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  1. But this. Put it on a decent rubber strap and save a couple of hundred quid extra to buy the Omega bracelet. That is 100% what I’d do Just check out somewhere like Chrono24 and you’ll be surprised what you can get in your budget. Here’s another good option
  2. That’s an impressive collection mate! Love the Landmaster
  3. If you gave me £20K and the choice I'd probably end up where I am now with (imo) a fairly nice car and a few nice watches. If you put a gun to my head, then I could probably live with one decent watch and a nicer car
  4. Well you're not going to lose any money on it in years to come so if you like it, buy it! I'm probably in the minority but I prefer the maxi case and modern ceramic looks.
  5. Probably a Black Bulova Moonwatch I reckon
  6. I’ve got an older Seamaster (2254) and it wears very differently to a modern Rolex, it’s much thinner and less top heavy. The newer models are relatively more expensive but defiantly a step up in quality. As for the Black Bay (and I’ve said this a few times), in my opinion it’s pretty close to Rolex in all departments (aside from the movement) they wear very similar and really do feel like a quality watch. All depends what you want? Sounds like you’ve got a very decent budget but do you want a Rolex because it’s a Rolex (nothing wrong with that)? Or do you want a specific complication – chrono? GMT? etc… Or do you want a specific style of watch? Couple of left field suggestions might be – IWC Aquatimer, Panerai of some description, JLC Master Compressor
  7. Dunno but it certainly looks good!
  8. I'd not worry about servicing too much with Seiko - just put £20 a year away and when the time comes you'll have enough!
  9. Probably quite tricky but if you haven't worn one then I'd recommend finding somewhere you can try one on at. I've got an Explorer II Polar dial and thinks it's a very nice watch but bear in mind that there is no micro adjustment or quick date set so can take a minute or two to set up if you've not worn it for a while. Apart from aesthetics, for me it would come down to wanting a rotating bezel or a GMT/24hr complication.
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