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  1. Some lovely watches there... particularly like the Rado
  2. Good calls so far! I'd consider... Yema Superman Sinn 104 (over budget) Rado original auto Timor Stowa Fliegher Any Helson, any gruppo gamma.
  3. New watches only, where's it going? Bit of a strange price point isnt it... plenty of offerings sub £500 then plenty more at £1500 plus.
  4. Possibly the nicest box that i have... such a high gloss finish that its impossible to photograph the exterior, it's a lovely thing!
  5. Sometimes... if I change my clothes I change my watch. When I first joined here I thought "f#cking wierdos" and now it seems just normal
  6. I once had a citizen royal marine... eco drive. I assumed eco drive was an auto, (it's coming back to me, thansk to a certain forum member ) I was gutted when it wouldnt wind or respond to movement , a quick google search pointed me in the right direction, what a moron I am! Once running it never missed a beat and all it did was live in the top of a glass finished watch box, hardly needed any light!
  7. I see there's a lot of love for Hamilton on here, its a beauty! Looks great on the bracelet and I love them on brown leather too!
  8. The prettiest watch i own Rear end isnt bad either!
  9. There's many things to love about watches, the chase, the research, the haggle, admiring them, the movement, the aesthetics, strap & bracelets, clasps (i love a hood clasp!) and not least of all, wearing the thing! Sounds daft but how much of the enjoyment or theatre is from the box? Its certainly part of the buzz of a new acquisition! As the forum may know, i have a few Oris and the boxes are nice enough but card based things, a rado and again the box is again nice but average, a lovely black high gloss Tudor box (not what I'd hope for on a £2.5k watch), a decent pelicase from C
  10. Probably the rolex on looks (I dont really like most Rolex, especially the Subs). Different watch types but I'd plumb for the Railmaster over that semester. If I had that money to lavish on a watch, I'd go for a bremont s501 and then a Sinn or another rado if the budget stretches.
  11. They do get good reviews to be fair and the subscribers seem generally very pleased. Not for me though, as much as I like surprises, I'm quite picky in what I do and dont like in a watch.
  12. Try ventus watches, loved mine! Roy has one one up FS in the classifieds
  13. Loving this on tbe bracelet... such a stand out watch and even moreso on the high gloss back leather.
  14. A rather interesting / detailed video about the design and getting it to the point t of manufacturer... these guys are soooooo passionate! https://www.facebook.com/groups/nardibackers/permalink/1681229268721678/
  15. Lots been delivered so it seems (not money!) ... looks delightful and getting g rave reviews, glad I jumped on this one
  16. I'm not talking stupid money brands like £10, 20,50,100k, but brands that are just about in grail reach for the average / comfy guy, sub £5k (I max out around 2!). Brands such as Bell and ross, Graham, Vulcain, Baume & Mercer, Bremont (to an extent), Cyrus, Anonimo, BRM, Raymond Weil... Is there no love for these (mostly not my cup if tea apart from months blanc & bremont)?
  17. Variety is the spice of life eh! My "collection" is pretty much vintage style divers bar a few exceptions, not everyone's tastes! (I'll leave it here for critique)
  18. Not so much brands but certain styles of watch for me, example include... The big cluttered breitlings Rolex subs All G shocks (and all digi except the vintage LEDs) Skeleton watches Most chronos (especially cluttered dials) Anything with a cyclops Anything jewel encrusted Too much colour Gold watches
  19. They wouldnt budge below 10% so right now it's a no (probably worth it still considering the in house movement, what looks to be a decent finish and a rather lovely bracelet but I'll wait for used or further reducctions). For me, the brown is more interesting but would it be as future proof as the black?
  20. As mentioned olim only 42 and in apparent good health but I have a will and the watches are in it. My kids & brothers can divvy them up, I'd like to think that they would keep and wear one each but if they chose to sell some ir all then it's no buggy (as I'll be part if the nitrate cycle). Me and my daughter (10yo) had an ace day out and she talked me into my rado captain cooke and she loves it, she'll have that. Anyone getting buried in one? (If the undertaker doesnt thieve it!)
  21. As per the title really! Any plans? I'm only 42 and not that morbid, but you never know what's around the corner
  22. Awesome arent they, got the brown on leather. Managed to get mine down from £1800ish to just under 1500 which I was very pleased with. The black looks stunning on the beads of rice!
  23. Thanks... one of my faves and a keeper for life! Here's a couple more, this Stevo trap is just oerfetc for it!
  24. And for a wet walk in the rain this afternoon...
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