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  1. Hi my first request on this forum, I would like to know if any one here has a working movement for a ladies Seiko watch movement number 2A29 - 5010 (Model 360736) for sale, or can direct me to somewhere I could buy one of these movements? I have been searching eBay with no luck but don't have a clue who would sell one as they must be out of stock now as the watch is well over 20 years old. Thanks in advance and will let you guys know how I get on. David.
  2. Hi I am sorry that I have not been around but work took me to Brazil for 6 months sorting out a a stripper on a banana plantation, just north of Natal on the North East coast, anyway that is another story. It's been a long time since I wrote this thread about my TAHA watch that I forgot my login details so had to log in again under a different username and password. The link posted by DJH584 (TAHA WATCH) is very close to the movement that is used by the TAHA. When I put the watch together I had to source the parts from a company based in India they produce HMT watches which sell on Ebay for stupid prices, but they have a huge supply of parts for thousands of different watches. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this thread and for the very useful information that was published, it makes me a lot wiser and I shall be around a lot more now as I am semi retired so will have a lot more TIME on my hands (and Wrist) to carry on with my hobby stripping and putting together watches.
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