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  1. another one I like to watch is Federico talks watches, once past the self promotion for delray watch co. he has clearly been around watchs a long time and has good experience and has some insightful opinions and hes jus done one on best swiss watches below 500$ so not all high end stuff , plus he has a soft spot for Cartier like me deano
  2. watched most of them on the list, TGV and archie are not for me, another one I have seen is "bark & jack " but he does tend to tick to the rolex, omega , GS area. deano
  3. new running shoes, well more like jogging shoes as what I do nowadays cant be called running deano
  4. hey thank you, its experience in best way to get both bracelet & strap is why i buy on bracelets , far cheaper to buy a replacement leather strap than a bracelets after purchase ( especially genuine ones) . I went for a green which is kinda associated with Cartier , but you are right most colours & styles will go and have had it on brown & blue too. As I understand auto have a in house movement now and I would recommend a auto over quartz in this case if you can. deano
  5. you may not be wrong , I am already on the ibuprophen deano
  6. so, call me mad but i have agreed to go playing squash with my two boys ( 25 &30) after a lay off of 15 years!, I won all my 4 games against them dad is still king, we enjoyed it and have booked again for next week ! deano
  7. cant beat the real thing wren deano p.si have a 1/16 heng long one too! sorry Davey but its all german
  8. ok this is a day late but I have to get the articles from my dad who is here tonight, so my granddad Wifred Mitchell , far right in the picture of the three of the brothers ( 5) window cleaners and bottom right in the other , all 5 brothers joined and miraculously all came home but in one sate or another! it reads W Mitchell ,24 joining the York & Lancaster's in June 1915 as a private ( cannon fodder!) going to France in December of that year, he fought till getting gassed at ( ? my dad seems to remember it being) Passchendaele and got sent home . thank you granddad deano
  9. yes I have the XL solo version, I bought it on a bracelet( always best to) and have put it on this green ostrich as the bracelet has PCL and easily mark's . I have 7 3/4 inch wrists and it sits nice & flat . its certainly my most classy dress watch and easily read, roman numerals are not for everybody but this combination is perfcect! IMO. and fortunately despite aging bones I don't need any replacement parts , YET! deano
  10. classy Davey, also big thumbs up from me on the nice green ostrich strap suits this and cartiers deano
  11. morning , lazy day ? deano must put a battery in my clock
  12. normally just pack them up, but was wearing this giveaway right up to it going and put the new nato on just before it went in the box deano
  13. this I still have it and the hands fall down to the bottom when shaken , seemed like a good idea or some fun at the time , and it was cheap deano
  14. one in orange looks like , nick nulty ? but don't think he is a comedian ? deano
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