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  1. Welcome to the forum smaller and a lot under budget SNKL41 is similar I reckon you have it right anyway, buy what you like not what you think others like.
  2. They do seem to be good value even at the current prices extras being added like free rubber strap etc i managed to get a pair early on. now just need to decide on colours etc
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss, please accept my condolences. nice clean Seiko is always a winner.
  4. Merry Chrismas to all the forum members old and new its great to see you all here and read all of your comments
  5. The stem has broken off the crown on my Seiko 6309 diver so need to source both parts. Anyone know of a good source? found one on the bay but could be made from anything lol Thanks in advance. Daz
  6. Thanks alxbly another one to find lol looks good, and they are available too
  7. You'll be the first to know if it gets moved on im enjoying being a beach bum lol
  8. They are a great inexpesive watch, I do have a soft spot for them lol. i have the black, white and also the orange. the blue has been on the wish list for a number of years but one day. some great pics there guys, need to get that sorted.
  9. Very nice watches Rog look good and chunky and the colours are great. Looks like I need to venture to the bay lol you guys always post such nice watches.
  10. Not been on here for a while, this is sad news my thoughts are with you and the family Emily
  11. Yep tried but failed, site crashed and out of stock message but message on face book that stock still available. maybe next time if anyone gets one and doesn't feel the love for it let me know and I will have it off you.
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