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  1. As others have said. Try one on as some are on the extra large and heavy side!
  2. Much prefer selling to people I trust on here. Ebay can be a nightmare and there are scams aplenty. The one you don't want is: "You sold me a fake watch" "No I didn't" "I want my money back" "OK, I want my watch back first" "You've sent me a fake watch back!" "Yes, I know. Told you it was fake" Ebay / Paypal then freeze your funds or issue a debt on the account if you've taken the money out first. Scammer gets his money back and your nice watch.
  3. I have a box with 10 full slots and have pretty much planned to buy each one. I suppose you’d call it a collection of sorts but me it just a bunch of watches I like. If I stop liking one it’ll go to make room for the next one the list. Having a self imposed limit sort of focuses your mind a bit it always think.
  4. I like the yellow one but must admit I haven’t handle one of these new composite cases. That could be the deal maker or breaker for me.
  5. Save a few hundred more and buy a pre-owned quartz Bond Seamaster! Or even a Speedie reduced - you'd be in the ball park I reckon.
  6. Apart from the crown, I don't mind it too much. In fact, I'd probably wear one... but I have only just gone 41
  7. Depends who you ask OP. According to the so called experts "every serious collection" should have an Omega Moonwatch, Rolex Sub, Breitling Navitimer and something dressy like a Patek Calatrava. I have none of these and mainly collect divers and sports watches from brands like Bulova, Breitling, Omega, Orient, Rolex, Tudor, Tag, Seiko and anything else I like . If money wasn't a problem I'd add a couple, an AP Selfwinding, Bulgari Octo Finissimo and a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Autmatique but in all honesty I could never justify spending more than £10K on a watch when other things in life are
  8. I’d guess in the region of £600 but on the positive side you’ll get a couple of years warranty I’d expect.
  9. Two hopes of Omega fixing it for free. Bob Hope and No Hope In my experience, any watch maker worth their salt has a decent waiting list. Not sure if it's true or not but I heard that some parts for the co-axial movement are restricted by Omega meaning you need a pricey service to line their pockets. I had to bite the bullet last year with Breitling and Rolex services - it still stings!
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