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  1. An RLT military. New in today curtesy of @brummie1875 Thanks Paul!!
  2. Absolutely no qualms about slinging a diver on and getting on the high seas with a few beers on a Sunday afternoon! Out for an hour or two and the watch was totally crusted up with salt but you know what? It looked right at home Would have done some more pics but at 30knots+ on the North Sea it was a tad choppy @Nigelp
  3. This ^^ if there’s nowt wrong with it don’t bother with the full monty.....
  4. That’s an impressive collection for sure!
  5. I’d be tempted with a ‘Golden Eye’ Glycine Combat Sub at around that price or maybe a vintage Poljot 3133 Chrono : 0
  6. That's a real beauty but the price is a bit mad!
  7. Needs a repair - the hour hand should click round hour by hour when setting it and now it just turns like the minute hand. When the watch is running the hour hand stays put so I'm assuming they won't repair and insist on a full service. Not sure on age but it's deffo out of warranty!
  8. Just looking down at my wrist now and 42mm really is the perfect size for me but I'm happy between 38 and 44. Anything smaller than 38mm just looks daft on my manly (fat) wrist. Wonder if some of these massive Breitlings etc will come down in price on the used market?
  9. I'm going to drop off my Explorer II at an AD so it can go back to Rolex for a service - daft question incoming.... Do I just give them the watch with no paperwork/warranty card etc? Also... has anybody got an idea on price? I'm thinking in the £500 region (balk!)? Rich.
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