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  1. Amazing, just amazing
  2. Both of these are now on my want list
  3. I've just come back from Thailand and Cambodia - I think I've seen most of the 100,000,000
  4. I was on holiday last week when I found out that I had won Roy's raffle prize. Roy held off posting the prize until I was home and it arrived this morning. Beautifully put together watch and my second RLT. Where else can you win a watch like this for a few quid and benefit the forum too. My thanks to @Roy
  5. Been naked for nearly two weeks as the bracelet on the watch I took on holiday was just too damn tight in the 40 degree heat
  6. Nice watch. I have an Alpha and enjoy it as you do yours. It is what it is.
  7. In my 3rd month of retirement and sat on a beach in Thailand Brought my Fossil on holiday to Thailand so I don’t have to worry about it. Problem is that in the heat it virtually cuts off the blood supply to my hand. Still, a nice chap here on the beach says he can get me a genuine Rolex for £40
  8. Sticking with my latest incoming at the moment
  9. Hillman Avenger - the gearbox went then I tried testing it's integrity by running into the back of another car. The repair garage rang me to say that the front valance was mostly a flattened GTX can!! An Austin Montego was a close second.
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