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  1. Ah yes grasshopper, but with age comes wisdom! but were watches are concerned that goes out the bloody window it seems deano
  2. yes I do, and I thought I was the only strange one around here deano
  3. propensity of white dials today, so on this wet evening this deano
  4. by the law of averages youve got 7 year left. thanks for that cheerful thought nigel, best make the most then and get some more watches bought deano
  5. with a bit of luck, I live long enough to sell a few to top up my pension, there will be no watch on me when I am in the box. cant stand the thought of one of them being destroyed no matter what its cost, what's left will go to a good home between my sons. deano
  6. ah there you go, thanks , I knew J.s said something about J.c deano
  7. jim clark, or J.C to his friends and MR clark to me
  8. there had to be a lotus Cortina , he was famous for cocking the inside wheel round corners, effectively driving on 3 wheels , I seem to remember Jackie Stewart saying in his opinion JC was the best ever ? deano .
  9. did not come out on top in the only p/x I have done it was a Cartier for a DJ , but it made the DJ affordable . and I wanted the DJ far more than the Cartier ( that said I did buy another Cartier DOH) deano
  10. it makes me a old tit , get it right deano
  11. gotca nigel, @18 K like you said should not really be a drive issue , I am more at home with understanding 1970 3 sp autos but they too have a switch for PN N so you don't start it in gear. deano
  12. bit harsh on the homages guys does owning a Steinhart make you any less of a watch collector than someone owning a proper Daytona or explorer I don't see it as so. may be we give it a different name you are a watch enthusiast if you cant afford a genuine example of what ever . and how many times have I read articles rolex copied the sub!! deano
  13. nigel would this be a problem > Please note that GEAR SELECTOR SENSOR IS DEFECTIVE , as costly to fix? and would be concerned it was more than that? , seems if it was a easy fix they would have done it ? deano
  14. never owned a fake, homages i have owned some before working my way up to the non homages versions , have none at the minute, but have one coming that may be classed as, happy to own and admire both originals/ homages, deano
  15. hi I can not speak for quartz watches, as I had my breitling superocean auto serviced and it cost £500 @ breitling , it was worth it for me as I bought it at the right money used, I had always intended to own the watch for the next 5 years anyway so it was money well spent as you say it came back as new it still is , you may not get that money back if you sell the watch in a year, but it will add some value and desirability for the next owner . so if you intend to keep it I would say yes, although I would want to check exactly what's been done for that £400.00 on a quartz? as it does seem a lot . I seem to recall there is a online price list for servicing breitlings ? deano
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