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  1. Hi All, its been a while, but glad you are here as require some basic help! I own a Pulsar digital chrono model W861-X006,it suits me well ,as with advancing years the eyes are not what they used to be, so large time details are a great help. Recently the time came to change the battery, I have changed batteries on other watches in the past so thought nothing of it, how wrong could I be. After changing the battery the instructions are to short circuit the AC (no problem its marked) and the spring switch???? Would some one be good enough to explain to me where I find the so
  2. Hi Guys Its been a while since I last visited,but hope someone canhelp me out with ID of recent watch purchase. The watch is a rectangular casio model number AQ719 module 304. There was some slight movement on purchase but when the lid was popped the battery was a third of the size which should have been there,and had been placed quite forcibly so that some contact with the terminals could be established. I have tried every casio site that I can find without success,then suddenly remembered you guys,its a nice litle watch which would be good to get ticking over,so any info on
  3. Would really appreciate some assistance to spare my ego, and tell me where I am going wrong. I recently stripped out my Casio Oceanus model OC504 module 2714 in order to change crystal. Removing stem, alarm button, and movement created no problems. Changed the crystal, replaced the movement, nylon insert collar, replaced the stem, but on attempting to replace alarm stem it refuses to lock into place. WHY???? The watch other than the alarm is working fine, but am unable to replace ,and lock into place, alarm stem....if someone could possibly advise would be extremely grateful.
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