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  1. while i am past 60, i have promised myself a retirment watch as retired march this year, covid and my own self reluctance to purchase while the world is in turmoil is a couple of the reasons i am still waiting to pull the trigger, but i will congrats and hope you have a long & happy retirement, roll on next year deano
  2. says at botton wrench *All watches ship directly from Christopher Ward in the UK via DHL. i would find the date hard to read but do like it deano
  3. no idea on value, but look on this forum for a watchmaker/ repairs , under "watchmaking & ask simon" section, come recommended from me. dean.m
  4. not much to do on a lockdown sunday apart from clean & rust protect the cars suspension, for which a approprite watch is req deano
  5. of course you have issues, its why we are all here in therapy, i am dean and i am a watcholic deano
  6. nice to have friends in high places alan , nice when a long awaith peice lands, N joy deano
  7. browsing kickstarter like you do and noted this , gimick or interesting ?? deano nowt to do with me by the way
  8. hi you do what you have to do , the watches have to please you, i have no problem with them as i have owned parnis ,and of course the white dial is my fav deano
  9. hi yes i do, its my kind of watch white dial, straight hands, some detail on dial, two tone date wheel ,while its nothing special on the movement ( Miyota 9015 automatic movement ) its well finished, a good size deano
  10. Jet Jetski Oh! Oh! Quick release spring bars too! yes bonus, not bad for free! yes , realised bezel was not aligned when i posted , sorry lume cheers deano
  11. update , new buckle arrived , fitted ,easy watch sized all good, happy now its the watch i wanted it to be , bounus not one but three straps with signed buckles , !! arrived express mistakes happen in any industry , but its how they are resolved that makes a good company ! dean.m
  12. kevs right it was so new i have not taken the protective film off yet till i can get it fixed and wear it deano
  13. update got this e mail in responce from nodus, would have prefered a new repalcement bracelet but we will see what turns up , i am sure there is a fix, and yes could have been worse had i been wearing it wrench. dean.m Hi Dean, I am very sorry about that! We have sent out a replacement buckle and some free straps for you via Express shipping. Tracking is . It should get to you soon. I apologize again for that issue. Regards, Cullen On Thu, Oct 8, 2020 at 1:21 PM Nodus Watches <info@noduswatches.com> wrote:
  14. 20 mm so have plenty odf straps, if req, and i am sure there will be other bracelet options , see what they say dean.m
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