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  1. Most of my drivers sit on leater (or nylon). The only exception being my oris Aquis. I have a unimatic that has bothe leather and SS. So, my divers on leather include... Rado captain cooke Oris 65 (nylon) Unimatic Certina DSPH200M Armida A1 brass (canvas) Tudor BB D Hodge 2824f (diver style rather than diver propper) And for anyone in doubt that divers on leather dont work, check this out (I've ordered thw bracelet too btw) https://www.flickr.com/photos/159342379@N03/49474324011/
  2. Love the case back! As others have said, the strap is a biggy. Its not just the replacement (wear n tear), watch folk like to mix straps during the ownership of a watch.
  3. Worn for tbe last couple of days, it's quite something. Just about to pull the trigger again so though I'd bump this up! https://www.unimaticwatches.com/
  4. I dont like the yellow to the fial but apart from that it's a very good looking watch... I'd want auto though. As a brand, I'm pretty impressed with Yema. Good quality, ood value (haggle ir use the pop up discount code for 10% and free watch roll), nice little unique touches and a watch delivered to my door from France in under 48 hours!
  5. I did similar with this, as soon as lockdown was announced untill measures began to ease... that will be 23rd march to 10th may.
  6. This and by some distance... it's just stunning in tbe flesh and theres absolutely no way it could be captured or appreciated through a lens...
  7. The hands are gorgeous (I didnt like them at first but the more I look, the more I like!), nice to see something different than just a standard off the shelf set (even if you dong like them, refreshing to see?). That crown is also sweet in my humble... like a part out if a gearbox Only a couple of months before I FINALLY get my hands on it! Edit - I added the bracelet, 50 quid and it looks pretty nice! I'm quite sure it will live on leather but for that money it's worth a try and makes it more versatile
  8. Alpina, tissot, hamilton, certina, used Sinn...
  9. Love oris as a brand and own three; a honest, non pretentious brand offering excellent VFM and unique styling but yes, prices are rising! My Aquis date I think is a 2016 watch, rrp was circa £1500, the latest Aquis with the 80hr reserve is over £2k (doesn't look as nice either!)
  10. Good for introducing new brands / models. Only had a flick but saw an inaccuracy, referred to the certina as having sapphire case back, it doenst
  11. I've got a few oris, a rado, a tudor, this new yema and I've been dying to see what's inside them! All relatively modern watches and I have a caseback tool. If it's just an on and off in a clean environment, theres no chance of effecting the wr right?
  12. I want to get the backs off some of mine now... what could possibly go wrong!
  13. Had it on for a day so thought I'd share my thoughts... In house movement for 400 quid, cant be bad! Is it accurate, no idea! There's no second hand (disc), I dont need accurate for this type of watch. It boasts 42 hr reserve and +/-10 secs / day Legibility... poor, I'll look at my phone if I want to know the time (it can be read but not at a glance). It's heavy, it's all case, reassuringly heavy and wears nice. Lovely logo'd drown, small, tricky to pull. Brushed to the main face but lots of other facets and big sides which are all highly polished, a fingerprint magnet! Caseback is screw down, embossed (probably etched) and lines up perfectly!!! 100m WR which is good to know. Sapphire crystal housing a stunning brown iridescent face that looks stunningly different every time you look at it! Very very nice indeed, so glad I got the brown. Bracelet looks lovely, rolled, a bit noisy, a bit pinchy on the hairs but they've gone now. It's the perfect look for the watch and is indeed nice enough. Easily adjustable and fees secure, etched logo to buckle. Subltle (barely noticable) printed text to the dial and the yema logo etched to the case, nice touch. Do I love it, God yes! Will it get worn enough? Hope so but its certainly stand out watch! Packaging, despatch, comms, overall feel and finish are spot on. I think Yema have pulled off something pretty special here and for not a lot of money.
  14. Strongly agree regarding tbe date wheel, JUST WHY?!?!?! I've had quite a few mictobrands that have colour matched the date wheel so why cant the big boys will all their purchasing power or in house manufacturing, especially at this kind of price point and above. Really narks me! Strongly disagree on the pushers ... one of the features that make this watch so bloody gorgeous!
  15. That's lovely and the mesh complements it perfectly
  16. Wow... ordered Sunday night at 10pm, it was delivered 10am today (Tuesday) from France, that's impressive! Will post pics and a bit of a (non expert) review but so far the watch is delish; the free watch roll is lovely, the (faux?) Leather case is nice enough with the colours of surrender on the zipper pull, the two year warranty is written on a leather card (nice touch) and the watch is a heavy lump of reatro beautifulness. No import fee email from DHL yet either Happy bunny so far!
  17. I'll post my thought of course... dont forget theres gonna be import duty on that £384
  18. Just ordered the brown... couldn't get any more than 10% discount but a nice looking watch roll as well as the case. £384 at the current exchange rate but I fully expect to pay import duty on top of that too Rather excited to have something entirely different in my collection On another note... I'm the winning (drunken) bidder on a Yema LED on ebay too
  19. No pricing but I think they're £10k range
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