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  1. I was wondering that — If the REG / TM lettering is a new addition and the '1950' inspired versions stays true to the past where the lettering was not present...
  2. Both types are on their official www... so hopefully not hacked by a rip-off merchant!
  3. Odd isn't it? Could it be anything to do with in house movements and bought in movements?
  4. Anyone know what the difference is between a Panerai that has TM/Reg on the crown latch & those that do not? Clean: http://www.panerai.com/en/collections/watch-collection/luminor/luminor-marina-8-days-titanio---44mm_pam00564.html With Text: http://www.panerai.com/en/collections/watch-collection/luminor-1950/luminor-marina-1950-3-days-automatic-acciaio---42mm_pam00392.html Thank you!
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