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  1. deano1956


    pride of my collection , and still look at it some times with amazement i acually own it, really deano
  2. beam me up snotty, nowhere else to go deano
  3. while i have worn my higher priced watches on nights out in town( wakefiled ) and have never had a concern, but on a recent visit to london i took one of my least expensive and was very concious as being everywere were you would expect a tourist to be , inc in and out of watch shops , bond st etc but had no fear but that may have been more in my mind that reality thinking no one would want what i was wearing, it gave me peice of mind on the trip. so i chose a watch based on were i am or am going and what i am doing rather than worry about acually using/ wearing them. deano
  4. having been up against a tiger tank and bounced off , they are awsome machines ( sorry could not ressist ) deano
  5. thanks alan will give it a go tonight deano
  6. ah thats why TRIDENT15 dont work , cw sales/ offers are bit like buses another one will be along shortley ta deano
  7. while we are talking about CW watches , amongst other things, anybody got any discount codes for them , i know if i wait a week or two there will be a sale , i have seen one i like/fancy, and like a dick i am considering buying it even though i just blew my brains out selling the last one at a big loss deano
  8. as already pointed out , i would really want my 80 K watch deliverd via the post man , not! deano
  9. agreed Jot, i beleive one of the reasons ed chins left wheeler dealers was new american ownwers wanted to cut down on the/his technical content deano
  10. big fan of this programme roger , clever & skilled peoeple , love people fixing things . my trouble is i want to make everything better than new i fix up, which would be sacralige for some of the items my ralleigh choppers are better than the one they did though if i do say so myself deano
  11. yep thanks alan. the top ally bkt will be brushed finished but all stainless bolts with painted steel & ply bushings , keeps me happy deano
  12. been busy this week end, making exhaust bkts/ hangers, thing is I love been in isolation in the garage doing real back yard engineering ( no taking the mick about strong enough to hang the car from ) will be painted next weekend . deano
  13. thanks ong, funny that's exactly what we were in the process of doing when the SHITF well may be not so funny , we were having issues with Aviva final salary scheme not being cooperative which caused a delay in action the plan we had put together ,which caused a knock on effect with the other plans ,not a issue with my IFa who has been good up to now , had I done it 6 months earlier I would be ok but like you said my timing was unlucky, so no gold watch for me form work or otherwise ( just to keep it on thread ) deano
  14. i know , i have known a couple of weeks now i am screwed , its the will it be 6 months or the year is the big question which no one knows , i can survive in retirement for 6 months on what i have now , but not 12 or more , funny 6 weeks ago i was in a really good position to be set for life now ?? like i said could be worse deano
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