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  1. Keep it is my opinion... I have a BCP and it doesnt get must wrist time but when I does I realise it's a truly beautiful watch, soo understated and pretty, feels gorgeous on the wrist and cant stop looking at it!
  2. Quite like that, very much so in certain configurations Grandval Atlantique Watches by Grandval — Kickstarter
  3. Some beauties today, I'm particularly liking the H2O, stowa, the omega Chrono and the bullhead (what is it @mach 0.0013137 ?) Certina for me today with red accents added to the cow part
  4. Done that too... Once you find tbe level of finish / quality that you like, it's not easy to own anything lesser, there are if course exception to this but as a general rule I find this to be true.
  5. Yep, it's the mono, my one and only mono... really works for this watch.
  6. Sold a watch, this watch on the forum 12 months ago and almost instantly regretted it. Contacted the buyer recently to see if they fancied selling it back and very kindly they agreed to let me have it back at the same very fair price I released it. What a guy, wont name them but thanks! Anyone else been so stupid? Maybe the ultimate outdoors beater?... light, strong, sapphire, titanium, great lume, screw down crown, endless power, legible, kevlar strap, pretty too! And I love the metal buckle holes and keeper.
  7. Someone told me to get off the forum whilst I still can... about 5 years and the best part of £10k later I'm still here
  8. A other shout for tbe big crown pointer... love mine to bits! Or maybe this.... https://www.rado.com/en_gb/collections/diastar-original/original/R12408623
  9. Some lovely watches there... particularly like the Rado
  10. Good calls so far! I'd consider... Yema Superman Sinn 104 (over budget) Rado original auto Timor Stowa Fliegher Any Helson, any gruppo gamma.
  11. New watches only, where's it going? Bit of a strange price point isnt it... plenty of offerings sub £500 then plenty more at £1500 plus.
  12. Possibly the nicest box that i have... such a high gloss finish that its impossible to photograph the exterior, it's a lovely thing!
  13. Sometimes... if I change my clothes I change my watch. When I first joined here I thought "f#cking wierdos" and now it seems just normal
  14. I once had a citizen royal marine... eco drive. I assumed eco drive was an auto, (it's coming back to me, thansk to a certain forum member ) I was gutted when it wouldnt wind or respond to movement , a quick google search pointed me in the right direction, what a moron I am! Once running it never missed a beat and all it did was live in the top of a glass finished watch box, hardly needed any light!
  15. I see there's a lot of love for Hamilton on here, its a beauty! Looks great on the bracelet and I love them on brown leather too!
  16. The prettiest watch i own Rear end isnt bad either!
  17. There's many things to love about watches, the chase, the research, the haggle, admiring them, the movement, the aesthetics, strap & bracelets, clasps (i love a hood clasp!) and not least of all, wearing the thing! Sounds daft but how much of the enjoyment or theatre is from the box? Its certainly part of the buzz of a new acquisition! As the forum may know, i have a few Oris and the boxes are nice enough but card based things, a rado and again the box is again nice but average, a lovely black high gloss Tudor box (not what I'd hope for on a £2.5k watch), a decent pelicase from Certina, a brutally functional and hight quality Unimatic pelicase , a lovely but small wooden box from Hamilton, a pleasant enough Armida dive tube., nice enough watch rolls on some micros.. but all lack the theatre of some of the boxes seen. I'll dig a few of the more palatable ones out when time allows but lets see your boxes with a bit of "WOW factor"!
  18. Probably the rolex on looks (I dont really like most Rolex, especially the Subs). Different watch types but I'd plumb for the Railmaster over that semester. If I had that money to lavish on a watch, I'd go for a bremont s501 and then a Sinn or another rado if the budget stretches.
  19. They do get good reviews to be fair and the subscribers seem generally very pleased. Not for me though, as much as I like surprises, I'm quite picky in what I do and dont like in a watch.
  20. Try ventus watches, loved mine! Roy has one one up FS in the classifieds
  21. Loving this on tbe bracelet... such a stand out watch and even moreso on the high gloss back leather.
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