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  1. This one has English and Arabic which I find weird as it's from Japan!
  2. Had a look on Gumtree once - it was amazing! Some bloke a mere 20 miles away from me had every single model of SS Rolex and had them up for £200 each.
  3. I'd wear one but wouldn't buy one!
  4. That’s nice. Much nicer that the pics I’ve seen on tinternet. Lovely!
  5. I quite like it (maybe it's that domed glass) but the blue wavey dial one is the one to have and with the 2.5K leftover you may as well pick up a used moonwatch
  6. I've just seen this one and unless it's totally new it's completely passed me by! I think it looks pretty nice and the domed crystal is a perfect addition in my opinion. I generally dislike the faux aged lume look but this seems to work. Unfortunately, as is par for the course nowadays with Omega it's well over priced at £6.5K https://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/Omega-Seamaster-Diver-300M-007-Edition-+-Pre+Order-Now/p/17332008/
  7. Funnily enough I'm sat at work next to my mate Prassad who moved over from India about six months ago and just so happens he's fond of a watch or two. Mainly fashion stuff and smart watches but never the less I've just asked him about Titan and he reckons they're very popular in India. Loads of Bollywood stars wear them and he tells me they're a joint venture between Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and TATA group - his Dad has a quartz moon-phase one that looks nice apparently.
  8. Yep did the very same thing with this one.
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