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  1. Daz.

    Next Watch

    Space view?
  2. Personally I don't care about the box, I buy to keep and they go in my watch box so are just clutter to bin
  3. Seiko for me no doubt
  4. Thanks for the info, works like a dream then.
  5. Good choice. Been considering one of those myself. how much wear do they take to charge
  6. Can't say never met you its all about the subtleties between each one, but what do I know sat here wearing a fossil with a box full of seiko divers upstairs
  7. Get the rope and string him up you sound like my mrs
  8. Looking good. A pen as well, I love pens
  9. First you need to consider building regs Second what type of earthing system and location of the shed, exporting an earth etc. Third if all ok then I would suggest getting rid of the JB's and looping via the fittings, less joints cable size to take account of protective device, volt drop and correction factors etc
  10. I must admit I have looked at it for a holiday watch a few times and kept coming back to it. enjoy
  11. Always fancied a silver streak myself but never got around to it, one day
  12. How many are in the que? Looks like I am having some good luck today, got a place in this que
  13. Great news Roy, I am interested. Any idea of colour?
  14. Thanks for the review Bruce, great job. Tony have I missed the contact details on your website? How are pre orders going and what is the anticipated production schedule.
  15. I seem to have a similar agreement with my daughter who loves watching me unpack a watch, should it have a bright dial she swipes it. It tends to be a HMT Franken or similar which I duly hand over, after all another watch nut in the house is good when convincing the other half that I MUST have that watch. Luckily at 9 my divers watches are to big for her
  16. Sorry, no couldn't do it. The idea of SCRATCHS just sends a shiver down my spine. I would give them a watch, no issue with that. It would be my choice which one mind
  17. No expert but UV tends to degrade plastics such as cable insulation and needs to be UV stable for use outside. sounds like it may be a similar thing.
  18. You guys should be reported for watch abuse Seriously it is a valid point in as much as I was looking at a vintage Seiko diver for summer but no proof of WR. Don't want a watch full of water the first time it goes on the beech good luck with the tests.
  19. Careful now, we have mods watching our every word but it is in a silver box. i get the impression you haven't ordered a set yet?
  20. Daz.

    A cursed Rolex

    Boy that is bad luck.
  21. Yep, if I find 2 I will let you know
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