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  1. A blast from the past! I remember wanting one of those as a lad. Nice find
  2. Superb collection Davey and it's been a pleasure watching you add to it. The Jaeger LeCoultre moonphase is the standout one for me but if I had to push one out it'd be the Cartier purely on the lugs. I'd also think about swapping the Sub for a Pepsi GMT Master II of the same era.
  3. Very similar watches so it just comes down to the GMT function and the colour for me. I'd go with the red Black Bay but that's because it would match my blue on nicely
  4. This was sold as NOS. Not sure about that but it’s in superb condition for I’m guessing a mid 80’s watch.
  5. Reminds me of an Oris Carl Brashear. Nice!
  6. Oyster for me but tell you what I don't like - those super shiny Breitling bracelets of a few years ago.
  7. But this. Put it on a decent rubber strap and save a couple of hundred quid extra to buy the Omega bracelet. That is 100% what I’d do Just check out somewhere like Chrono24 and you’ll be surprised what you can get in your budget. Here’s another good option
  8. That’s an impressive collection mate! Love the Landmaster
  9. If you gave me £20K and the choice I'd probably end up where I am now with (imo) a fairly nice car and a few nice watches. If you put a gun to my head, then I could probably live with one decent watch and a nicer car
  10. Well you're not going to lose any money on it in years to come so if you like it, buy it! I'm probably in the minority but I prefer the maxi case and modern ceramic looks.
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