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  1. if it may bother you ? would you best be trying it on first? before you buy would be my answer deano
  2. this landed to keep up another collection habbit dean.m
  3. this today, for a visit to a local antiques centre ! loads of watches and some bargins!! deano might have to remove the images /rules ? a small sample!
  4. new phone released, today ,nice big screen for my old failing eyes deano ROG Phone 3 review Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 215g, 9.4mm thickness Android 10, MIUI 12 128GB storage, microSDXC 6.67" 1080x2400 pixels 64MP 2160p 6GB RAM Snapdragon 732G
  5. hi brenden hope your still well. i dont have our old issues anymore either nice peice .i do like the blue colours on this and the hands are spot on for me , hey you cant take it with you so increase your watch fund cheers deano
  6. well i made the jump from a £500 gucci which i thought was the bees knees, to used £1500 breitling , to a used £ 2 k omega to a £3k GS / cartier, to a 5K rolex, to a £6.5 k rolex ( still have all excet the gucci) in 4 years here , i value the breitling as much as the rolex, my point being its not that hard to make the jumps once you have owned a quality watch imo. however i am carefull with them all, but wear them all in rotation, deano ps i have £200 watches i treat the same as my most expensive too.
  7. So it will be this till sunday, we are sneaking away to an unoffcial push bike meet over the weekend before lock down on monday, this is the first time out anywere this year and will prob be the last as well, so wish us luck deano
  8. nice bit of wrist presence , interesting set up bull heads , and i do like a panda style dial, i would always go for a bracelet model if available , as generally its cheaper to replace a strap than a bracelet . n joy deano
  9. as " your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off " has gone my next would be deano
  10. all from recent history, Sir Arthur Harris, Sir Douglas Bader,Guy Gibson. do you see a theme deano
  11. hey Durhamg dont hold your breath, hes not been on here since 2012 , but you never know! deano
  12. saw it thought it would be worth more ? or might it have been if it was a patek instead of a AP? deano
  13. Phew nothing in the new range for me , either wrong size , wrong colour , too expensive precious metals, i will stick to my 41, & 42 sizes & colours & models( entry level ish) i have thak you. but there is one that eludes me . so now the new ones are out may be some used one on the market ? and some of the older models about ?i dont rave about rolex it makes watches thats all it means to me, although i do really like the watches i have as much as my others . deano
  14. nope dont thing so ?, i only have 12 watches , all modern, i am more of a magie, i love shiney things and like them to be kept that way too. dean.m athough one definition is- a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby. so may be i am!
  15. I remember calling tim countless times , but it was not to check a watch or time it was to use our new trim phone, i did not know anybodys number to call a person i look at my watch to tell the time ( when i am wearing one ) lots of time in the day ( i dont use my phone for time) so near enough is near enough for me now retired , as i try and wear watches in some kind of rotation i would hope i pick up any problems in timekeeping by wearing it. dean.m oh ok i do in a quite moment glance at my wrist just to admire
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