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  1. for this evenings beer hunt, some thing bold in a short sleeved shirt , deano
  2. let me tell you were i would be , i would add another 6 K and buy the ONE and only watch i want now ! in fact that's exactly were i am being fortunate to have a decent retirement plan, only trouble is i cant buy it, well not at retail, and being a Yorkshire man i refuse to buy at far more from a grey dealer . but i am 65 very soon so watch this space deano oh and i never needed a watch less ! so it might well yet be new windows for the house
  3. me too, seemed to be best when wanting to transfer fiat in, mind took some sorting with this " get to know your customer " crap. photo this , image that , sign here , send this!!! anyway got it sorted eventually, just checked only £150 down now , this is just a flutter for me afraid 10 year investments/ speculation is not a option for me at my age . deano
  4. ok 1- explorer 2 2-cartier tank 3-g shock,,,,,, no not really , 3-omega speedy or GS? deano
  5. Big crash , yeah just as i dipped my toe in , sums up my luck ! deano
  6. congrats, you certainly find the unusual, love the big moon , N joy deano
  7. hi, the cost of Seiko's presages have risen , but i think so has the quality , some of the dials are as good as some GS models, nice one deano
  8. remember the old 70s British Leyland Friday afternoon cars as they were called , never thought you would get a Friday afternoon omega deano
  9. hey, like i said i did not do it myself, but watched you tube vids before i bought mine and yes it looks easy enough, you don't take the watch apart ( as into the watch case) just remove the whole watch core and put it in the new steel case, and put 4 screws in, bracelet are screw links and with the kits i have seen you even get the screwdrivers to do the job deano ps still not taken it off since getting it!
  10. do you know i think it will be worn as its its not about the money in this case ?i think the connection will be in the wearing and not in a safe , it was already well worn so wearing it will not detract . also his dad might not have considered it a safe watch when bought just something he aspired to. its sad on my part but i dont believe there is such a watch deano mr miserable today, fed up of rain !
  11. i think this sums it up from this weeks roadshow inc the story going to buy the watch with his dad!, did you see the guys reaction and it was not to the valution!! deano full episode
  12. ok ,Rhodium as long as you have good eye sight, i have a DJ41 with same Rhodium colour i love it but need my glasses on to distiguish the hands, blue dial if this applies to you, if not Rhodium dial deano
  13. hi chas, got to be honest and say i went the lazy route and bought it done from the guy below on e bay, he also has different styles/ finishes of bracelets , yes this is a version 3 which has intigated lugs / ends (i think version 2 did not but quality was not as good as ver 3 ), so they dont bend much, i have flat 7.5 inch + wrists and i find i was worried about size, but its fine, while the cut links are sharpe on the outside its really is comfortable to wear ( honestley its been worn since i got it inc wearing to bed) if you have small round wrists it will not sit right for you which the guy in the video had. i am sure you could buy them seperated and put it together yourself, its not complicated and you get all the things req in the kit ( inc screwdrivers,well mine came with them), i only needed to take one link out for mine , if i am honest i have two! bought one before i saw the grey dial version and could not stop the black dial one comming in. lets know if you go for it deano https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294151028328?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  14. just to say all people who own a rolex are not rich ,i can personally guarantee that! ,and some people have them because they actually like the design better than other equally quality watches , people could but a Steinhart and could keep 10 K in the bank, but were is the fun in that deano
  15. i have had this link to a micro brand web site for years , but never bought one yet ! deano https://microbrand.store/
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