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  1. Certainly not your run of the mill watch and i have to say i love them... bloody big lumps though! If ever i have an abundance of cash, i'm getting me one made up to my preferences. Buch der Legenden / Vintage VDB (vintage-vdb.com)
  2. I buy what I like with a view to it spending time on tbe wrist. When buying, new or used I generally try to haggle where possible so that in tbe event I do flip it, I'm not taking a huge hit. Pretty much every watch I've move on I've taken a hit on, that's nit why I buy them I buy what I like with a view to it spending time on tbe wrist. When buying, new or used I generally try to haggle where possible so that in tbe event I do flip it, I'm not taking a huge hit. Pretty much every watch I've move on I've taken a hit on, that's nit why I buy them
  3. I purchased the 37mm ghost (grey) originally... it was stunning, soooooo pretty but at 37mm its was too small so I exchanged it imediatley for an Oris 65 but continued to admire the CC. A year later I saw the larger brown version and tried it on, it was a bit if a wow moment and I purchased there and then. Things I love about it... The leather The deployant (as nice as anything I've seen) The sheen to the dial That hour hand The moving red anchor How it sits in the wrist The unique vintage look The overall finish and feel is sublime The smooth action of the bezel The huge discount I haggled .... Safe to say I love it!
  4. Which one? Love them all but I think the 65 pips it for me
  5. Just realised... I've got form, a serial offender! Had this off the forum, sold it on the forum then reacquired it back off the forum some time later ( I remember who and thank you again).
  6. An incoming earlier this week saw me go above my threshold of 12 and into the lower level of the watch box which I didnt really plan on doing Row two only ever housed my dads watch (the gold one) and a 1960s plastic that I cant give up but rarely gets worn. there two dont count amongst my rule of 12! I dont like having an un-full row so luckily I've got two kickstarter coming in the next few months to balance it up. Cant help looking at a special watche, a biggy ... a Bremont (maybe S501 or Broadarrow), a breitlinag superocean heritage (one of the limited editions) and the more I look at it, the more i love the Rolex explorer oyster perpetual Flipped a lot if watches this year and last, there has been more out than in but the number has now crept up. So this is me... for the time being! And yes, I love a vintage styled watch
  7. Its definitely a big slab of a watch but with no lugs to speak of I'm guessing it will wear quite nicely. I just love the 1-12 bezel and in black, rather striking though I would add my own unique strap myself. I've done about half a dozen kickstarter and cant say I have any concerns from a security point of view; if you have and feel tempted, consider the use of credit card maybe?
  8. This is getting a lot of very positive comments from the watch community and online reviewers... nit got nine yet (issue with the desert sand dial) but I'm rather glad I got on, also ordered the bracelet for under 60 quid which looks great too!
  9. That's gorgeous.... if the one in the classifieds came with a bracelet* I'd jump on it! *one of those swatches that would look the business on almost anything though!
  10. gorgeous! nearly pulled the trigger on one of these a few times but 44mm is a push for me (short lugs though!); currently a sea serpent II with 35% off on their site
  11. I don't own a Rolly... can i still watch? Edit - I watched! Quite alarming that reputable uk dealers are shifting obviously fake boxes, would certainty take the shine of what should be a memorable purchase and experience.
  12. Keep it is my opinion... I have a BCP and it doesnt get must wrist time but when I does I realise it's a truly beautiful watch, soo understated and pretty, feels gorgeous on the wrist and cant stop looking at it!
  13. Quite like that, very much so in certain configurations Grandval Atlantique Watches by Grandval — Kickstarter
  14. Some beauties today, I'm particularly liking the H2O, stowa, the omega Chrono and the bullhead (what is it @mach 0.0013137 ?) Certina for me today with red accents added to the cow part
  15. Done that too... Once you find tbe level of finish / quality that you like, it's not easy to own anything lesser, there are if course exception to this but as a general rule I find this to be true.
  16. Yep, it's the mono, my one and only mono... really works for this watch.
  17. Sold a watch, this watch on the forum 12 months ago and almost instantly regretted it. Contacted the buyer recently to see if they fancied selling it back and very kindly they agreed to let me have it back at the same very fair price I released it. What a guy, wont name them but thanks! Anyone else been so stupid? Maybe the ultimate outdoors beater?... light, strong, sapphire, titanium, great lume, screw down crown, endless power, legible, kevlar strap, pretty too! And I love the metal buckle holes and keeper.
  18. Someone told me to get off the forum whilst I still can... about 5 years and the best part of £10k later I'm still here
  19. A other shout for tbe big crown pointer... love mine to bits! Or maybe this.... https://www.rado.com/en_gb/collections/diastar-original/original/R12408623
  20. Some lovely watches there... particularly like the Rado
  21. Good calls so far! I'd consider... Yema Superman Sinn 104 (over budget) Rado original auto Timor Stowa Fliegher Any Helson, any gruppo gamma.
  22. New watches only, where's it going? Bit of a strange price point isnt it... plenty of offerings sub £500 then plenty more at £1500 plus.
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