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  1. Knife, torch, toothpick, keys (on the same bunch). Phone, wallet, e cig Mask, sanitizer.
  2. Like the crown / crown guard but that's about it
  3. This is finally getting closer and theres been some fantastic quality improvements... the guys at nardi have put some great content out and their passion is obvious; VERY excited to take delivery at some point in the not too distant future
  4. Unimatic ... now sold all the limited run but they have other variants
  5. I want for it... desert sand, they seem to be doing lots if things right so took a punt!
  6. Some Tennisers wear a watch and that would surely be worse... itll be grand I'm sure, ive played golf in a watch for years and never noticed anything untoward.
  7. Undone Basecamp... nice enough but the bi direction bezel is a real turn off, it will be in the classifieds soon!
  8. Owned tbe captain cooke ghost (for a few hours!), as stunning as it was it was just too small... missed out on a 42mm CC on tzuk yesterday, didnt check my mails quick enough
  9. Lpvemine too... so many variants and they all seem to just work. That's an awful lot of patina for a few days old to, what have you done to it!
  10. Armida, Helson or Scurfa if you like a diver.
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