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  1. Nothing to do with current Tissot.
  2. And they are funny about antibiotics these days. Forewarned is forearmed AVO. Are you up on verucas ?
  3. Sartorially my tastes run to boots and socks, or just socks. The idea of anything remotely resembling sandles and socks, or even no socks, or even sandles brings to mind beards and unsuitable shorts
  4. I confess.....no search at all. I will wear a hair shirt for a week.
  5. Don’t know about wear , good on a shelf .
  6. Somebody would have liked those.
  7. I paid , I get to call mine what I like.........fair? Plus there twenty years worth knocking about.....that’s collecting The living area on home is clutter free, I have a wife.
  8. I’ll take your word for it AVO I’m either wearing boots or just socks, mainly the latter.
  9. Often seen Skagen mentioned but never seen a Skagen thread.....so I’ll fix that omission I have couple but only a pic of this Chrono........ Not worn a lot , but I like the look , soft leather strap, and lightness. Any other Skagen out there ? Going to play ? Cheers
  10. Like the thread says, have you ever binned a watch, through practicality, temper , or desperation. I only ever lost it with one, a mechanical Timex I picked up, off Amazon new. I bought it because it had ( gasp) a power meter. The first one they sent gained time as it was shaken to power up, a lot of time. I returned it for another. The replacement was even worse than the original, about as good as a candle clock In a fit of pique I punted it across the room and ummmmmm “ damaged” it. Too badly for money back.....so the bin. Never since, with anything Binned anything? Circumstances? Cheers
  11. Noon...time to get up, I’ll pick after a shower. Not worth going out roads are clogged with fleeing Grockles.....
  12. In the last two weeks I’ve bought one for 320 and one for a fiver. The Sekonda was a fiver all steel, pretty and I like. If I get absolute “ junk” it goes, and that has happened with a few three quid watches. I still managed to find somebody who liked them. Cheap doesn’t mean junk.......a commonly held views by some. I like them THAT is the point.
  13. Īhmmmmm.....I call it COLLECTING
  14. Good finds , especially for the wife
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