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  1. Very nice and the crown is just fine imo. It's so you can operate it with your leather pilot gloves on : )
  2. Wish I could! There’s a big old “keep out” gate at the front :0
  3. A pre-owned one of these and a grand in your sky rocket
  4. 39mm but for £261 show me a better swiss auto! https://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/Tissot-Automatics-III-Day-Date-39mm-Mens-Watch-T0659301103100/p/17361166/?lsft=utm_content:shopping___adty_____prch__Online___stco_____prid__17361166,utm_medium:cpc&msclkid=7a1a893899a61248c42dd64d0f5b999d&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing - Shopping&utm_term=1100600108257&utm_content=All Products
  5. A real pet hate of mine. They might replace it but no doubt it will be “within tolerance”.
  6. Stood and watched for 5 mins first so I knew where to stand... the daft lad who walked past me and to the end of the wall didn’t I dare say he took a 3 or 4 bath fulls over his trackie!
  7. Bit of a swell today in the North Sea
  8. Guess that’s the answer. Save a grand and set it upside down! :0
  9. Tempting with a grand off but I wouldn’t personally. I found it horrible using the crown with my left hand.
  10. I’d have the dial cleaned up and serviced but would probably leave the back as it might look too shiny and new compared to the rest of it. Lovely looking dial though.
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