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  1. That’s a real beauty. Love it! Almost as classy as my new Pac-Man Casio
  2. There may have been an amount of vodka involved in the purchase hahaha.
  3. Bit of a mad impulse buy but I couldn’t resist it for some strange reason!
  4. I’d say they make decent watches that are well put together and are a lot less blingy than they were a few years ago. If you bought one brand new then you’d be taking a bath reselling most models but if bought at a decent used price then you'll be more or less ok when the time comes to sell. I’ve got an Aerospace Evo which I like a lot – obviously not an Auto but it’s light as a feather, really slim and comfy to wear with a ton of features. I’d also love a new Super Ocean (like Chas has but in yellow) but for the reasons above I’ll be waiting for somebody else to take the hit on one before I pick one up
  5. I think you've made a great job of that and it really stands out from the crowd that's for sure - I love the dial and the box!
  6. wow - that's a pretty big difference!
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