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  1. i do miss the chase , then anticipation of arrival and the excitement of opening a new watch , one of the reasons i bought the casios, i have considerably reeled in the buying since retiring . the tudor is very nice n joy deano
  2. strange but true- its not the watch but hey while we are dreaming why not deano
  3. merry Christmas and all the best for 2022 guys and gals, deano
  4. unfortunately no , due to circumstances , mainly storm barra 6 th dec which kindly lifted the roof and blew the verge mortar out with big lumps on my next doors neighbours drive !fortunately no cars were parked there at the time , however i had to do something in case more fell out ( they could not park there )urgent call to a roofer saw the new dry verges front & back replaced monday at a cost of £800. despite my best reasoning i could not get one , i know i am going to regret it especially when you show yours here when are they due foe delivery ? deano
  5. Only 3 most of one make i have had this little group was my latest obsession , deano
  6. some very nice watches there , and a few i have looked at many many times to buy over last, 5 years like CW, marloe, kind of glad i did not now as because as circumstances changed to becoming retired i too would be selling ! but on the other hand i have not had the pleasure of owning such nice watches , may be the loss in value there will be is the price you pay for the pleasure? anyway i am sure some will fly off the shelf deano p.s "get thee behind me temptation"
  7. i have sold two in recent weeks , both advertised here at a reduced price, but sold on other platforms , i had one enquiry /purchaser on each only, my mantra when i used to sell cars was "there is a arse for every seat you just got to find it" its free to advertise ( donation welcome i am sure )so worth a try while your in that mid set ? deano
  8. well my two cents , is the santos all day , but i like rolex so what do iknow deano
  9. what the hell, sat on my own so Sub £200 - casio 2100 series £201 - £500 - mondaine £501 - £1,000 - Seiko £1,000 - £2,500 - Tudor £2,501 - £5,000 - cartier- breitling £5,000 - £10,000 - GS- omega £10,001+ rolex ( one model only) or AP Microbrand (sub £500) - seasonal Microbrand (£501+) - contrail deano p.s i need one of two for the set
  10. nice, its going to be one of them , me being on the fence then decide to go for one when they have all gone , i am famous for it in my household on all sorts of things, drives my wife crazy, hope its as nice as it looks in the pictures deano
  11. so while my watch buying antics have slowed since retirement it does not stop me looking this caught my eye , don't know if is a lot of money for a miyota movement but i am a sucker for stick markers 3 hand dials. deano https://wisetimepiece.com/collections/new-arrival/products/pre-order-adamascus-ad9m-meteorite-stainless-904l
  12. nearest thing to pink i ever got in my life was a salmon coloured shirt which i insisted was not pink but red ! i know men wear/ some prefer 36mm but this looks like a kids watch on my wrists and with my eye sight i would need to carry a spy glass to tell the time without glasses which i only need to read. so no pink or 36mm for me , white well now you are talking deano
  13. so today i will mainly be wearing blue last night out as its mad friday next week and i dont do mad friday too old then Christmas eve , enjoy everybody deano
  14. yes that is one for me to like , and a nice example of service even DHL who dont always come up trumps deano
  15. well there is always one, but i am not a fan of that case shape, the brand yes just not that but njoy deano
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