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  1. An Absolutely stunning piece.... and even better all Monies raised in the "Only One" Auctions go to a wonderful cause being the Muscular Dystrophy Research foundation..
  2. Makes interesting reading.. https://www.superbike.co.uk/article/norton-was-it-a-fraud-from-the-start Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Surely you wouldn't want to miss out on the whole "Rolex AD Experience".. All the machine coffee you can drink and the dodgy flute of cheap Prosecco... Plus the feeling that they have done you a massive favour for even considering you a suitable candidate and allowing you to purchase one of their cherished pieces... It truly is a humbling experience.... Ps.. I remember when I first tasted the experience some 35 years ago my then wife to be was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers...
  4. Its a piece that is causing some confusion amongst the people ..it is available at RRP some AD's will tell you its a wait list piece and some have it in their window..similar story to the BB58 And Well know Grey market Dealers are taking the proverbial trying to take advantage of said confusion at £1000 over RRP.in the UK I have seen this piece priced at over £5k.... I think its a great piece different from the norm and stays true to the Original which remains very much sought after Apologies to all if I offended anyone with my salute ..but please do not confuse me with someone who cares what others think of watches that I like...
  5. If I was buying for myself as a keeper between the two.... I would be looking for the best Preowned Aqua Terra I could find... I am not going to play silly games and get caught up in anyone's hype for a bloody Oyster perpetual...people have lost their minds waiting or paying over RRP for these very ordinary pieces... The Oyster Perpetual along with the Datejust up until the recent madness was a heavily discounted piece even from your AD There are bargains out there to be found.. I picked up a new unworn 116000..Blue 369 dial..2018 £2800 from a private seller locally. He advertised it himself because his local dealer offered him £2500 for a brand new watch with full stickers in place and all documentation including the original purchase receipt.
  6. Really like it and to those who don't...
  7. To be honest the Bracelets on the Rolex 4 or 5 digit S/S ref numbers are pretty crap to what was available at the time from say Omega.. These days so may companies clearly spend more money on the presentation box than the strap or bracelet of their products.. if you want to see a great quality bracelet take a look at the Glashutte SeaQ
  8. Does it get any better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for that ... I think I was getting the OP picture confused with the Boutique edition that has a vertical brushed ceramic dial on a Bracelet.. I believe the version priced at around £1200 is a solid green dial.... im sure I read somewhere that the Boutique Edition was around 2000 Euro. But I stand to be corrected said the man in the orthopaedic surgery...
  10. Was reading somewhere it comes in 2 sizes 41mm and 43mm... is the £1200 price for the rubber strap I thought it was over £2k on the bracelet Be interesting to see one in the flesh to see what the Dial looks like in real life Not sure there will be many discounts around being such a new piece but always try regardless.. Not a fan of the tiny date IMO just needs to be a Gnats **** larger..
  11. Narrow your search to what you think you want. Just choose a reputable independent dealer there are hundreds to choose from in the UK.. Stay away from the social media forums with their tempting bargains unless you are 110% certain of what you are buying it’s a scammers paradise.. You will find the Oyster Perpetual at your Rolex AD New or Pre owned and I believe there is still one on the sales forum here.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Just a follow up to my previous comment.. Before you purchase the watch be sure to ask the seller if the piece is in stock.. Many sellers on Chrono24 are agents... they just have pictures of many watches..... you place your order than they try and source the watch from their contacts wherever in the World which could take them many many weeks. So as @Nigelp suggested it may be worth calling a UK based company and enquiring about the watch in question. With Chrono24 your payment is held in an Escrow account until the watch is delivered... I have used Chrono24 several times and been happy overall.. but the One time I did need help from Chrono24 customer service it was Non existent and had to get my Credit card company to resolve the issue.
  13. Something I purchased about 40 years ago but never finished Jack Kerouac... On the Road
  14. I have purchased a couple from a company call Monaco Luxury watch who advertise on Chrono24.. No problems whatsoever great service both pieces arrived very well packed with DHL fully tracked shipping with 24hrs Good communications at all times instant replies to my initial enquiry couldn't fault them And at a great price with No duties to be paid..
  15. With the Original Bonnies I guess just about everything being sometimes wrong When people are asking the premium prices and being advertised as Genuine Original unmolested bikes these in reality are like hens teeth being 50 plus years old.its not all about matching numbers im defiantly No expert but have a couple of very good mates who have forgotten more than I will ever know about that I rely on The prices are all over the place for old British bikes as lots of people are now chasing the early Jap classics and paying serious money for bikes they couldn't afford as kids but that's the same for 70's Fords like Escorts Cortina's etc etc now cars that you couldn't give away 15 years ago are now highly sought after I used to do some Banger racing back in the 80/90s and would love a field of the cars we sent to the breakers yard after being raced..Jags Mk1 Mk2 some with Wire wheels..Daimlers XJ6s Austin Westminster's Rovers of every variety the big Fords Consuls Zodiacs etc etc etc the list is endless...
  16. I have seen Genuine XR75s selling for £30-40k... lots of them come in from America as these were seen as cruising style bikes.. but if you thought the watch world was dodgy then bikes being thrown together and sold as original is just as bad... The number of supposedly genuine Bonneville's I have seen over the years is scary...but I guess that's the same for any collectable high value item.
  17. The Triumph XR75 Hurricane has gone into orbit with regards Pricing..I remember standing in Elite Motors Tooting when a new batch of Hurricanes arrived must have been probably 10 of them looked so pretty all in a row... I spent a lot of my youth in that showroom if only we could turn back the clock id probably do it all again..
  18. Not sure if it is the markets they are being sold in but you are correct some have and some do not have the Swiss reference must check mine...if you are considering making a purchase just make sure you are 110% certain what you are buying is correct as this piece is as widely copied as that other brand...
  19. Cant remember how many times it won awards but the late 60s into the early 70s it was a step up with its isolastic engine mounts and smoothness compared to what had been available before..then I guess the Jap bikes started to arrive I remember standing in a Kawasaki showroom wanting the new Z1 and trying to find a way to buying one unfortunately it never happened.
  20. This story i believe will end up in the courts I just feel sorry for those who have seemingly been tricked out of their Pensions.. My 1972 Commando 750.. the bike was exported to California early in its life then a pal of mine brought back a shipping container in the late 80s full of cars bikes parts etc and this was amongst them. Doesn’t get ridden much these days which is a shame but finding it hard to part with any of my Toys.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I do hope your Tongue is pressed firmly in Cheek... I have been to many trade shows over the years and seen plenty of Watches with company branding on them im not sure any of the companies are claiming any part in being involved with the items other than advertising their products.. I guess it could be an area of confusion.
  22. I guess that would seem the best way forward to maybe satisfy all markets... Maybe I am just an old fart who likes to stick with the original concept.
  23. For me I don't get why manufacturers offer a faithful looking reissue/Reproduction in a completely different size the 43mm is like a dinner plate compared to the original.. Companies like Longines are revisting their history with pretty faithful models in the same size and true to the original and having great success I did find an Original Navigator some weeks back but by the time I had decided on the piece it had been snapped up.
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