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  1. Worse than that... https://www.surfdome.com/Nixon-Time-Teller-Watch/sd5057745.htm?colour=Black&sku=431188&productid=126548&gclid=CjwKCAjwm7mEBhBsEiwA_of-TIM8Igx5GvwDPHIjLbf4BruNcz-MHtJgFXcobNhUX5k2nHPC3VQ-mRoC8s4QAvD_BwE I've now got £2.55 left for two watches wish here we come!
  2. £88.50 left for 3 watches... https://uk.mondaine.com/collections/sale/products/helvetica-light-38mm-minimalist-brown-leather-watch-mh1-l2110-lg
  3. Theres one... https://www.rado.com/en_gb/collections/diastar-original/original/R12408613 I'll easily get 10% off so I've got £208 to play with for the remaining 4 watches.
  4. Tried one on today, (18kt solid gold pushers on leather... WOW, just WOW. What a watch. Quality as your expect and the design / finish is stupidly good. When you push the pushers the almost click, well, they do click and the second hand just snaps back to zero in an instant. Lovely lovely thing https://www.tudorwatch.com/en/watches/black-bay-chrono/m79363n-0003
  5. Think I'd be looking at something from Bremont; Vintage VDB also peak my interest if you're after something a bit out there. £5k is probably above my comfortable spend on a single price though; I'd be getting 2 or 3 pieces for that.
  6. Credit where credit is due... emailed unimatic on Sunday, they have today confirmed despatch of a replacement.... no questions asked (will send the broken one back for investigation)
  7. Back on the black and O my God this watch is black!
  8. Weld to teh bracelet has just failed, luckily I was on grass so the watch is unharmed. Not what I'd hope or expect on a 200 quid bracket. Let's see what their customer services is like, back on the leather for the time being.
  9. My watches cost considerable less than my car. At RRP the watches would however purchase a decent little weekend drive. My other main interest is shot gunning (and eating / drinking). The gun was cheap enough but putting 150 carts through it (and associated clays) a couple of times a month adds up... at least i have something physical and lasting in my car & watches compared to the things i blast or digest.
  10. The Chronoris is very high on my want list...
  11. This seem much more wrist time since I put it on the (wildly expensive!) bracelet, it will go back on the gorgeous original black leather as it really makes it a stand out piece but on the bracelet it's just so much more a daily wear...
  12. I know it's a special watch but I could probably wear that as a daily.
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