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  1. For Me they are both Cracking pieces but I do like the busier dial of the Steel and the way the black face stands out...Also the numbering on the Bezel to me makes more sense...
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  3. If I were just starting out today.. my first purchase would probably be the Longines Hydro conquest not £350 I know but a 4 piece collection is just fine..then build around that with a nice dress watch Yellow Gold in colour under 40mm and less than 11mm thick then as for the rest there are many thousands to choose from to cover whatever your taste.. don't ignore preowned and just buy what fits your wrist and buy what YOU like.. what others think is irrelevant.
  4. The market price of these pieces is the price people are willing to pay....we can all probably remember when these pieces sat in Ad's for an eternity.... my 16518 was in my local Ad for over 18 months before I was tempted to pull the trigger only when offered a 18% discount..the Huge demand from China and new markets and YouTube hype I believe is causing the so called shortage ..almost every other Rolex piece is being dragged upwards by this demand 2 years ago you could buy a nice early Datejust for well under £1500 trying finding one today under £3K.. just 2 years ago I bought a 2 line Sub from a 2nd hand jewellers in Guildford for £3k try finding one today under £6k... as for my 16518 I paid just over £6k new.. now selling for £12k+......it doesn't matter to me they will never be sold so the value is irrelevant....remember what is a Hot watch today is no guarantee it will remain a hot watch tomorrow ... but the reality is many new pieces are selling at double retail today and showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down ..the demand remains high despite what some may say or hope...
  5. I believe that it is the retailer who should make sure the piece is 100% perfect before being offered for sale to the customer and the consumer must check this is also correct.. did the piece ever really get returned to Tudor who knows..would a Major manufacturer really send a piece back worse than it was before ????..The retailer is to blame IMO whichever way you look at it...
  6. I really like it ..maybe the 39mm would look better the 41mm just for the strap proportions.....never owned a Bronze piece but this I like...
  7. For me the jubilee is stunning and the best of all...i believe it lifts the piece and it’s fluidity is just so comfortable on the wrist.. I regularly change my oyster bracelets on my Sub and OP to the jubilee ... and my 1967 DJ is also on the jubilee .. not a fan of mesh bracelets and the polished centre links of the GMT are a scratch magnet for heavy use...the jubilee is a classic and just doesn’t seem to age.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Early start heading to Le Mans for the Moto GP with the boys... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Been trying to find one of these for some time now....absolutely love it...
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  11. If it was the piece I really wanted then of course I would.....why wouldn't I.... you certainly wont find on for less than RRP
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