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  1. I use the ones I have to time when :- I'm cooking Out on a run Timing the setting time for adhesives in work Timing car parking Meetings Car journeys For when I'm shopping with my wife and arrange to do separate things and then meet back up I use mine for loads of things but my main one is when someone posts something that I know the boring on here will ***** on, I like to time just how long it takes them to circle and swoop down with their tedious point of view. Half the time it's not even worth starting the chronograph!
  2. You should have. I like when someone comments on a watch I have as it means they have a similar interest.
  3. do you think. "Yip, he gets it" I own a variety of watches of different ages and brands and don't own one of these but whenever I see someone wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, I always think the wearer gets it. I don't normally like square or rectangular watches but I think the Reverso carries a bit of class with it.
  4. I didn't say I didn't like Tag Heauer. I've never heard of that brand. I don't however, like TAG Heuer. Listen. All joking aside. My sarcasm is not coming across very well. I do admit I shouldn't have said what I did about people who buy TAG's. And I will apologise for that and to anyone who was offended by it. I was being very sweeping in that. The "Not here to make friends" was a joke also as at the end of the day this is just a forum, and to the person who mentioned Dale Carnegie. I was actually made to read that on a course once. I do however stand by that the majority of people I have met who have a TAG or aspire to own one don't really have a clue about watches in general and just buying the brand. There's a brand of wine called Cloudy Bay and people go daft for it because the guy who started it created a very brand. It's a perfectly acceptable Sauvignon Blanc but it is priced £21 to £25 depending on where and when you buy it. I could buy you 3 Sauvignon Blancs for that price which are better made wines. It's the same as TAG's. There are far better watches out there for the same price.
  5. I might have known you'd show up and put your usual tedious tuppence worth in Well you need some thicker skin to be offended by someone on a forum.
  6. See but how can you tell me what I have witnessed. In my opinion every person I have met personally who owns a TAG is debatable as someone I would socialise with. That's a FACT in my world. I'm not here to make friends either. And if anyone is offended by my opinion needs to get a life. There have been loads of things slagged off on here by others that I own or like but I don't get my frilly panties in a twist about someone's opinion I've never met.
  7. Well. In my opinion. Heuer were a fantastic watch making company. They were, as most companies back then quality, design, engineering and innovation led. Not marketing led. They made quality and beautiful looking watches. The product was king. The reason I know this is I have a 1967 Carerra, an Auctavia and a Skipper with a GMT due to be purchased at an upcoming auction. I am also BHI qualified and have opened and taken the watches apart and put them back together again and they are beautiful feats of design and engineering. In 1985 TAG bought them and started IMMEDIATLY cutting corners and the quality of the watches declined straight away. TAG were a marketing led organisation and within the blink of an eye took the TAG Heuer name as a little known name to one known worldwide through massive global advertising and sponsorship. I will back up what I said in an earlier post. It became an inspirational purchase for people who knew nothing about watches and saw them as a status symbol but couldn't quite afford a Rolex. To back this up I had a colleague years ago tell me that he had not had to replace the battery in his TAG since he had bought it 4 years ago. The guy didn't know he had a mechanical watch. A clueless twat that had spent probably £1500 on a thing he didn't know what it was. I also have worked all over the world and meet people on a daily basis and every time I meet someone who is all talk, no substance, materialistic and not someone I would care to go for a pint with a lot of the time they have a TAG. That's just me though. I don't particularly warm to men who fake tan and shape their eyebrows or men who wear wigs either. Nowadays with LVMH (a profit only global conglomerate I don't like either) owning them I still look at their watches and don't see anything in the design I like in any of their watches. I keep thinking they might come out with something decent, but they don't. As for the reproductions of the traditional Heuer watches then that just tells me that they are trying to attract customers through nostalgia and knowing they haven't made a decent looking watch in years. Why else would you harp back to a style designed 60/70 years ago. Desperation in my opinion. They are therefore in my opinion not a watch I would buy in a million years or recommend to someone.
  8. I have a box and a good few in a safety deposit box. It's a bit of a pain as always have to plan what I want to swap in and swap out of the box so I have ordered this bad boy so I can have them all in the house. Arrives in 5 and a half weeks (not that I'm counting )
  9. I have bought at least 40 pre-owned or vintage watches through the years. I only buy from auctions where I can view watches on the preview days or if online through Chrono 24. And when on Chrono24 I only buy from UK people and google the seller before I start any dialogue with them. Only if they are a highly recommended dealer with a good website, lots of info about the watch and good pictures I buy from them but mostly I meet in person in a bar or hotel and view the watch. I'm spending a lot though, so not a chance in hell would I buy off e-bay and the likes.
  10. It is a sweeping statement but in my case, true. They are a watch I tend to find really materialistic people who can't quite afford a Rolex buy as it is deemed a status symbol. Their saturation of the brand in the 90's through sponsoring anything and everything sports wise did it I suppose.
  11. THIS^^^^^^^ By a mile. Dreadful watches, worn by mainly dreadful people. I have honestly never seen a TAG I liked. To think of the beauty of the watches the original Heuer company made and now the ones TAG knock out is criminal.
  12. Can I ask why you're buying one brand new? I fully understand if you want brand new as it's yours and no one else has owned it and for all I know it's a once in a lifetime purchase as you said it was your first big purchase but in my opinion a Speedmaster looks better if it's older and I would be on here https://www.chrono24.co.uk/search/index.htm?countryIds=UK&dosearch=true&manufacturerIds=187&maxAgeInDays=0&models=74&pageSize=60&priceTo=-1&redirectToSearchIndex=true&sortorder=0 and get yourself a great used one and save some money for a selection of leather straps so you can mix it up.
  13. Think this is pretty much my thinking although can't help but think they will look ridiculous in 10 years time and their value slashed.
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