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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm actually thinking of getting a strapcode aftermarket strap for the ray 2 if I like the watch. After reading many reviews it would seem that the strap it comes with is not that great although I have not seen it in person yet so will wait to see. How do you find the strap, assuming you have the steel strap on the ray 2 ?
  2. You don't need as much as you might think. But when you have an interest "need" starts to get replaced with desire and curiosity etc, etc. I had a £12 Casio that was all I needed and more { it had dual time that I had zero real need for }
  3. Yes I wanted something a bit different, I have owned several Seiko but this is the 1st Orient. If I remember watches such as this previously had no hand winding and Seiko did so I went with a Seiko. I'm not sure if I can ever keep a watch long enough to service, I have a habit of selling { even a stupidly accurate Seiko I used to own }
  4. Just purchased a Ray 2 with this movement : in-house-made Orient Caliber F6922. There is some basic info about it online but not enough for watch enthusiasts Does anyone know any further info about this movement. Are the Orient in house movements any good even. I'm guessing they are no ETA 2824, the watch is much too cheap for that for starters......
  5. I always view them as having their standard watches, which vary in materials and price but run through the same quality/standards and manufacturing processes for the most part. And then they have their very high end stuff that is a separate setup and shares little in common with the well common stuff.... I could be totally wrong though, just the way I view it......
  6. I honestly would not be bothered if it was just 20% or whatever, but there is a £15 admin fee from memory and I have had surprisingly nasty bills in the past that I felt were well over and above what I view as fair personally. Some may not agree with me but I have always felt that way
  7. I used the registered mail 10-14 day, no box option I think. I hope that works out, I have changed in once already after my first pick of DHL
  8. Thanks, I used them before but could not remember because it was several years back ( when watches were much cheaper lol )
  9. Hi guy`s, I'm just getting back into watches and my 1st pick up is an orient ray 2 from creation. My question is : they have several shipping options. Am I to understand that the correct one to pick is the registered mail 14 days, no box option ? To avoid hidden charges etc is what I am getting at thanks
  10. Sell similar grade of movement, quality and materials as the big names but for much less. There should be a really top movement in that for near 2.5K but there isn't.
  11. They made high quality quartz movements back then. Much different to today
  12. Quite possibly, they look familiar but it looks like prices have doubled lol. thank anyway
  13. Hi, a couple of years ago I was going to buy a watch from a guy who used to sell on ebay. They were watches he made himself i think and I remember they were unitas / eta 6497 based or very similar. Prices were cheaper than the big companies I think for the type of movement used I believe. Germany was the origin from memory and now that we are leaving the EU, I want to get one now if still available. Does this ring a bell with anyone ? I think they were pilot style watches and semi well known. I think someone on here recommended them in the first place Thanks
  14. Not my favourite movie but when I was a kid going to the Cinema and seeing the posters on the way in I was a very happy kid indeed :
  15. Fantastic photo and editing. I find Lightroom easier to use than Photoshop ( and much cheaper lol )
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