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  1. I think that is one of the things that draws me to this watch it is an ideal proper beater
  2. I have liked the look of the Citizen Ray Mears and Royal marines for quite some time now which is unusual for me as I normally go for chunky divers style watches. My question is to those that have one or who have had one what are the pro's and con's , If I am to buy one it would not be a new one I would prefer to buy a pre owned one. My main worry is they are 40mm and I have an 8" wrist will it look like a pea on a drum when on my wrist. This is the style that I am thinking of buying although I have noticed there are a few variations , some being titanium and the older one being stainless steel I believe
  3. Today I learned that when ordering new watch hands from ebay always read the description correctly especially when sizes are concerned. Me thinks these replacement hands may be a little on the short side Not to worry new ones have been ordered
  4. I have a couple of those usb flash drives which I could also copy to this being the third storage solution. I never thought of fire or flood so giving one to one of my kids to keep in their house is a good idea.
  5. Good idea I shall copy them back over .
  6. I have been having a clean out on my laptop and noticed I have over 15,000 digital photos all of which are stored in individual folders , These are labeled watches, mods, Lakes 2011 , York 2016 , Birthday , Christmas etc . I have now copied all 15,000 to an external HDD for safe keeping and have deleted them from lmy laptop I hope to one day sort through all the 15,000 as I am sure I do not need all of them . My question is how do members here store digital photos ? do you keep then on the laptop , external HDD , both , or are your photo's floating in a cloud somewhere . Also is there any free software that I could download to create a photo album/book , not to print out but to keep on my laptop . For example we visited the Lake District in 2011 and I have photos that I would like to keep in a book so that when I am old I can flick through them with my wife . Cheers John
  7. Then you can watch taken 2 and 3 I contacted virgin earlier and to get broadband on it's own with the speed I have now would be £41 we pay £47 currently with the tv and house phone (which is not even plugged in ) May as well stick with my current package at least I can record the odd show that we like.
  8. I have thought about doing exactly the same thing recently. We have the lower tv package and it seems to me that we are paying Virgin media for freeview channels. I only stop with them as their internet is good. I may look into it and see if I will be saving any money by just getting their internet with no tv package.
  9. Morning , On with the wavemaster today
  10. Thanks for the info on the flags it is something I did not know .
  11. Do you find since retirement you wear a watch less and less ?
  12. Are you allowed to ask that question on a watch forum in reply though yes I do seem to have aquired rather a few but I like them all
  13. This Rotary is my oldest and belonged to my Grandad , he received it when he retired in 1960 It is kept safe and is only worn for special occasions
  14. I only have the one It does not get worn as it is a little small on my wrist but has pride of place in a display cabinet with others I do not wear
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