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  1. Available on SS mesh, canvas and rubber by the looks of it... I just like leather! I don't quite get that either... A compressor but yet around 500 quid cheaper!
  2. How come I haven't seen these before?!!!! Lovely, anyone tempted? https://www.fraserhart.co.uk/watches/longines-skin-diver-brown-leather-42mm-men-s-watch
  3. I just had to try... low and behold it works!
  4. Nice! Might try one but no idea for which of my current watches.... Might have to buy a watch to accommodate a strap that I don't yet own
  5. I like both too if that any help, seems like a good price too.... But not on that leather!!!!
  6. Waiting for the imminent delivery of a ventus Northstar so I'm wearing a ventus Mori as a substitute... (With misaligned bezel today)
  7. You're not alone, I just can't like them.
  8. The bloody snowflake brigade has arrived!
  9. Anything that's.... Pepsi Gold Jewelled >42mm Cluttered Over branded Multicoloured
  10. I have one person and it absolutely makes the watch!
  11. Looking at the amount of photos of these on Facebook (unsure if it's UK based owners or not), I must be pretty much the last person to receive my order and was probably one of the first to place an order ... I HATE WAITING!!!
  12. This ... Ann's I know there's some lume lovers out there amongst you so...
  13. Love a vintage styled watch and own a few, the BB Heritage diver and love it, it's amazing! This isn't necessary a homage, Oris have made the big crown pointer for 80 years... and it's also VERY nice imho. Want the 80th anniversary brass version too! This is possibly my favourite watch (maybe over my Tudor!), It's a lesser know D Hodge 2824F (with a couple of tweaks to my spec) .. more than a hint of 50 fathoms. The finish & polish are sublime, it has an acrylic crystal typical of the time, vintage lume and a movement typical of the period. Finally, a new Certina DSPH200M... What's not to like! I have a couple more of a vintage / heritage feel and there a few microbrands and a few Smith's watches that I peep at... Next big incoming will be either Oris 65 / longines legend / Rado captain Cooke.
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