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  1. All still in the safe apart from one... This has been on my wrist for almost two weeks and that's the way it's staying; all other watches are staying in the safe untill this ****-storm is over! I give you, the lockdown watch....
  2. I've had the same watch on for 7 days now (oris Aquis). I put my watches in the safe last week, I live in Stoke and have been working into NHS trusts in London, living out of a suitcase. I haven't even got my watches back out the safe and I got back Friday
  3. Haven't even logged in for a week, feel bad. Still got one on daily don't worry! Crazy times, hope you're all well.
  4. I would t say accidentally but certainly unintentionally... Had a bad day whilst working in Manchester Decided I needed a watch Went to Trafford centre Walked into Fraser Hart Walked out with...
  5. Poor quality steel imho, brought cheap and then bought a Bergeon (yep, buy cheap, pay twice)
  6. Ahhh... The good old hand stabbers! By funk these things hurt and go quite deep, I always sterilise the "stabber" before a change just in case!
  7. Up - haven't got covid19 Down - haven't got covid19
  8. Watched a vid on the rejuvenation of mont blanc watches hosted by their head (used to work for another respected watch brand but details escape me).... Some very impressive pieces but I have to say, I'm not feeling the one listed! Out of curiosity, have you owned any Bremonts yet @GASHEAD?
  9. Never finding the one watch that ticks every single box, keeps us coming back for more! And floating keepers that float too much!
  10. Awesome watches! Treat yourself to the bracelet if or when the opportunity, you won't regret it!
  11. Love the look of the Lorier range of watches! Not that easy to come across either of late!... Sure they will look good on anything (that fits!)
  12. Purchased the ghost, it's gorgeous but small and just wasn't special enough for the money so returned it (for an Oris 65). Sure I'd get in better with the larger size / other colours.
  13. Got some "plastic" on this... Really adds to the character of the watch but really couldn't explain why!
  14. Used it once in 5 years... Never been so happy to see someone drop their keys down a grid I've brought a lot of awesome **** over the years.... Can't help myself, love it
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