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  1. being lucky enough to also have both the oyster and jubilee being manufactured by those who owns the name copyright I believe, I find the jubilee to be more dressy of the two and oyster more sport / causal, that said the new R GMTs now come on jubilees to some dismay of aficionados, but I think it suits both deano
  2. you cant argue logic over sentimentality in any collecting, spring drive it is . deano
  3. hey looks like a good place to stop to me davey , my pick would be the AP, blue dial, date , stick markers on a bracelet , tick all my boxes, what would I change , I would change the Cartier pasha?, most would say for something else or a major high end piece , but I would exchange it for another Cartier ( cause I like Cartier wis or non wis ) to a new santos Dumont or de Cartier( with blue dial MMMM), other than than I would probably spend my money else were not on anymore watches .however can you be a watch enthusiast without buy new watches, I hope so deano
  4. tell you what I watch that last night, and its clearly made a impression ( bad) as witnessed here , and as it came up as a popular video it has obviously reached a lot of non WIS watches/views also. so many failings by so many people in the sales chain & Tudor typified by the response by the sales assistant when the manager was not there just handing the watch back. also pity the poor sucker who buys the watch next , just hope it comes at a good discount! do I think it will effect Tudor sales overall , no but I do think it will damage the brand reputation in the eyes of people who like/ love there watches . deano
  5. not a fan of mesh only because I have not seen one( yet) with curved end links, to match the case , which I like my bracelets to do.
  6. as per jays, something with a complication but still dress, looks a lot of watch for £995. or a moon phase, £700 deano
  7. think it wold be rude not to play, so I am coming in with one this, something you could read a book by at night its that luminous deano
  8. in some establishments I frequent yes , not all in which case I pull my sleeve down deano really nice watches john I really still want the colt 41 auto too that was new last year ,but diversified a bit on the last one . deano
  9. bit of posh for this evenings real ale trail deano [Imgur]()
  10. very nice martin, see its a good collection of sizes, shapes , styles, strap & bracelets, newish vintage , which is why i went for a oblong on my last purchase so not to have all the same , deano
  11. lucky to have a garage for theses two & enough room to work on them, theses were & always are my first love , had the Cortina longer than the wife and guess which one would go first if I had to give one up, ( and she knows it!)watches come a close 2 nd to the bikes but are realistically in 3rd place, but the wife runs them all a close 4 th,. deano she a good un really nobody else would put up with me for sure
  12. no, only because am one of the "old biddies" as john puts it and I can actually buy the datejust and exp 2 I wanted deano
  13. I own a loop but for coins, it never occurred to me to look at my watches in that finer detail, if it looks right, feels right& works right then I am fine with that , but I cant live with visible scratches/marks , weird isn't it deano
  14. hate to be a Rolex fan boy here but over this particular omega I would go milgauss, from a aesthetic & re sale vale point of view deano
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