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  1. Cleanest watch I own... soooo black its untrue (like pure light absorbing black!) but it sings with a bit of light too
  2. I really wanted to love the Longies Legend heritage Diver but when I tried it on I was a little underwhelmed and I dint know why because I think it looks stunning in the pictures... maybe it's a grower?
  3. First ever Hammy and it's a lovely little thing, hand winder...
  4. And FFS; please don't ask for... "lume shot" "how many +/- seconds it is a day" …. And yes, it wears a little smaller than you'd expect
  5. Cheap as chips off Amazon, 10 mins to put up and makes quite a feature, quite pleased...
  6. I have owned and do own an Armida or two, exceptional value new and a steal used!
  7. Had this off Roy a couple of years ago and put in on a cutom Steveo starp, I love it more each time i wear it as it patinas and the strap freys a little more... what a watch!!! Will have a change tonight for something a little more refined, restaurant trip this evening.
  8. Very kind but I'll keep the Certina ta
  9. Think you had this off me Pete... maybe should have been a keeper seeing it again. Me today...
  10. Saw that up for sale, gelreat price and its come up a treat!
  11. Think once the 100 are made they are going into production... small numbers through their site or a chosen few outlets (a few differences to the watch than the funding campaign watch). Their atte tion to detail and quality has really impressed me, it seems every inch a £1k watch and the uniqueness is just brilliant!
  12. Apart from the Monaco, I dont think they make a watch that I like.
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