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  1. 6 minutes ago, AVO said:

    Don’t. It’ll be worse than your socks.

    And you’ll come down with a severe case of skågen and only a Danish GP can save you.

    And they are funny about antibiotics these days. Forewarned is forearmed AVO.

    Are you up on verucas ? :crazy5vh:

  2. 24 minutes ago, AVO said:

    Now I definitely do NOT wear socks with them. Between April and October socks are for work only!:biggrin:

    Sartorially my tastes run to boots and socks, or just socks.  The idea of anything remotely resembling sandles and socks, or even no socks, or even sandles brings to mind beards and unsuitable shorts :yes:

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  3. 55 minutes ago, longplay said:

    Ironically, one of them is what started the whole WIS path for me. All for want of a replacement strap.

    The geniuses use custom lugs that the strap is screwed into. Only the straps cost £35, about a third of the price of the watch, and mine lasted about a year (a couple of pieces of leather with felt in between).

    If that wasn't enough, despite a few battery changes, timekeeping had become pot luck (it would lose a random number of minutes, but not consisitently, so you couldn't rely on it).

    Fair to say I don't rank them highly.

    Don’t know about wear , good on a shelf .

  4. 9 minutes ago, Chromejob said:

    I didn’t link to a dictionary, but a more detailed article. Some attributes that I recognize:

    And of course, I’m not a medical professional, am not making a diagnosis. I’m being facetious. But — I don’t call watches piled into night table drawers and covering the top a “collection,” I call that hoarding. 

    I paid , I get to call mine what I like.........fair?   Plus there twenty years worth knocking about.....that’s collecting:clap:

    The living area on home is clutter free, I have a wife.

  5. Just now, AVO said:

    Comfortable casual shoes, Rog. Very popular. I like them because they are very light and comfortable. Others clearly don’t like them. I’m sure if you ask Bond he will explain, since I obviously don’t get it. 

    I’ll take your word for it AVO :thumbsup:     I’m either wearing boots or just socks, mainly the latter. :)

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  6. Often seen Skagen mentioned but never seen a Skagen thread.....so I’ll fix that omission  :whistle:

    I have couple but only a pic of this Chrono........





    Not worn a lot , but I like the look , soft leather strap, and lightness.

    Any other Skagen out there ?

    Going to play ?:thumbsup:


  7. Like the thread says, have you ever binned a watch, through practicality, temper , or desperation.

    I only ever lost it with one, a mechanical Timex I picked up, off Amazon new. I bought it because it had ( gasp) a power meter.  The first one they sent gained time as it was shaken to power up, a lot of time.  I returned it for another.  The replacement was even worse than the original, about as good as a candle clock :whistle:


    In a fit of pique I punted it across the room and ummmmmm “ damaged” it.   Too badly for money back.....so the bin.


    Never since, with anything :crazy5vh:

    Binned anything?  Circumstances?

    Cheers :)


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  8. In the last two weeks I’ve bought one for 320 and one for a fiver.  The Sekonda was a fiver all steel, pretty and I like.  If I get absolute “ junk” it goes, and that has happened with a few three quid watches. I still managed to find somebody who liked them.

    Cheap doesn’t mean junk.......a commonly held views by some.   I like them THAT is the point. :)

    13 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    But your parameters for collecting are mysterious to many here.... because some sub £100 watches are so incredibly badly made when compared to other sub £100 watches so it beggars the question , being watch-savvy , why would you knowingly do that !?

    I understand collecting , I understand hoarding ( have done both in the past with other hobbies ) ... but I don't understand the fascination of owning a poorly made watch at the same price mark as many really good ones , what is the point ? 

    Genuine question by the way .... I simply don't get it.


