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  1. I'm confused by your assumption that anyone would care what you think of other peoples choices..your feelings and what you Like/Dislike are irrelevant....
  2. TGV makes a lot of good points in this Vlog....Forums/Owners clubs provide an accurate snap shot of society and One-upmanship is part and parcel of life..One aspect of watch ownership I find amusing is the constant seeking of approval from others of a piece you are thinking of buying..all watches all valid at any price point and it matters not at all to me that others may dislike my choices or think that better value or whatever is elsewhere..I get as much enjoyment wearing a £5 piece as something at £15k...I would personally never say anything negative about anyone's watch even though there are many I wouldn't wear if you paid me because my feelings and thoughts on that watch are irrelevant...just enjoy your watches ..Wear what YOU love.. be tolerant of peoples choices and impress yourself Not others...
  3. Great little find with the Anniversary dial making a clean legible face..A great little piece
  4. The Air king of this age has the 11400 ref with the 11410 just denoting it has the Engine Turned Bezel which for me is just something a little different from the smooth or fluted bezels on the Datejust or Oyster Perpetuals..it just reminds me of the Turn O Graph which I love and the M on the 11410 just denotes it has the updated movement being the calibre 3130 movement from the calibre 3000 on earlier models..
  5. The listing has a commonly used Tactic to draw in a buyer and make them think they could be getting a bargain. ." I'm not an expert in militaria so couldn't say with any certainty whether the watch is genuine or not."... for me even if i thought that the piece was 1% genuine I would get it checked out just in case, as it would have a value in the high hundreds and very collectable. ...the sellers other listing suggest he may know just a little more than they are letting on..
  6. Its a good question... for me the piece I get excited about wearing is the Panerai Luminor although a long way from being my favourite piece in the collection...its maybe because its not an everyday watch and lets you know that you are wearing it commands attention it divides opinion amongst most watch people, its the only watch a total stranger has ever commented on and I just find myself constantly looking at it when on the wrist..My every day piece is the 1967 Datejust I love it for its function and reliability and simplicity but its just a great watch that most of the time I am totally unaware I'm wearing it.
  7. For Me The Bezel is what makes it what it is..Without it It just becomes another sterile generic piece like Tens of Thousands of others...
  8. I did try to suggest the original ticket price in my very poor pigeon Spanish just to try and break the ice with some badly timed humour.. But the owner of the store just gave me a very blunt No..and a shake of the head thinking I was crazy...but you gotta try.
  9. Touring Southern Europe for a few weeks always gives the opportunities of discovering new finds.. spotted this in a jewellers in the Murcia region New old stock from 2005 couldn’t resist.. love the classic lines of the engine turned bezel with a dial that really draws attention Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The Top Time is very high on my want list..I have been trying to find a Nice original one for some time now
  11. Just feels like a Breitling Kinda Day... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The BB 58 is pretty much the perfect watch and understandable why there is a Wait list... being 39mm that is for me the absolute Sweet spot for a desk diver and would look great on any wrist Sports or Under the cuff....the Simplicity of the dial and quality of all components at this price point is excellent and the Red marker at 12 O'clock pays homage to the original Submariner..Its a great watch with a Classic style.
  13. Welcome and enjoy the pieces you have accumulated so far.. I find picking pieces usually comes down to a Heart Vs Head..don't let others opinions be your guide.. buy what you love and ignore the Herd.. Always try before you buy if possible because pictures are just pictures and the feel and how it suits Your wrist is all important...
  14. " I would love a Rolex submariner one day but with a mortgage, kids, life etc. spending that sort of money on a watch right now is probably not wise, or more to the point, my other half would probably bury me under the patio if I did". Would the Wife be happier you spend you hard earned on something that probably loses 50% of its value walking out of the store.. Or would it score Brownie points if Value was held and likely but not guaranteed to increase... you have some decent pieces already to enjoy why not get your name down at a Rolex AD save like hell and wait for the call..If the Sub really is your dream watch... Those Marketing boys from Tag/Breitling have been at it again...and it works
  15. I'm not surprised at all that the Breitling Colt Chrono quartz is doing so well..its a great looking piece and gets you a respected brand on your wrist for £2.5K and looks like any other piece from the brand up to £10k..Unless you are a watch Geek and invest in quality and movements then the look and the brand are all that matters..yes there are hundreds of better watches and we could argue all day about maybe better value.... but we are missing the point..Breitling and Tag have brilliant marketing departments and that attracts many who have only ever heard of the headline acts...
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