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  1. I always take my watch off for golf. On the off chance I forgot, it gets tight after a few holes and starts to irritate me as my wrists hinge on the back swing. Pro tip is leave it in the car with your phone then the missus can’t get hold of you and you don’t know what time it is until you’re out of the club house
  2. I’d stay well away from that. The dial says “16 World’s Records” which is enough for me.
  3. Almost Chas, it’s the Costa del Hartlepool about 5 mins from my house
  4. I’d honestly have to keep this one. I’ve had it since I was about 24 and the amount of adventures and experiences it’s been though with me means it’s priceless and the only one with a proper emotional connection.
  5. Nice collection Just missing a couple of calculators now
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