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  1. Just acquired an International Time Recorder that badly is in need of a service I live in Southport, Merseyside, can anyone recommend someone preferably in Lancashire, Merseyside or Cheshire who can service my clock. Many thanks
  2. I may have spent over what its worth, as I didn't take into consideration how much the repair and service costs was going to be. But on saying that, I am very delighted with the watch, it keeps good time and still looks good after all these years. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on its value for insurance purposes, I've estimated it around £350 - £400
  3. Yes the pictures was taken before the service, it also needed some parts too which was expensive. Ive always wanted an Omega, so if I look after it and keep it dry I should get a few more years out of it.
  4. Hi Sorry its been awhile, but here are the pictures of the Omega watch I bought before Christmas Ive have the watch serviced, and its keeping very good time. I think the age of the watch is mid 1970's, but now sure of the exact date The strap is a new one. cheers Alan
  5. http://s20.postimg.org/ptknf0op9/clock_in_cards.jpg Hi Mickey Over the Christmas period, Ive made some new clocking in cards on photo shop with the International Logo on the top and bottom. .
  6. Well Ive took my first steps in getting my first vintage watch. Its an Omega Constellation automatic chronometer with 24 jewels (gold face) Delivery should be at the end of the week. Obtained it from a well known auction site, and the seller informs me it is working well. Further details to follow
  7. Thanks for the information, what a great Forum this is. Was also looking at Tudor watches, I know I will have to spend a bit more though. I don't know if its me, but I tend to be put off a watch if theres an inscription on the back, maybe its a newbie way of thinking, as Ive said before, Ive a lot to learn about this new hobby.
  8. I came from the era where Britian manufactured a lot of things,and you get what you paid for. Im not looking for a Flashy all singing and all dancing type of watch, just something that is reliable. I guess a starting point would be Gerrard, not too fussed about having a date movement. Is there any other british manufacturers that would fit the bill.
  9. I'm interested in buying a decent second hand watch, that will give me little or no problems As my knowledge of watches is somewhat limited, I'm looking for a little guidance before buying one. Looking to spend up to £400
  10. Hi Mel Ive made contact with a guy in the south of England who sells a one-inch ink ribbons for typewriters, so I have ordered one off him. Thanks for the advice and information
  11. Thanks for the replies, I think the old typewriter ribbon was too narrow - the ribbon on the International Time recorder is about 25mm wide.
  12. I am currently renovating a 1940 National Time Recorder Clock I am looking to replace the clock face as its seen better days. Can anyone recommend a company who repairs clock faces or better still make an identical replacement for it
  13. Had a brief look on line,send email to theinkjetstore ,he seems to have most bases covered. Never used them but he does do 

    at least single one inch fabric one colour for £22,have just made contact with him for mine....you shamed me into getting mine sorted.good luck ,chris

    1. Alan0048


      Hi Chris

      Thanks for the information. please let me know what you think of the product when you have fitted it. As I've never done this before, do you re use the spools on the machine or use the new spools on the new ribbon



    2. bridgeman


      Frankly Alan ,don't know! Am going to send both spools with ribbon still attached and just wait and see what comes back.

      dont hold your breath,could be a while

      cheers chris

    3. bridgeman
  14. http://Users/alanleyland/Desktop/1.JPG Hello Everyone Ive just joined the Forum today, so I hope someone can help me. Ive recently purchased a 1930 National Time Recorder clock in clock. All seems to be working as it should, except for the 2 tone ribbon which has now dried out. The two colours on the ribbon was Blue and Red, I think I can re ink the ribbon myself, but it will all be in one colour. My question is, can a two tone coloured ribbon for this machine still be obtained?or is there someone out there who can re ink a two tone ribbon for me. many thanks Alan
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