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  1. mmm tough choice, my first choice would be the omega ( but not that one ) my second choice would be the GS ( but not that one) my third choice would be tudor ( but not that one ) hope helps dean.m
  2. may be i am odd but while form/ function as in its my perception of a good looking watch & i can see the time with older eye sight is important , its also about how they make me feel about myself , dam i feel and look good when i am wearing a good watch deano
  3. this evening attire for beer night, not made too much of this although its new, and i do like a white dial, this is my third casioak, this one is the 40 mm one as opposed to the 44 mm , so would suit smaller wrists . deano
  4. let me be the first to say , nice one, they are very striking with the red dials, and i like the fuel gauge for the power reserve, like the sword straight hands , so its a big from me n joy, deano
  5. cheers bricey for the offer, its not another box i need ,its to sell 3 watches deano
  6. i know when i have too many watches when they all wont fit in my 12 watch box, currently at 3 over thanks to my recent discovery of the casioak !! deano
  7. speaking of incorrectly filling up i know this is not a motorhome but good god !! deano
  8. hey, as mine is less likely to see rainfall , let alone any depth of water , so 100m is plenty deano
  9. yes is the short answer, always have deano
  10. has to be first wear for friday night is beer night! deano
  11. hi its the 2100 series , they have lots of variations now , lots going for the transparent one , GA-2100SKE-7AER ,this is my blue one GA-2100HC-2AER, obviously you buy the case sperate , e bay , tinternet deano p.s shop around my blue costs me £81
  12. seems so sir, but no ones more surprised than me ( someone who never liked any g shock or had any interest before )who started the thread !
  13. so its better they make the generic parts for modification rather than correct fake parts/ watches , i have no problem with this case / bracelet , there have been more blatant watches copies from legit firms ! deano
  14. the best GS imo at this time as while i like the true snowflake i dont like titanium, the skyflake is steel, been so close to buying one myself , i will be envious deano
  15. hi yes modded, you can get them done , or you can do them yourself, i bought the blue one std and then the metal case/bracelet, the grey i bought done, blue cost £81 for watch and £99 for bracelet/case and £250 for grey done , its easy to do so dont need to buy done really. and some nice colour combos available now. deano Casio G-Shock Hidden Coast Series Octagon Watch GA-2100HC-2AER SKU: 21-43-340 QTY: 1 Line Total: £90.95 Subtotal £90.95 Postage £0.00 Discount (06FI5ZJC42S4) -£9.10 Grand Total (Excl.Tax) £68.21 VAT £13.64 Grand Total (Incl.Tax) £81.85
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