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  1. When I started my collection all the watches were chronos, now I have none. Just prefer a clean, easy to read dial.
  2. That's far too tidy, you'll never be able to find anything in there
  3. Off for afternoon tea don't you know (a retirement present) so wearing the Squale. Little pinky held out
  4. Amazing, just amazing
  5. Both of these are now on my want list
  6. I've just come back from Thailand and Cambodia - I think I've seen most of the 100,000,000
  7. I was on holiday last week when I found out that I had won Roy's raffle prize. Roy held off posting the prize until I was home and it arrived this morning. Beautifully put together watch and my second RLT. Where else can you win a watch like this for a few quid and benefit the forum too. My thanks to @Roy
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