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  1. I’d say they make decent watches that are well put together and are a lot less blingy than they were a few years ago. If you bought one brand new then you’d be taking a bath reselling most models but if bought at a decent used price then you'll be more or less ok when the time comes to sell. I’ve got an Aerospace Evo which I like a lot – obviously not an Auto but it’s light as a feather, really slim and comfy to wear with a ton of features. I’d also love a new Super Ocean (like Chas has but in yellow) but for the reasons above I’ll be waiting for somebody else to take the hit on one before I pick one up
  2. I think you've made a great job of that and it really stands out from the crowd that's for sure - I love the dial and the box!
  3. wow - that's a pretty big difference!
  4. Day at the beach with the little-un today.
  5. That’s what I love about watches. Some of them have great stories, history and experiences attached to them. I’ve got a couple like that and it makes them priceless because of what you’ve been through with them on your wrist. The rest of my collection are just watches regardless of ‘value’.
  6. The investment mentality has crept in over the last five to ten years and loads of people getting into the hobby start there. It's no wonder though - the average Joe looks through the window and sees no Rolex sports watches; goes online and is amazed a second hand watch costs more than a brand new one! Then they think "this time next year Rodders"
  7. What’s the model number on that one again?
  8. No idea but the smoother the sweep of the hand the better in my opinion.
  9. Think I like this …but what’s electrostatic energy? Is that what makes your hair stand up when rubbing a balloon on it?
  10. As a buyer you’re well covered on eBay and if you see something you like post it up here for some advice. Also try Chrono24 which is kind of an eBay for watches. Otherwise, stick around here or have a look on other forums. That’s where the majority of my collection has come from. Alternatively, do what you need to do and get the money together for a modern sports Rolex. That’s a cast iron bet in the medium to long term and on the plus side by the time you get to the top of the waiting list you’ll have saved enough money!
  11. Omega Seamaster 2254 or a Tudor Black Bay with an ETA movement will both creep up in price over time. Mine definitely have.
  12. Very classy mate and should sit very well in your collection
  13. Got one of my favourites on today.
  14. HMS Trincomalee but a good guess! It's the oldest British warship still afloat (HMS Victory, is about 50 years older but is in a dry dock).
  15. A good choice Chas love the full lume.
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