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  1. hey, as mine is less likely to see rainfall , let alone any depth of water , so 100m is plenty deano
  2. yes is the short answer, always have deano
  3. has to be first wear for friday night is beer night! deano
  4. hi its the 2100 series , they have lots of variations now , lots going for the transparent one , GA-2100SKE-7AER ,this is my blue one GA-2100HC-2AER, obviously you buy the case sperate , e bay , tinternet deano p.s shop around my blue costs me £81
  5. seems so sir, but no ones more surprised than me ( someone who never liked any g shock or had any interest before )who started the thread !
  6. so its better they make the generic parts for modification rather than correct fake parts/ watches , i have no problem with this case / bracelet , there have been more blatant watches copies from legit firms ! deano
  7. the best GS imo at this time as while i like the true snowflake i dont like titanium, the skyflake is steel, been so close to buying one myself , i will be envious deano
  8. hi yes modded, you can get them done , or you can do them yourself, i bought the blue one std and then the metal case/bracelet, the grey i bought done, blue cost £81 for watch and £99 for bracelet/case and £250 for grey done , its easy to do so dont need to buy done really. and some nice colour combos available now. deano Casio G-Shock Hidden Coast Series Octagon Watch GA-2100HC-2AER SKU: 21-43-340 QTY: 1 Line Total: £90.95 Subtotal £90.95 Postage £0.00 Discount (06FI5ZJC42S4) -£9.10 Grand Total (Excl.Tax) £68.21 VAT £13.64 Grand Total (Incl.Tax) £81.85
  9. just a quick one in response to the thread -Resistance is futile., i could not help my self and got a blue dial !! deano p.s there are about 8 more colours NOOOOOO
  10. tell me about it from being a non digi/ g shock owner, with a total disinterest in the brand , UNTIL i saw the one, thats digi/analogue now i have another on the way because its a different colour!!, unbelievable deano
  11. No gains for me , £150 loss so losing less , unclear how the fca ruling will effect Binance , need to see how it palys out its the uk company thats been ruled against , the exchange is a .com in the caymens so they cant shut it down as i understand . deano
  12. may i have the name & post code of this pub please, i am keen to taste the beer you understand!!! deano
  13. so i have couple , inc a datejust 41, i paid nothing like £8500, or what they are selling for now but what i paid was worth it to me , i am sure there are more interesting watchmakers but i was not interested in them, to me there is very few if any dress watches that i would rather have no matter whos name was on the dial , to me rolex makes nice watches no more, they might not make enough of what people want but neither do patek !, the open market and buyers do the rest! deano
  14. hi , never really noticed , but then again never really looked, but come to think i have not come across any female watch reviewers let alone repairer, or should i say the you tube algorithm has not seemed fit to recommend one to me either? seems to know everything else i am thinking about!, so may be i am not viewing or searching for the right type of videos deano
  15. true WIS yokel need one in every colour , love a blue dial & stick indices . deano
  16. funny i have bought all of my current 12 watches on line ! and none of the present ones have been a drunken or spontaneous purchase all have been very considered , however suppose none are what you might call "fun in the cheap seats " either so they are not ones you want to buy and regret and feel the quality does not match the expectation. Well either that or i am easily pleased deano
  17. yes still got my collectors piece , family heirloom now deano
  18. for this evenings beer hunt, some thing bold in a short sleeved shirt , deano
  19. let me tell you were i would be , i would add another 6 K and buy the ONE and only watch i want now ! in fact that's exactly were i am being fortunate to have a decent retirement plan, only trouble is i cant buy it, well not at retail, and being a Yorkshire man i refuse to buy at far more from a grey dealer . but i am 65 very soon so watch this space deano oh and i never needed a watch less ! so it might well yet be new windows for the house
  20. me too, seemed to be best when wanting to transfer fiat in, mind took some sorting with this " get to know your customer " crap. photo this , image that , sign here , send this!!! anyway got it sorted eventually, just checked only £150 down now , this is just a flutter for me afraid 10 year investments/ speculation is not a option for me at my age . deano
  21. ok 1- explorer 2 2-cartier tank 3-g shock,,,,,, no not really , 3-omega speedy or GS? deano
  22. Big crash , yeah just as i dipped my toe in , sums up my luck ! deano
  23. congrats, you certainly find the unusual, love the big moon , N joy deano
  24. hi, the cost of Seiko's presages have risen , but i think so has the quality , some of the dials are as good as some GS models, nice one deano
  25. remember the old 70s British Leyland Friday afternoon cars as they were called , never thought you would get a Friday afternoon omega deano
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