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  1. Back on the bracelet after a year and it really is one of the best. Why did I ever put it on rubber!
  2. A very similar situation to you a few years back. I lived in a 1940s mid terrace and had a baxi back boiler which died. We went for a Baxi combi fitted in the kitchen and a power flush with a couple of rads upgraded. All the pipe work stayed and the whole jobs took about 3 or 4 days I think.
  3. I like em. Always have since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to get one from this very forum for a decent price but looking at the price’s nowadays you’ve just got to shake your head and laugh.
  4. The movement is a themocompensated super quartz accurate to 10 seconds a year. What’s in the Longines? Is it an in house job? Breitling calls theirs a Cal 79 so I’d guess they came up with it themselves.
  5. I’d look at preowned Grand Seiko, Breitling or an Omega X-33 if you want high end quartz. They’ll also hold the value well if you need to move it on. I went with an Aerospace for about £1500 a couple of years ago and I’d say it was well worth it for the functionality, full titanium and accuracy.
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