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  1. What happened? Is it incoming mate?
  2. I normally put a beater on if I foresee something happening but otherwise I’m pretty relaxed. Service time will sort it out if needed. If this one could tell stories there’d be a few good ones!
  3. First “luxury” brand I’d heard of when I was a kid and wanted one ever since. They make solid watches and to be honest it’s a bit of a myth that they get slated. Once I could afford a few hundred quid on a watch I bought this one then sold it. Then bought one back again! I tried a Monaco on last year and was gutted because as soon as it was on my wrist I just couldn’t get away with so sadly handed it back @Jersey1965 why not pick out a vintage Heuer
  4. A no date sub was a couple of months wait when I asked about one before lockdown.... an AD won’t give you it on credit or discount but you’re not gonna lose any money money on it. Or forgetting Rolex go pre owned and let someone else take the depreciation hit.
  5. New rally strap for the LunarPilot today!
  6. Looks pretty cool from the side. Like a UFO!
  7. Hahaha thought you looked a bit preoccupied mate! Good buy on the booze mind ;0
  8. Looks just as it should imo
  9. Haven't you got that decking finished yet?
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