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  1. My find this of interest or not... https://www.europastar.com/the-watch-files/exclusive-china-report/1004091677-in-the-labyrinth-of-counterfeit-watches.html
  2. I fully and understand and accept that maybe my original posting was taken a little off track but how do we stop that.. so many threads end up talking about something completely different to the original posting. I was in No way was promoting or glorifying these pieces I was hoping to make some of the newer members here aware that these ever increasing in quality pieces exist and would hate to see someone's hard earned ending up with a worthless item.. We live in a time of unprecedented demand for some brands whether you agree with it or not and this environment may cloud the newer members judgement for trying to purchase these items and awareness was my only concern as it is human nature to want something even more if we cannot readily obtain it all being fuelled by social media Its Ok for the more experienced members to frown upon these posts as pointless because they can spot these pieces with one eyed closed. We have a huge Membership on this forum but relatively few people who post which includes many new member's who come here to be involved and maybe learn something from those on here who know their subjects inside out. I think this is probably the best forum in the UK with regards tolerance and information/knowledge shared with a sense of humour and I have learnt so much from the more experienced member's and I know we have the occasional spat but in general its a great place to be and enjoy our hobby.
  3. NOS Rolex Jubilee link for the wife’s Birthday present this year a 1971 Date Just..from our local jeweller.. Bargain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I appreciate and fully accept that dealers need to make a profit but that's some mark up on your example £1200 High Street trade in selling at £2800.. Around £2000 seems more than a fair price on yours if those selling prices are realistic. Good luck with the sale
  5. The problem I have with these social media sites or any selling sites/forums come to that is unrealistic prices being asked. Most private sellers are asking way to much for their watches they look what recognised dealers are selling those items for then trying to obtain the same amount. Private buyers need to remember Dealers are paying their Taxes, their staff and running costs of said B&M store getting the watch ready for sale which may include a service and general tidy up/polish and are usually offering a Warranty. Take your watch to several dealers get a ball park figure of what they will offer you then try pitching the price just a little higher than the offer price and you may have better luck selling your watch.
  6. People know exactly what they are buying IMO whether it be handbags or watches and has little or No effect whatsoever on the manufacturers who claim they are loosing billions of $$$ every year. These individuals would Not buy the real thing and are only fooling themselves and the stupid who know no better. More interestingly is the link in the article to the John Mayer Vs Bob Maron court case ref alleged sale Franken watches It really is a Murky dodgy world of deception but when has high value jewellery and watches been anything else.
  7. Agreed the Breitling page looks well run..still same rules apply send No money..
  8. Never purchased a Watch from these Facebook groups but plenty of Quality Tools and Motor Cycles..but just like any selling medium just be careful you are looking at a picture nothing else that could have been copied from a genuine sellers listing.. Always meet up and check 100% what you are buying Never ever send money to anyone asking for a holding deposit. I often browse these pages as you never know what's on offer and many are clearly fake with ridiculous stories attached I also browse Shpock again lots of fake pieces being offered but picked up a unworn 116000 with the 369 Blue dial for a great price £2800. These mediums are no different from anywhere else do your research be 110% confident in what you are buying or you will get stung. And Haggle hard..Buying is easy..Selling is something completely different.
  9. I really think they are cool I've got a couple of 1803's one in Spanish the other in German..as for affecting the value I don't think it matters that much, I bought them because of the difference from the norm probably 30+ years ago.
  10. Don't beat yourself up because you got caught on Ebay...you are just buying a picture of what you hoped to receive and probably a picture of the genuine article..
  11. Pissed off ?? ...not having a go at you and apologies if you think I was Just a few on here who at first denied there were Superfakes and confuse these ever improving pieces with beach sellers watches and some who base all their opinions of a 100 year old history and innovation on the last 4 years of madness that surrounds the brand.. it pisses me off when people keep repeating the same stereotypically nonsense that there are better watches than others we all know that a £3 Tesco polo shirt is better than a Ralph Lauren but its our money and we spend it how we want on pieces we enjoy.
  12. This isn't a case of being careful I'm afraid ..its a case of gross Stupidity of the people are bidding on it or maybe the are just winding up the seller. It is against Ebay policy to sell Fake items but it is poorly enforced you only have to look at the clothing and trainers for sale probably 50% of listed items are fake but I guess there is a market and people really don't care as they think they know what they are buying. The Watch in question isn't even worthy of being called a copy it is that embarrassing but I have reported it to Ebay just in case some gullible individual thinks its the holy grail but I doubt if Ebay will do anything about it but I have tried. Its Not any members place to tell others what they should be buying with regards brands and the current hype that surrounds certain makes...but as this is a Watch Forum we should spread the word and make trading as safe as we can and awareness of what's going on is one of those tools. If it pisses you off then just pass on by to the next post
  13. And there lays the Problem most of those who want these pieces do Not get them from their ADs due to their preferred clients priority and complete control of the market...They are buying their watches from the Grey market and places like Chrono24/ Ebay etc hence making those who feel forced to use these sources aware of what they could be getting into. I find it a Tad ironic that the bloke out their banging the drum the loudest in YouTube land is the Father of a Convicted Watch Scammer conning his Victims out of close to £700,000 operating in the same town as where his father used to trade. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/con-artist-who-made-almost-12069499
  14. I apologise in advance for the Negativity that surrounds these threads and general feeling towards the brand but I just don't want to see any members on here being caught out....
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