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  1. I like it but the minute hand is way too short!! What's the price point like?
  2. Worth practising your hammer on Seriously though at 99p and free postage what's the point of even selling it?!
  3. It’s very much like making love to a beautiful woman. That’s for sure.
  4. I thought it was a bit low myself but wasn't very surprised and we were just having a friendly chat. Who knows if he’d have moved on price if I’d have asked or been serious about a deal. Personally, I would have thought somewhere around £4,800 is reasonable in todays daft Rolex market and would expect about a grand slapping on to the sale price. After buying a new (used) car last week and travelling the breadth of the country it’s quite obvious some dealer’s take the pee, some are reasonable and some need a bit negotiation to budge! I know I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here but three out of the fiver car dealer’s I talked to said their price was fair, non-negotiable and that they checked AutoTrader weekly, to make sure they were well priced. One of them wasn’t even joking – wouldn’t even entertain a lower offer
  5. To be fair to him he was totally honest about it and was just interested in what sort of profit he was after. He had a Batman in the window for nearly 14K which even he was shocked about “Market price mate”.
  6. I was at and AD the other week picking up my Aerospace after a service and had a good chat to the manager about my collection, some of the watches he owned and how crazy used Rolex prices are. At that point I asked him what he’d buy my freshly (Rolex) serviced Explorer II which is a full set minter and he said he’d offer up to £4,200 and put it in the window at £5,995.
  7. I’ve always fancied a Seiko Skyline but know nowt about vintage
  8. That's good looking job Nige. Well done mate!
  9. will be this for another few days I reckon Wow that’s a beauty Graham!
  10. relaxer7


  11. Back from Rolex and a new strap to celebrate! Amazingly only lost two seconds since last Friday too.
  12. Yeah I know haha. Filter by "in stock"
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