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  1. Seiko 5H26-7A19 Evening Folks, Its been a long time since I have posted here, I hope all is good with you all! I just wanted to share my recent find! A very hard to come by mint Seiko 5H26-7A19 this is the one before the SHC-033. The 5H26-7A19 below is dated 1999 so it must have been one of the last in production. I have wanted one of those for my collection from around 2001 and now i have it :-) .. Not to mention a very rare mint find. Even with its 22m lug spacing the watch itself houses a Quartz movement so the case is rather smaller than the SKX-009/7 series and the watch does appear to be smaller, however its lovely! It came with its Genuine Seiko GL83122 rubber strap which is also mint. Enjoy! Q.
  2. Lovely SAR... goes well with the orange.. Whats size is your one? I do not have one but since 1999 I have thought about it, but never took the leap! Thanks for the picture, Q.
  3. Anything that measures time is a "Time Instrument" Time As is an Hour Glass ... It really is that simple!
  4. The irony is that Bruce is twelve foot tall, however such a lovely fella in person, alike within the forum! :-) Fantastic RWP .... Take care Q.
  5. Who ever said I had to escape? One can always make their decision's Bond, your's Q.
  6. Thread is going well! Well I dont have a partner at the moment, which may be a good thing or not :-) ... However if I met the right girl I would be inclined to get her one of those: For Her :-) Q.
  7. Hi Folks, Has anyone ever had a RALF TECH? Any comments on those watches? - a watch I have not really heard of much on the forum: Images Here: Thanks, Q.
  8. Gee more a man than me Bond! I need to pull the cord on that nonsense quick with those girls! Hence am single ... but 18 years of that off/on would drive me nuts... I get you man.. I've been there as well :-) Hope your good .. Q.
  9. I am not so keen on the end link adapters on the strap, just a personal thing I guess but as you say the eta 2824-2 hacking enclosed in a Bronze case is rather tempting ... with a choice of strap varations at your hand! I dont see a ceramic bezel option ... I wonder if they were a seller, or not on other Ocean's? Q.
  10. Match made in heaven then? There are lots of people naive to classic cars or classic things in life! Different values ..... How long were you married to her for?
  11. However you Hyundia has a "free" clock!
  12. Evening folks, email from Steinhart today to confirm they have now an Ocean One Bronze on sale. Whats your thoughts? Steinhart Ocean One Bronze I do like the Green one with the canvas strap .. Q
  13. This thread may reach the dailymail ... "Bruce uncovers the Swiss Watch Industry" If its true regarding % it should be clear to the customer, as present it is unclear and companies are pushing it to a limit in which they are going to loose custom long term rather than gain custom. In all business there is a cut off point, bad reputation hits hard and fast. I doubt if Rolex or Omega are up too this, if the said company are, as stated the movement may have been swapped, but too be honest I think very few people would go to that bother ... Q.
  14. I agree there with Stan, as it is possible it has been swapped at some point! Good job Bruce :-) Q.
  15. I think the dome came into play to reduce the reflection of the water while diving! Try it out in your bath, cold water of course :-) Q.
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