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  1. I love a day at the golf! Post some pics up
  2. Personally I don’t think you can get a better quality watch for the money Tudor want. They also have this amazing idea whereby you can walk into a shop and buy one right there and then
  3. ....and that’s what always puts me off with Bremont. They seem overpriced to me but then what isn’t nowadays?
  4. What’s that one @Nigelp ? Looks like an interesting dial mate.
  5. Yes and yes! The 'radio room' is pretty cool too. Also, don't worry about the wobbly crown/stem it's how they come. Think I've had three and they've all been bomb proof! Dead easy to modify them too - a bezel change literally takes 30 seconds and lots of options too
  6. I’d not worry too much about sellers on ebay. It’s the buyers you need to watch out for! As a buyer you’re covered up to the eyeballs – I sold a watch on there a couple of years ago and when it arrived the buyer accused me of sending him a fake! Ebay demanded I refund him and PayPal froze my funds until it was resolved. It worked out in the end and the buyer eventually saw some sense but it’s a common ploy to cry fake and then actually return a fake to the seller.
  7. I've always had a small list of what I want and I'm a good way down it now. I like to do my reading up and research then steadily save up and bide my time for the right deal a bit like @Daveyboyz That said, I’ll not be adding anything anytime soon – anybody else got a toddler in full time nursery?! It’s almost double the price of my mortgage.
  8. Back from a full Breitling service today and it’s like an untouched brand new watch!
  9. Must just be Seiko beasts - mine's never seemed bothered about anything!
  10. I’m never convinced when I hear this sort of stuff. I’ve also got a Seiko that’s over ten years old, never been serviced and has been in every environment I can think of without complaint. A few years ago I managed to bag a very nice holiday and it went from a couple of hours in the steam room and icy plunge pool to the jacuzzi and straight into the sea. Then the pool and blazing hot sunshine all day every day for two weeks. It’s even survived the fairy liquid washing up bowl conspiracy! For me, if it’s 100m + I’ll not worry about any H20 relates shenanigans
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