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  1. I have never been one for xbox or playstation but seeing as I was bored earlier I booted up the grandkids playstation and had a few games of Gran Turismo , my plan is to play a little each day and increase my skills and not tell the grandkids then challenge them to a game when it is safe for them to visit and woop them :laugh:

    I did start off with Call of Duty but had no idea what I was doing and my brain was not telling my fingers what to do so I kept dying time after time :angry:

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  2. Just read this thread again from the begining as I have an urge to mod a vostok. I have owned a few in the past and regret parting with them. 

    Very difficult deciding which base model to start with , I want a 22mm lug so looking at either the 100 without crown guard or the 110 with guard. 

    I have managed to source a family member that is willing to bead blast the case for me , off to Ebay and meranom website now to start pricing parts up like watch, bezel and maybe their new crown . 

    Seeing as the last post on here was 2016 I was wondering if anyone had any new Vostok mods to add . 

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