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  1. Many Collectors of old items would much prefer the faded Well Worn Rusted Abused look now lovingly called "Patina" as they like to think the piece has lived a life.and are happy to pay a healthy premium for that distressed look rather than the highly polished restored item..think very carefully about having that old collectable restored back to as new as it can seriously damage its value.
  2. Looks so much better... with that beautiful dial getting all the attention with No strap distractions...
  3. Getting back to the original subject matter..the Vintage Rolex market even in times of recession like 2008 and onwards remains relatively stable.. the prices of almost all vintage watches from all brands from the top to the bottom has seen a steady increase all being dragged along with peoples awareness due to various social media outlets which has changed our hobby/ illness forever..There are people that are willing to pay huge amounts for that must have piece with great provenance... but this submariner was just a early submariner and probably the one all serious collectors would prefer..but the estimate was just a fantasy figure with ridiculous expectations...Vintage is cool and remains a great hunting ground for those who choose to stay away from the herd..
  4. My original post said you wouldn't get 40%... I'm amazed people pay RRP on soft brands..obviously a top seller of any brand is always more difficult to obtain the larger discount and I guess its a very British thing not to complain or take control of a purchase...The mark up on these mass produced items is huge so there is always considerable wiggle room ..
  5. Stay away from the flagship stores...go to the smaller privately owned ADs as Johnny says or use a broker who is also making money on the deal and still gets you a 20% discount on RRP.. don’t be shy haggle hard and don’t be afraid to walk away leaving your details with them..if they feel you are a walkover that’s exactly what they will do..
  6. Difficult to find one watch that could cover all occasions..but this must come pretty close from the watchmakers watchmaker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The Vintage Rolex market remains strong..people should be a lot more concerned if they are paying well over RRP on new pieces.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You will be lucky to get the BB58 at all let alone at a discount..as for the Omega never ever pay RRP insist on 40% leave them you phone number and wait for the call.... you wont get 40% but it may be closer than you think....
  9. For me the stitching draws the eye away from the stunning dial and adds nothing to the overall look..it would be a plain black strap for me so the dial gets all the attention... But do I know ….
  10. The watch fit is also the lug to lug length which is very much overlooked with most concentrating on dial size.. we all have different size and shape wrists and its so important to try before spending the money. the Explorer 2 felt like a sun dial on my wrist …..As for tourists hovering up available stock Datejusts etc.. I guess their strong Exchange rate and Tax free shopping makes them even more attractive to the overseas visitor and flippers...
  11. I know the AD very well down West and was treated with utter contempt when asking the availability of a certain piece and it wasn’t one of the real hot pieces ..the manager just laughed and dismissed my wife and I as time wasters despite spending in excess of probably £25k with them over the years.. the annual booklet they send out is now destined for the bin when it next arrives.. yep Alan Sugar can obtain the unobtainable but it’s not for the likes of you and i.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. They are out there if you do the legwork... recently saw an Explorer 2 Black dial in the Mappin & Webb store Old Bond Street... I tried it on just for the hell of it and it was just huge on my wrists..don't believe everything that certain You Tube content makers would have you believe...and IMO the whole waiting list thing is BS
  13. Cracking watch and at 39mm for me that's the Sweet spot...for me its the best of the BBs.. but I love the new Chronograph and struggling with my no more impulse buys in 2019..
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