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  1. If you're having this moral dilemma, you obviously appreciate the watch(es) and appreciate the value of money, I'd therefore say you're not a snob! Buy whatever makes you happy within your means. My most expensive watch cost me circa £300, that's expensive to me for a watch, a snip for others and extravagant so some.
  2. Something with a silicone strap to combat the suntan lotion & sand?
  3. Great focus on my coat, not so much on the watch!....
  4. That's lovely! Just some cheap junk for me today. it serves a purpose, ideal for working around the house etc... doesn't matter if it gets knocked about, not too displeasing on the eye and easy to view. Will select another for the evening. There are some very nice Vostok Europe watches, this is one!
  5. One of those sh1tty wrenches off eBay for removing screw backs (it works but only on smaller cases) and a butter knife. All ll I do is change batteries so it's all I need!
  6. Good call but distinct lack of brownness (I'm not pissing about changing straps), keep em coming! Bit too dressy for me, the strap is a bit "old man" if you know what I mean.. say s the 37 year old!
  7. Looking for a few pointers from you learned folk; I do know I don't want your general high street / fashion brands, but I'm not really sure what's out there.. im on the verge of purchasing this as a rough idea of what I like... I like something a little different, I don't like huge watches, simple but with a twist, must be brown leather for a start (or maybe canvas), good for daily use, half smart I.e to wear for work / social but no where near a dress watch, I like the almost old military / outdoors look. Only other things I've seen I like are the slow watch, some victorinox ones, mondaine (?), wenger black knight, Vostok Ekranoplan Classic (a bit too much going on)..... I absolutely love the Vostok mod I've seen on here with the plain bezel and orange face. any suitable suggestions (pics would be lovely) would be great! sorry for the poor terminology es, I'm no expert!
  8. I don't think they're particularly bonkers, a little off the wall but not nuts. search for the Nixon "dork", that is a little bonkers... It talks for a start!
  9. One up on eBay, looks great. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BEAUTIFUL-VOSTOK-AMPHIBIAN-31-JEWELS-AUTOMATIC-WATCH-ON-QUALITY-HEAVY-SHARKMESH-/262307528352?hash=item3d12bf3ea0:g:3gAAAOSwPc9Wz6eM what would be a fair offer and us this a watch that I should consider for regular use?... Reliable? Robust?
  10. found this in eBay for £70, typically £130-150 elsewhere. Sorely tempted! Simple, understated, a little different but very very nice looking!
  11. The outer bb, does it travel all the way around the watch? Which is the minutes "hand", the outer I'd guess? how is it on batteries?
  12. Regardless of the ability of your eyesight, this thing is simply stunning and a great piece of design... Would you agree that it's extremel pleasing on the eye?
  13. They are certaily out of my price range and whilst I appreciate the engineering & craftsmanship, the style does little for me. id still suggest that single handed watches are quite unique though, it's not something you can really pick up from most high street outlets and it's not something that you see people wearing generally.
  14. Rotolog was my first Nixon ehich gave me the bug. i sadly missed out on a dork a few years back for a pittance band you can't get them now will definatley buy more, they're pretty solid and very pleasing on the eye, quite fancy a private with brown leather or the latest quatro.
  15. Anyone had any experience with these things? https://www.slow-watches.com/?gclid=COTMg-ajmMsCFUa4GwodheEGug definately my next watch itch... Or another Nixon! aesthetically I think they're stunning and also quite unique.
  16. The styling is quite different but ag the moment the third is my favorite to wear... The middle is on its third strap so gets saved for infrequent use. I do like quite a lot of the Nixon range especially the older ones. As im sure you lot appreciate, amateur photos taken on a phone rarely do a watch justice"
  17. Here are my three Nixon watches, love wearing them!
  18. My goodness, that's stunning! please enlighten me as to what it is?
  19. What are your thoughts on these (low end compared to some of the gear on display). Personally I love them and to date I own... private (ss) rotolog (black leather) murf (black) will post photos later.
  20. I have slight wrists but I like my watches to be able to move. I.e. I wear a shirt / coat / jumper I want to be able to "flick" it down to my wrist bone to view and then be able to "wriggle" it back into seating position when I don't want to view it.
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