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  1. Could be a nice one if that case comes back to life
  2. Damaged or otherwise if it was original to the watch then it could have been sent to Rolex. Not sure how helpful they’ll be with half a watch...
  3. The only comment I’ve had is “is that a fake mate?”
  4. Mine just get worn one after another without much thought to be honest. I'll take it off my wrist if I'm doing man jobs in the garage or something but other than that I don't see the point of having something you're worried about owning. Even if they get bashed up a bit a service will sort the vast majority of it when the time comes.
  5. Ah, wondered what had happened. Makes sense boss.
  6. relaxer7


    I'm trying to working from home whilst looking after a two year old and home schooling an eight. My missus works at the bank so still has to go in... At this rate not all of us are going to make it through this!
  7. On lockdown in the garden. Might get the BBQ out in a bit!
  8. Not for me. Changing your perception of time is easy. To speed it up go out with your mates and have a laugh. To slow it down spend an afternoon at the mother in laws
  9. relaxer7


    Mines just a daft doodle and the relaxer7 thing actually is an old work user name which contains my second name.
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