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  1. I've got an Armida & ventus Mori brass / bronze.love them both weather they're on trend or not Was sooooooo close to getting the big crown pointer 80th anniversary (bronze),bits absolutely stubby!... but went for the steel. Just seems to be a bit more versatile.
  2. Can't believe this didn't shift at the reduced price!.... Every cloud though!
  3. Same as yesterday, so here's the back of it....
  4. Best thing about it.... Really easy to tell the time!
  5. Most of my watches stop ticking after a while... Need to shake them to get them running, they all must be goosed! Send me your address.
  6. A month to the day since last worn (or untill it stopped ticking!)....
  7. I enquired about a bb58 from a jewelers in Wilmslow (purchased a standard BB a week later).... Earlier this year they called and advised that they had stock, would I like to go and try it on (I declined, and glad I did!)
  8. I got stressed the other Friday...
  9. This watch with this shirt for the remainder of the day; what's not to like!
  10. Let's not be hasty ... I didn't say I wouldn't but any more! But if I didn't, I'd be contacted.
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