and gave it to my son . I fancy buying one for myself now as they seem to be a rough rigged all round watch and seeing as there are a ton of variations out there I thought it an idea for member here to show off their G Shocks to give me an an idea of what is available. Thanks in advance . John
  13. This may be an interesting read for you https://monochrome-watches.com/a-space-story-how-a-micro-brand-watch-by-dave-sutton-and-an-erikasoriginals-mn-strap-ended-up-on-the-iss/
  14. That is the reason why I am wearing the G10 so I can get used to smaller watches on my wrist
  15. Looks smart , what is the model number please ?
  16. I totally agree a 45mm case version would be perfect for me .
  17. @Davey P I keep looking at the two photos I took and think will it grow on me if I buy it or like yourself with the Bulova will I end up selling it . I am not rushing into this purchase my plan is to sleep on it .
  18. @it'salivejim I get where you are coming from with the watch not needing to fill all of the wrist but unfortunately I just prefer bigger watches . I also tried on a blue one in H Samuels
  19. I managed to try one on in town today and I was surprised as it was not as small as I thought it would be It is still smaller than I like so think I shall be giving it a miss and look for an alternative , @Davey P not a TW Steel though
  20. Finally a Cressi that I used to own but sold it.
  21. I am off to town today and will hopefully find one to try on. @relaxer7 Hinds will be the first shop I try thanks. I have a feeling today will not go well and it will in fact look small on my wrist and the search for another military style watch will begin
  22. That is my worry , I like the look and design but worry how it will look on the wrist
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