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  1. Popped it on a Perlon strap and much better that the silicone strap it comes with.
  2. That's the nicest watch I've seen for ages - if I hadn't just bought one etc etc : )
  3. Yep it’s legit but as they say... “buy the seller”
  4. Change your policy. I’m with AXA and insured for up to 10k on individual items up to 25k in total so thats my collection covered.
  5. Forgot to take it off before teeing off!
  6. A complete disappointment from Rolex. Tudor made a much better go of it this time around I’d say!
  7. Explained better than I can: https://watchtime.me/the-knowledge/article/1277/a-brief-history-of-the-tudor-snowflake-hands
  8. The BB panda stands out for me and is a reasonable price when compared to other brands. Was hoping Rolex would be more bold but could never really see a ceramic bezel on the Explorer 2. A different coloured dial would have been nice though and I was hoping for blue or green. They’ve gone bi-metal on the Explorer and therefore confirmed that yellow gold is back in vogue!
  9. 30 to 40 for me normally. If it was vintage or could be overwound I’d be much more careful
  10. Not a fan of UBoat but I do like that one. Probably a daft question but what’s the point of filling a watch up with oil in the first place?
  11. I keep looking at a Corum Bubble Divebomber.
  12. Welcome back Jay! Haven’t seen you round in a while. You upset anybody yet Here’s a couple of Seiko’s for you....
  13. Anything but leather on a diver for me. Rubber, metal, sailcloth, nato are all good but leather is for stuff that shouldn’t get wet imo. Not saying it doesn’t look good it’s just not right
  14. I prefer a case that sits flat on my wrist but if it sits high I don’t really care. Certainly wouldn’t put me off anything.
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