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  1. now thats literally a wall clock,and i could read that without my glasses nice one deano
  2. stunning but i think its one if you have to ask the price , you cant afford it deano
  3. bit late but this today to look at vans for eldest lad buisness, god they command good values !! this retirement buisness is tyring work deano
  4. to be honest my memory is getting worse the older i get and i would probally not be able to remember were and when i damaged my watch so it would just bloody anoy me & my OCD that it was damaged so i would want any damage repaired / removed and prefer to keep em as pristine as i can horses for courses deano
  5. lots of talk of money laudering linking to the sale prices at auctions ?? deano
  6. arrived today small birthday prezzy deano
  7. this today for my birthday today 64 , boys coming round for a take away meal & a beer deano
  8. via chrono 24 you have some protection if purchased via trusted check out, bought two via C24 myself with no problem. deano Payment via Trusted Checkout The amount due is paid to an escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have your dream watch in your hands. Only then is the money released to the seller. Trusted Checkout is free for you as a buyer. All listings that offer payment processing via Trusted Checkout are marked accordingly
  9. was wearing this , now removed to step into this cooling 28 degress, i dont own any watches i would trust in here deano
  10. well it could be , as if watches dont sell and funds are low, a insurance claim or two for watches lost at the beach, nicked on holiday may follow deano p/s nigel, i retired at the end of april just to bring you up to speed so other than insurers share price dropping i dont care
  11. have a little failth in humanity nigel deano
  12. dam now you tell me i did not keep the packets , , nice to have you back deano
  13. Jersey times/trader ?a local paper ? at a guess ,as it seems they both are fortunate to live on that very beautiful island deano
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