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  1. If only all bills were that easy Davey. “ The car service will be 220 Sir”.......thanks here’s a fiver
  2. Forty quid is the answer. EA crown and stem and new battery
  3. Rome wasn’t built in a day Chromejob, this requires horizontal thought
  4. Despite having so many watche's I feel like reinvogoratingoing those I have. I have decided proper presentation with some new plastic display stands from John ( jsud). Some new straps. A good clean and organise. I think some time reinvigorating instead of buying is called for. How would you go about reinvigorating an existing collection? Thankeee
  5. I'm afraid im not a great strip changer.... I should try it, whole new world of watches for a relatively small outlay .
  6. Time in Cairo AVO......I did say I'd ask Lovely watch as befits a gentleman of your stature.
  7. Just let em tick. The battery still degrades when stopped.
  8. Ok it’s hot.....at least here. What do you wear to keep cool , straps or bracelets? Despite all I’ve read a bracelet got sticky but a leather strap has remained perfectly cool. Whays the choice on hot days for you? Rubber seems to be a wrist greenhouse Cheers
  9. The Boz wears a Raymond Weil...... so far unscathed after a few years. She has knocked a few cheaper ones. Maybe ladies watches tend to be a bit shinier and ornate, with bits to fall off . Avoid heavy building work Cassie
  10. I've got one.....I knew without opening it . Miyota peanut
  11. If it’s not done up like that ( second hole) it rotates on my wrist Too many Polish sweets and cakes......boy do they do amazing cakes .
  12. Well your pic background had me gasping with surprise Davey
  13. They were right, had Wellington used the Long Bow in the Peninsular wars they would have been as effective as the muskets of the time. As to Crecy the French should have done what they usually do......surrender
  14. I refuse to speak French.......ever since Crecy. How about slidy watch thingy ? You know it makes sense.
  15. An act of acute wisdom Davey
  16. I’m not much confused .....MUCH Here you go.....DEPLOYMENT https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/products/bell-ross-straps-deployment-clasp-24mm-stainless-steel?variant=20870499844&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3InYBRCLARIsAG6bfMTiRBzVppN7lHoZD3jqkX3x5zFfSxIyzpQnoxMa2dgCxKQ57z9Cc5oaAn-CEALw_wcB
  17. Throughout my time on TWF what I call butterfly clasps have been variously called DEPLOYANT or DEPLOYMENT clasps. There was a time when deployment was seen as a newbie error but I have noticed site after site coming up with deployment as a description, to the point I am thoroughly confused. Which do you use or like me do you feel happy with both. Cheers
  18. A joy to behold.....splendid
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