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  1. way better way to spend a morning alan than mine building a box to cover water pipes in my sons house ! what size is the Milus is it square ? it looks really nice and in mint nick. Njoy deano
  2. short of picking the watch up from the factory door how sure can you be of any watch, its always Caveat emptor . having done a bit of internet trawling I have not been able to find a copy of ay kind on my next desired purchase which is kinda reassuring. deano
  3. yep bond early Cortina MK 2 1600E 67 up to 68 from 69 to 70 face lift clocks in dash, different centre console ( full), footballers car of the day! deano
  4. hi Brendan , hope your well. very nice , easy to read well when your eye sight is going , I like a lot of chopards and they do some really good colour combos and the connection to cars, not sure how I fell about the tyre tread straps ( quirky?) but I am more bracelet man anyway. N joy deano
  5. no nige I could not that's why every thing I have is restored to better than new ,but there re some people who love patina deano
  6. it could do with a re-spray this and send the Paul Newmans Daytona to rolex for a re dial & full referb to lose 15 million in one go deano
  7. so just put this screen saver on the laptop COOL! deano
  8. really like that, like the instrument dial look like altimeter?, on a bracelet too, did have to put my glasses on o note it had a date window at 4 though. n joy deano
  9. "After a coffee and a chat he asked if I was still interested in an Explorer as one had landed about an hour before in a delivery" that's how to catch them and it seems to be grasp the opportunity while you can, although is it a sign deliveries are now coming through? big thumbs up on the GS also, no point in buying something you don't want just to have different styles/types , I am testament N joy both sir deano
  10. had mine 2 years + never a problem, seems not to mark ,however its not been bashed about or worn daily as a beater ! , deano
  11. and this is my NYE in order of comsuption & today deano
  12. happy new year everybody , this evening we are out for a meal and a bit of a bogie afterwards at a local restaurant so something classy I think deano
  13. hi don't know if this site is of any interest , I have had it in my saved list for a long time cheers deano https://microbrand.store/
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