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  1. Have sent a couple of mail and Pm over the three month. Think i started looking after christmas But all depends how was first i reckon. Just feel sad as i wold like Paul to fix the speedsonic again. No big deal but don't want to do it myself either. Have done it och normal 9162 without any problem . But wait until, late august/ september. It didn't say it was closed yesterday. That something that came up now. Had hi hopes i should get my watch fix but don't no anymore . The one that that was repaired here from the begining. Can i say the F word here. F.... pisses me of a little. Any other that can help me out. Need to change the minute wheel . That work on f300 speedsonic watches in EU
  2. Have tried now for two month to get in contact with Paul. Buy he never answer. I can see he have a backlag until july . But we are in the midlle of july now. No new backlag. He repaired a Speedsonic for me some years ago so want him to do the job again . Need just change the minute cannon pinion wheel i think . As the hour and minute wheel is tracking right . Anyone know when he can take on some new jobs again . Don't wants to stress but waited long two three month or more. Or get before any line.
  3. 20 screws for £5 is not that bad? Other then that you could try esslinger or cousinsuk? Or a friendly watchmaker near by? If you mean something like this screws? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1000Pcs-Assortment-Glasses-Watch-Tiny-Screws-Nut-Watchmaker-Repair-Kit-Tools-/272484221886?var=&hash=item3f715343be:m:ma115gOt64J64y6vtMCorBA They are usually to large? Maybe this is better? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/battery-clamp-screws-wristwatch
  4. Check this site out? crazywatches.pl I think you can contact Piotr somewhere on the site?
  5. Got in contact trough this site. http://www.crazywatches.pl/home
  6. That would be awesome. II think i could fix him up with a lot of work Acctually the guy i sent my chronoquartz is also from Europe. have no idea how that is possible. But he sent me the watch when he was here in Europe. Took some extra weeks but that was okay.
  7. Sorry for late answer. I couldn't find anyone wanted to work on that particular movement. Working perfect now .And well worth the wait.
  8. I now i had it somewhere. I am not sure if the coils are alright. But they look okay? ESA 9157 . If you like i can send it? Can put a battery in and see if it starts up. Someone has stole the datediscs. Otherwise it has a factory stem. So looks NOS? I can test if it starts up? If i put a battery in there? And it's working.
  9. It was a ESA 9157.9181 and a 9183 i had. That wouldn't have worked anyway. Just checked . Sorry to hear you couldn't fix it . Those movement are a little tricky to work on. I used to send them to Silverhawk. He could fix them. But maybe not right now?
  10. Long time since i was in looking here. Just happen to see this thread? I think i have some parts for this movement somewhere. I saw it yesterday when i looked for something else. I can check if the coils are alright. gimli i will be happy to send to Romania
  11. That is a nice watch. Have one on my wishlist Thanks for the guide.
  12. What a nice job you have done there. That is a good looking citizen 70:s watch.That you don't see very often?
  13. Nice work Bruce . Especially the Mapmaster. But aren't those perpetual models a pain to adjust? so they run as they should?
  14. That is pretty common to loose the lume spot. You could do you own from Epoxi two component crystal glue and the right glowing lumepowder. Do a little spot directly in the hole and form it like a ball. Have done it on two of my watches and you can tell the difference between the original and the homemade? Picture of the lume dot almost ready? and a picture of the lume in a dark place.
  15. Have you ever tried a photo copy stand when taken pictures of movements?
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