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  1. No idea what style it's called but "oblongy" links similar to this.... That said, I much prefer a nice leather strap
  2. Can't pretend to like the strap (for once) but the watch is a stunner!
  3. After a few months out of the rotation it's firmly back in and I have no idea why it was out for a while....
  4. You buy one... I'll have it off you at a reduced rate when your conscience kicks in It is bloody nice isn't it!
  5. That's lovely, an awful lot to like (especially once the brass has settled down a bit). At £550 it's a lot of money but I still think it represents good value. This year I banned myself from buying any more (already had a citizen royal marine, Certina DS PH 200m and pre ordered a ventus Northstar*) or I'd be all over it! *Exceptional VFM
  6. Sticking with rusty brass for the day, further change tonight...
  7. I'll start one for a change. This 'till bed time, another as I wake...
  8. Extremely interesting & generous giveaway!!!! I'm pretty sure you're love to buy one of these (D Hodge 2824F).... Who wouldn't
  9. Slightly lumed yes, I only went to put my bags in the car this morning.... 30 seconds later and it's got a glow on! It is a good looking thing, thanks, one of my faves and it didn't cost the earth; in fact, I was off the forum for a very reasonable price. Soon as I saw it I wanted it!
  10. Great shout on the precista, think I'd be trying me one of these.... https://www.unimaticwatches.com/u2-c/ (Sorry for the lack of pictures, will try to remedy when I can be arsed ) This didn't quite come in on the budget (swap $ for £ and we're pretty much there!) but well worth every penny in finish, quality, spec & looks IMHO....
  11. When I come to wear them which could be days, weeks or months (most are auto, only got two propper springers)
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