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  1. That looks a lovely timepiece... There's some excellent design & value to be had in microbrands & kickstarters…. thanks for sharing (first dibs if you decide to shift it on please )
  2. Happy to buy new or used... Generally confident buying used off here, a bit more weary off eBay. Had some great watches at great prices! Off the top of my head, used I've had (and probably more!)... Oris Aquis date Bulova UHF quarts Scurfa diver one Seiko 007 (the only iffy one I've purchased, crown a bit suspect) Armida A1 brass Armida A12 Citizen royal marine On those alone, I rekon ive saved around £1.5k off new price so gotta be worth it.
  3. Possibly the favourite watch of my "collection", just feels special whenever worn. Need to treat it to a brown leather strap...
  4. Haven't got any specific deals but should be plenty on the high street... anything Oris maybe?
  5. That's quite well put together to be fair... And more than an ounce of truth in it too
  6. Would the responses be different if the OP had found £15k of used fifty's in the street I wonder?
  7. I'll add a couple of Oris (or ori), huge fan of the brand and I'd love to add both a 65 and a Chronoris to my collection. Big crowd pointer... Aquis date...
  8. I'll bump this to see if there's been any more stupidity in the past few months.... It's still running btw
  9. Definitely needs to be handed in... I've found several wallets and car keys and always done the right thing. Suprisingly, only once has someone take the time to thank me (no reward) but if it was your watch (wallet / phone / keys / sentimental ) that had been lost, would you want the chance to get it back?
  10. I really don't get on with G Shocks and that is further proof why that is the case!
  11. N is also for nautical... This just feels nautical!
  12. Northstar (by Ventus), really is a good looking watch IMHO...
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