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  1. Looks good to me, I relate to the watch box piled on watch box. Good luck.
  2. Kind of you Moustachio. Had a quick look and will sit down and have a serious try at the weekend. Many thanks.
  3. RWP


    AlexC1981. I remember the red LED watches, I had one, wish I still did.
  4. Nice Sekonda.......looks good. Nothing wrong with them at all, I recently bought a simple time date Sekonda from Amazon for 19 quid. It was just good value with an almost military look. I know.........pics. Things being complicated by I pad. That's my excuse.
  5. RWP


    AlexC1981. It's still a really nice watch. Classic and must be fairly rare?
  6. errrrrrrrrrrr...........haven't kind of got round to trying. Will do over the weekend!!!!!!
  7. With regard to Precisionist accuracy only one of my two Champlains is accurate up to spec. The other loses 2 secs a month. Can't be bothered to complain.
  8. SBryantgb. I have a Seiko chrono that looks to have a similar movement that runs up to twelve hours. Your sub dial at three o clock seems to be a two handed dial displaying up to twelve hours. Got to be a plus if the buttons do something ?
  9. Having automatic from cheap Chinese to Tissot and stops in between I am not labouring under the illusion that some movements are not slung together from pressed pieces. However even some cheap autos have reasonable movements, a couple of Invictas ( yes I know) with Seiko movements and a slightly more expensive Rotary with a citizen Miyota movement. Most of my watches are quartz but I do find more craftsmanship in mechanical movements. Some of the Quartz with unusual complications, like a Seiko Velatura Yachting timer ( sans Yacht) are equally fascinating . I stick to my amusing opinion engineering background or not.
  10. That's a near model...........just the crown is small and sits flush with the case, it can't be seen looking down on the watch. That's the bit that puzzles me. As to right clicking........hard on an I pad :(
  11. Well SBryanygb, that is certainly froody. Unusual positioning of the crown and chrono buttons. What does the chrono run up to?
  12. That's one nice watch. Looks nice and chunky.
  13. Quartz for ease of use and accuracy. Mechanical fo the joy of craftsmanship?
  14. I agree oxidisation is a problem ( or not.......covering scratches). A high shine in manufacture seems to slow or halt oxidisation , I think?
  15. I was just examining one of the couple of titanium watches I have for signs of wear. The particular watch is a Bulova Precisionist Champlain, kevlar strap and Titanium casing. I bought it a H Samuel for 174quid I think, supposedly reduced from 300+. I use bricks and mortar stores where I can. When I bought it I was unaware that it was titanium (duh) and was concerned because I dial-up avoid titanium as I maybe wrongly think it marks more easily than steel and I like the weight of steel. Scrabbling through my watches tho only other Titanium one is an elderly EVA-430TH. My question is what do members think of Titanium and the extra cost and qualities of the material? I would stick to steel unless some compelling reason dictated otherwise. PS.....Sorry about the lack of pics, will get round to a serious effort to master it at the weekend. NOT dial-up........TRY TO. Stupid tablet.
  16. Looks nice, tritium as well............. shows how influential the forum is.
  17. Nice heads up for those who like them :)
  18. I'm afraid "smart" watches leave me cold and Apple watches actively annoy me. If you have a phone you don't need an adjunct to it that needs charging daily. IMHO
  19. Sorry but it doesn't look quite what I expected it to when I saw "Moon." Wouldn't say no though :)
  20. RWP


    From the bottom of the slope the only way is up. A digital Bulova? I'll go to the top of our stairs.
  21. Mach........with me it was coins, still have them but sources at reasonable prices dried up. Watches always came first but I would still invest in a nice British imperial silver coin. What if something irresistible comes up after the six :) SBryantGB...........under a sleeping bag on cardboard............got a few watches with great luminosity? Practical things matter.
  22. Six more? Easy to say but I suspect harder in practice. I am sure you think you mean it.
  23. Its also a cracker. Think I like Froody.
  24. Welcome......when you suss out posting pics let me know.
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