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  1. No nothing to worry about, your photos are set to public view by the sounds so everyone can see them, this means they can appear on the wall where random pictures are showcased and also will turn up in searches i.e. if someone searches for a keyword and don't forget Flickr assigns auto generated keywords for uploaded photos by analyzing content (or used to anyway haven't checked this recently) You can change the privacy settings so only certain people/ groups you choose can see your photos
  2. A good deed done Rog Your obviously one of the good 'un's - plenty would just say 'sorry mate no idea' and carry on about their day - I bet he commented that night to a fair few people about the nice chap that helped them out World needs a few more RWP's
  3. We are here to take the risks for you Reminds me once at work (when I worked for a private hospital) - I was chainsawing up some deadwood, I had got mostly through the pile and had one or two bits to go. I wasn't sure how close to the floor they were so decided to use a bow saw, took off my chainsaw helmet started bow sawing and realised one of the dead trees had been bent over by other bits of wood and was under tension. By the time I had extracted the bow saw from the cut I could hear the tree cracking (was only a smallish sapling that had died) all of a sudden crack, it split flew up
  4. You haven't hijacked it, threads go the way they want to I'm happy with the Meriva so far and have to say the garage/ salesman I bought it from were excellent - no hard sale, obviously he had bumpf he was obliged to try and sell me, but when I said no thanks he didn't push When I wen't to look at it before purchasing he handed me the keys and told me to take it out for as long as I wished while he dealt with another customer picking up a car - very trusting, but it did mean I could drive it without someone in my ear trying to persuade me, meaning I could listen to the engine etc A
  5. Hmm - well the price seems ok and the watch doesn't look too bad and well done for posting in the correct section However I'm afraid you loose quite a few points for the marketing tripe i.e. "We’ve leveraged our unique personal relationships to partner directly with several of the world’s leading luxury timepiece manufacturers, who for decades have hand-produced luxury watches that retail around the world for over $800" It's all subjective - but A) In my opinion a watch selling for £600 is not a luxury watch, B) Your's doesn't appear luxurious in any way , minimalist certainly, bu
  6. Just picked up my - new to me - 2015 Vauxhall Meriva Exclusiv. A nice little car just coming up to two years old with only 16,000 miles on the clock, in perfect nick inside and out and at a decent price from Network Q The reason I've changed - which I wasn't going to - was the clutch was going on my dad's car so I have given my parents the '09 Meriva I had and bought this one to replace it Here is a 'tinternet pic - exactly the same as mine -
  7. Ups - Been enjoying my collection and all running well (although the Pro-Trek and Oyster Perpetual are getting preferential treatment) Ups - Knee brace working well and back to full strength at work and not being limited by dodgy knee Ups - Went to 'just look' at some newer cars - ended up buying a 2015 Meriva, picking up next Saturday Ups - Giving my 2009 Meriva to my parents as a pressie as their cars getting a bit old Downs - No downs
  8. So did I, but I think I've spotted it now - heres a hint ( to do with the strap) it's like putting one sock on inside out
  9. Got to be the Pro- Trek for me, looks good and is comfortable to, although admittedly not one you would wear to a swanky dinner, but then I don't do swanky
  10. This sort of thing always gets me a bit (quote from website): Geckota simply grew from a hobby. Back in 2010, our director Jon Quinn collected, studied and enjoyed watches in his spare time. He was an avid watch geek which led to an idea: to sell watches and watch straps to like-minded enthusiasts. Essentially what they are saying then is they are trying to break into a field in which they have no expertise, experience or training but expect someone to buy from them instead of a company that employs experts and has experience within the field? Now I know all new businesses start with
  11. The usual work beater today for a relatively pain free day thanks to my new knee brace : And this tonight: Old photos, sorry
  12. Pulsar this evening - Had this one for years, was a Christmas present when I was younger (think I liked it 'cause I thought it was something Indiana Jones might have worn ) (old photo)
  13. Best has to be this: It's certainly the best built watch I have and the most accurate auto I own. For comfort it is only just pipped to the top spot by the Pro-Trek which is ever so slightly more comfortable to wear. Funnily enough the Pro -Trek and Rolex are my two 'go to' watches!
  14. It's been interesting reading this thread and I wish you all the best in your venture, but in my mind the biggest problem you have is price, I know your watch is automatic and the I.N.O.X mentioned earlier is quartz but yours is still six times the price of the I.N.O.X (and that is the price on Victorinox's website so can probably be had cheaper) Most of your customers will not be watch enthusiasts I would presume (there just aren't that many of us to keep a business afloat) so your customers will probably be motivated by either A) Aesthetics or B) Brand status,and then also price obvious
  15. Well as anybody who reads my posts on here would know I know diddly squat about watches, except whether I like it or not - I will stick with my apparently 'holier - than-thou' attitude
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