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  1. i have a saying, "there is a arse for every seat" deano
  2. hi jonny one springs to mind and its stuck for some reason it just looks wrong to me , tudor black bay PO1??! , only tudor i dont like , no idea if it was sales flop or not but there are far nicer watches for £3k + ! deano
  3. a change is as good as a rest so they say , and now the fun of the hunt starts again? deano
  4. well for me , the omega out as i dont like the hands, but i cant chose between the rolex and GS , both are beautiful watches in my eyes and in a perfect 3 hand , baton syle dial, on bracelets, in fact i could not chose is a reason i own both deano
  5. bit of nodus today, and for a drop of real ale tonight deano
  6. fortunatley she is completley igronant of what watches i have and how much they have cost , i love her deano
  7. let me be the first to say NICE, i know its not the tradional PW but for a modern version its a good looking one for me , but then i am biased as i have the watch version N joy deano
  8. how nice is that, well i for one am in favor of a good deal not to be missed no matter what the time , its colourful in a not over the top way, now i am a bracelet man so its good it already has it and the blue strap look right. its never good to buy the other way round as i know from experience ! Njoy deano
  9. i think you hit the proverbial "nail on the head" for me at this moment in time , there is a watch i want but i may not have enough time on planet earth to get it "allocated" deano
  10. yes i dont need a fridge either, and no room for a lathe unfortunatley too full of car & parts dean.m
  11. cheers, no, its cold enough in there not to need a fridge at the moment, may be a addition in summer, i would be divorced if i had enough watches to fill that cabinet deano
  12. so retired , lots of time( lock down has helped ) finally after nearly 4 weeks of refit got the garage looking something like, with the units i bought myself for christmas,might not look much but to get rid of old units & get it set up + its taken 5 trips to the local tip with a estate car full of 35 years worth of crap that one day might come in handy! which had accumilated . put a picture up and one of the mates who moved to south of france said its better than some french house kitchens he seen, self congratulatory picture deano
  13. ok my opinion for what its worth is , the paint has whats called " micro blisted " thats were moisture has entered the substarate and is trapped below the paint/ primer causing tiny rust spots on the metal below, could have happened when the car was painted new ?, but more common when repairs / repainting has been carried out or in storage when damp or condensation is allowed to rest on the paint( can happen when car is garaged) , they really show them selfs in cold damp heavy moisture conditions like we have at the moment , come summer they would disapear! only real solution is to str
  14. there is only one i . i wont say i do not wear it at all but i wear it very very infequentley on very special occations, it happens to be my most costley but thats not the reason i tend not to wear it, it just seems to good to wear for someone like me stupid i know , i suppose this year especially i have not had any ocassion to drag it out of the box , but just knowing i own it is more than enough most of the time , however it could be demoted if the right ultimate ( to me) watch comes to me this next year as its likley to be my last ( famous last words i know) , deano oh its the prof
  15. bit of class to end year, and looks like the most exciting thing tonignt will be doing worlds most difficult jigsaw happy new year to all deano
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