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  1. I buy my daughter watches as she is mad on them, she is 10 and often wears a HMT auto on a striped nato to school. she loves them all however my wife has very little if any interest. would you believe she uses a phone to tell the time
  2. The old time sparks would use a hole in a piece of wood to bend the conduit you would need to be careful of kinking the tube wall if you needed tight bends mind
  3. Had one for a little while and very happy with it. great price, as you say how low can they go?
  4. Different colour same story
  5. Daz.

    13th Dr Who

    Well my gut feeling is it should be a male but will see what happens with the first episode.
  6. I don't think you can cure Seikoism, enjoy them.
  7. Seamaster then red CW enjoy
  8. One minute I think you have seen the light and returned to Seiko then OMG what are you thinking of Rob with some of those straps But it is your watch so have it on whatever stap you like and enjoy it
  9. I thought you wrote deviants
  10. Mel you forgot the patented Rog sock storage method to stop damage. Overall it depends on the watch and what I want it for but generally it needs to be in excellent nick but not worried about box or papers unless it is high value.
  11. It's good to see you back on here, have a swift recovery
  12. It's good to find a diver used when diving. tough as old boots as well.
  13. Not sure about the best but I would pick the black one. good luck on your choice
  14. A fashion watch ? Never thought of those. Na reckon that's the wrong tree but you never know.
  15. Now your building the tension Rob Is it Blue?.
  16. Not sure which one, do you have a pic?
  17. Very nice indeed, I am trying not to add to the collection at present but enjoy it.
  18. Must be one of the few that like a Pepsi but a good mod never the less.
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