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  1. another Sunday another car show but a bloody cold one , more of a agricultural show really , with all sorts inc tractors deano now we bread em tough in Yorkshire inc our women who drive our tractors , but they do it in style
  2. yes, as I work from home the occasions to change are not much until the weekend ,so during the past week this has stayed on my wrist ( don't remove to sleep) but it could have been any other of the two quartz I have the CW is another automatic pick because I find myself with a good quality selection to pick from on the occasions I like / can wear a nice watch his is a struggle to wear/pick out, deano
  3. i have had them saved in my favourite's for ages, but i did not purchase was going for a Gs at the time , , I always felt there was something not right with the .co.uk , the website has a "return " address in Manchester, and watch arrives in 7 days, Manchester aint that far form anywhere in the uk! international warranty, anyway I decided they were not for me . deano
  4. I have one purchased from sales corner, its a quartz and its one I enjoy wearing on a daily basis , not worrying about marks but it seems to be better at not marking than some of the so called better watches I have ( although I do remove them when they occur but that's just my OCD ), there are others CW models I would like but wont pay full rrp price for . deano
  5. these Daytona's make you wonder if this is worth £110 more ?!! deano
  6. opps put it in oldies section, its been a long day LOL deano
  7. there is now only one watch I am pondering, two things are stopping me , money which can be overcome eventually, but one is the watch is only available on leather, now I am defiantly a bracelet man when ever possible and I does not look like this is a option on the one I am considering so it will be considered and pondered on till the finance's are available and then a decision will have to be made! deano
  8. well just back again from a hotrod weekend, sunburnt again today, weekend attire watch & wifey deano
  9. hi mach I understand eddies out of hospital and on the mend , how long the sales will be suspended I don't know but the signs are good if you can wait. deano
  10. well as speedies are being discontinued if jonny boy is right?, I would go with the apena and have a fairly unique watch . deano
  11. beautiful collection, not much fits the word " iconic " but a JLC reverseo in all its forms would be one I accept along side Cartier tanks , deano
  12. first beer run out for the henry, deano
  13. As above you aint going to win in my opinion, and as you have evidence from rolex themselves I would do exactly what you suggested , call Hiscox and claim accidental damage! and get them to pay for the repair ? you may well have a x/s and you need to balance this against the cost of the claim & effect on future premiums. or just cough up the £850.00 and get a as new watch back, & put it down to experience of owning a quality watch. deano
  14. thanks guys , I am over it, but I am a sucker for modern watches , strange as all my other interests lie in the past , I will save for the GS i really really want. deano
  15. yes john there is , its another I have my eye on but its another 3 k more so wont be appearing any time this year, so probably best to save the 1300 and get the other one quicker , see I jus needed the proverbial smack at the back of the head from you guys before I bought it deano
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