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  1. Maybe he wants to give everyone a free watch
  2. I was very tempted to join you guys but have 2 on order so maybe next time. i hope you find what you are looking for at a bargain price good luck
  3. Just a heads up, Amazon have these up at just at £254 looks like a decent price to me.
  4. Thought I had come to the wrong place. nice job Roy looks great
  5. Don't forget RLT, had some great stuff off Roy.
  6. Hope it's not a dead mouse as that's what I have on today
  7. Don't look in the chat room now
  8. Last two from Roy and the one before from our sales corner
  9. You must have things right then better start saving for that special 30 year watch next year then
  10. Sharp practice indeed, made down to a sale price by the looks of it.
  11. Very nearly but no , they got delayed slightly I believe, are they out now? very good question though Bruce, I would be interested in what people have to say about the production model.
  12. Seiko 6309 blue dial, fossil big tic, Seiko 6309 yellow dial so far
  13. Happy Birthday Rog hope you had great day
  14. Mostly impulse, ordered one watch from Roy he rang me and the outcome two new watches. Some really nice watches on Roy's site
  15. Off in bed other than that suitable watch for a suitable task. I confess to having an old big tic by fossil that has a cracked glass that I do like and that takes the worst of the abuse. I must get the courage to sort the glass sometime
  16. I can just smell those , enjoy
  17. Yes they seem to have gone up rapidly, a lot of guys buy in large quantities, I used to by in batches of 10,000 after a trail tin so they came off the same die and batch etc etc did you weigh and lube your pellets?
  18. Nice, baby is not always baby in size with Seiko. under £200 at creation others maybe cheaper still.
  19. Very nice Paul. the chapter ring idea would give a better view of the watch and you would get a better crystal fit no doubt. you have a few people watching your every move on this one. great work and watching for any further developments.
  20. Enjoy, I have that one and the Pepsi version and really like them. did you not say your name would now be mud?
  21. Nice one, enjoy it. all my posty left was a piece of card
  22. No no no, not good. Bruce you are one of you good guys and are generous to boot. I hope you stay, if not good luck and good health for the future.
  23. Daz.

    Next Watch

    Thanks Krispy, just went and googled as well. Looks like I need more space in the watch box please keep me upto date on this one Roy
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