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  1. What about Hamilton ? I know they are part of swatch and looking at the movement the sweep of the second hand seems really smooth in comparison to even some of my omegas ? Mans what about Oris ?
  2. Ok so I was taking a look on you tube last night and now have new respect for grand seiko it seems the workmanship is amazing even in very clinical conditions ! So then I checked out Rolex etc ... Whilst seiko is in such clinical conditions does this mean servicing is a problem ? abd as for CW amazing if it's around the corner would love to know your experience and I might have to go for the experience ! Let me know ! Also the 5 year warranty I'd reassuring I suppose now whilst I was enjoying the aesthetical looks of watches I never really thought about the guts of them and how they were produced ! So already a really good eye opener for me, ! Mum going to look at some more videos on manufactures first
  3. Just checked it out looks like a lovely time piece, but I've just never warmed to Tissott and I don't know why ! I had one when I was 14 the wood watch lol I suppose that's why !! Definately on my list and in my basket !! But still keep going back to CW any opinions on them ??? What else is out there I prefer steel to leather but only and as long as it's decent auto preferred to Quartz although I do own a few !
  4. Yes that's what I meant I have baby brain been up all night with the little one !! So im getting the iconic brand and looks of the seiko ! I like the CW i suppose I'm going to have to try each on and see if I feel it. ! If you get me !! What others would you consider ? If you had upto £1000 to spend where would your money be spent ??
  5. Just been looking at the Christopher ward Gmt reasonable in price spec is great but looks a lot like the Rolex gmt is CW a wannabe like Armani watches or are they decent decent ??? I really don't know much about them but they look good, good size spec price and are a bit unknown unlike seiko Rolex etc ... Thoughts ??? as for Rolex Gmt not sure what justifys the ££ But I have always liked them and they do hold there money !
  6. I suppose I was thinking of a stop gap, but I guess if I get to see one in the flesh then I may change my mind. I know they are great value for money and like others state I do consider affordability, resale value which worries me with the seiko as I think you'll be lucky if you get 40% roi ! That in mind what else is there mid range that might be a bit different ? I like the look of Oris or perhaps Sinn watches that perhaps are a little more unusual or do I just go for it and hope to enjoy the seiko experience ? Your thoughts welcomed !! What about Christopher ward they look very nice but I've never held one on the wrist ??
  7. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but I do love my watches always have done, I have a small collection to include omega seamaster professional, Breitling Aerospace, Rolex SD , an Iwc and a few other less desirables that I have purchased over the years whilst other watches have been serviced and I wanted something different to wear. But to date I do not own a seiko, I have done throughout my life but lost them along the way but I'm trying to get my head around the fact why do people like them. although build quality is pretty good and I'm sure the auto mechanics are reliable, I struggle with the clumsy looking hands, whilst I see the grand seikos are considerably more expensive what justifys such a price jump ?? i was warming to the idea of getting a SNZF17K1 with the gold hands, I like the date and day mix on the watch. or do I wait save and get what my heart says a Rolex gmt Am I missing something with the new seikos is there an underground love for these watches ? I know at least they are real as there are so many fake Rolexs and others out there. If I'm adding to my collection what would be a good addition ?? Do I go for the seiko or will I be disappointed with the quality having had more expensive brands !! Thoughts and ideas welcomed !!
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