  9. 1 hour ago, hughlle said:

    My watches range from a couple of pounds to a handful of thousands. I do not tend to buy everything I see though. they're bought on the merits of the watch, with the value taken into account. Will I buy an timex etc, not a chance. Will I buy a cheap watch though, certainly. I would much rather spend £50 on a rock solid vostok amphibia than spend £50 piece of junk quartz accurist etc. But then when I buy a watch, it is to wear it without babying it, and to continue wearing it, and it functioning, for a long time; not to buy it so it can be put in a drawer so I can go and buy another one the next day, to then put that in a drawer as well. 

    Īhmmmmm.....I call it COLLECTING :tongue:

  10. 2 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    I am wearing my Casio G-Shock because I just lit the BBQ charcoal.... I know what says about me.... I need a cool looking watch , even when I am feeding the tribe !

    I know ... I could not just resist developing @yokel's wonderful uptake on the ridiculous Patek marketing line.....

     It’s confess I missed that bit.  Must concentrate :toot:

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  11. 52 minutes ago, Caller. said:

    Roger, I'm confused after all this time here, why you aren't aware that most on here have got varied collections costing from a few quid to more than a few hundred or more and wear them. Most show their variety on various threads. Without even giving it any thought I'm aware, for example, that Rog (the Dodge) has cheaper Seiko's and top dollar Rolexes.

    And sorry to say, but I don't think your purchases are eclectic by any stretch of the imagination. Its all much of a muchness from what you show. But not everyone does eclectic for their own reasons.  

    And for what it's worth, no I wouldn't buy a timex, sekonda or Invicta but I still have bought and own 'more humble watches'. Multiple questions are never a good idea.

    Now, after writing all that, I will go to a darkened room with soft furnishings, curl up on an unforgiving sofa and try and work out what the hell your post is all about beneath it's innocent façade?

    Conspiracy theorists are usually unbalanced.  The thread is about what it says, just off to theorise about the Kennedy assassination. :thumbs_up:

    Nobody collects anything from stamps to coins without their collecting habits, and collection changing with taste, knowledge, and pocket.  That’s what the thread is about.

    If you think it is about 21st century distribution of wealth or horology and the socialist state I can’t help that :crazy5vh:

    Eclectic.....varied, wide ranging.  I d say my fiver to hundreds qualifies.

  12. 19 minutes ago, A2orry said:

    I've no qualms about watch price as long as the quality matches. I do however think most of the low end stuff less than £50 Are only designed to see out the life of the battery. 

    I've yet to have a sub 50 quit on me apart from the three quid Amazon specials sent from China, bought out of curiosity only.  Fifly quid will buy you a reliable and lasting Sekonda, Timex, Vostok or Casio :yes:

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  13. I am not to thank for your Sybaritc watch choices:yes:     I do however claim copyright on the term “ horological sybarite “ , no royalties due :crazy5vh:

    10 minutes ago, yokel said:

    Can't think whom you mean . . . . :blush:


    I think it's also a question of the number of watches wanted in a collection.

    Some WIS' want/have hundreds of pieces.

    Some like to be in a position to wear all their watches on a reasonably regular basis, and so limit themselves to just a few.

    Members of the former group would need to be extremely affluent to make every piece a "luxury" one.

    The latter group, if lucky enough to be in a pecuniary position to do so, are probably more likely to want a Tudor occupying one of their small number of pillows than an Invicta (or even a Citizen).

    Doesn't mean that Seiko , Citizen , Bulova , Orient , Casio, etc. are denigrated  --  simply that they are not preferred.




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  14. In the progression of the WIS habit it generally seems that buying better and better watches is par for the course.

    In my case my buying is still eclectic and can cover a few pounds to a few hundred. I can still find a Sekonda that delights me.

    So high enders, horological sybarites, I make no judgement and I love seeing your watches but would any of you ever conceivably buy a Timex, a Sekonda, an Invicta :)

    I am wondering if once you have had “ the best” is there still room for more humble watches.

    Going to play ? :clap:


    Thread number TWO for the day for the moderator to whome it matters :angry:

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