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  1. My cheapy, from my local market...wears well.....Bob.
  2. Off a market stall for little money, new battery + bracelet......Bob.
  3. 19 years on this one always had a charge at least once a month, noticed the 2 second skip a few months ago,new recharge battery fitted (not difficult)....Bob.
  4. This market find, a new battery, case clean plus bracelet......Bob.
  5. Today watch bargain, from my local market wanted £40 got it for £30 in not bad condition.....Rob.
  6. Nice to have the correct time everyday.....Rob
  7. A lot of automatics this morning, so so here's mine today.....Bob.
  8. Everyone should have at least have one, ready for the end of the world , they are tough and reliable have a few.....Bob.
  9. Old school, still ticking......Bob.
  10. My latest G-Shock, a nice size, Solar/ R/Controlled.....Bob.
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