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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. i was just checking my mail last night and i saw the vostock europe watches that roy had just got in,i just could not help myself,i bought the black dial with slide rule bezel ref 5335017 straight away,i should have it by tuesday, if someone has the time could they explain how a slide rule works or direct me to a site or something to explain one,i have been told its something to measure time and distance, last night late on i had to come clean and admit to my wife, "do you know that watch that i was showing you earlier" her response"yes" my reply"i bought it" her response to that "
  3. maybe RLT 6 http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/poljot...727330182712044 i'm only joking roy i recently just bought a RLT 6 for my wife,she wanted a bigger more robust watch for work and she is very pleased with it,i am as well it looks more expensive than the cost
  4. hello everyone this is a pic of one of my poljot watches,a fake hanhart! i dont know how they got away with it but i'm glad they did,i managed to pick this up on ebay aka fakebay about a year ago for £105 pounds,a lot cheaper than a real one ,it came with its little blue bible and a rather cheap looking poljot standard basic strap after months of trying to get a strap from america and germany,someone who bought a rolex fake from me (an unwanted gift from thailand)told me about roy and voilla a strap that i think suits the watch 100%,now i have a watch that i enjoy and wear all the time
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