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  1. This is where I'd be throwing my hundred and something quid... http://meranom.com/komandirskie/komandirskie-k-34-automatic/vostok-watch-komandirskie-k-34-2426-350007.html once they have stock!
  2. Found these on eBay, looking at the pics and from your experience is the quality as the price may suggest or is it worth a punt for the money involved (keeping in mind the watch only cost about £50, but I do wear it quite regularly)... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAINLESS-STEEL-Watch-Strap-Shark-Mesh-Chainmail-Mens-Band-Bracelet-18-20-22mm-/271773326349?var=&hash=item3f46f3dc0d:m:mn0eGblADFJO9r5KxVgFh9g http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Men-Silver-Watch-Strap-Band-Shark-Mesh-Stainless-Steel-Band-Bracelet-18-20-22mm-/331578882695?var=&hash=item4d33a43a87:m:mlMkmXR8f3340KcBwFYKyLQ
  3. Thank feck you didn't lend him your watch!
  4. Looks like the solid strap demands a substantial wrist. i need to quit this forum as I'm liking a lot of watches that I see... Ive had the same problem with knives, torches, PMs and cigars amongst other things!
  5. Should have offered my opinion really i like to think im quite generous, if someone needed to lend a kidney, a few hundred quid, my motor, clothes then yeah, no problems. there are a few items I could not loan out that just feel personal... my mtb and watches being an example. I break sweat when loaning my tools to my brothers, I'm sure I didn't sleep when my brother loaned my bahco socket set, first thing I did was check all the bits were present and orderly when he dropped it off! in summary, I don't think I could lend a liked watch to anyone.
  6. Cannot edit. I appreciate this forum hosts dealers / watchmakers so I'm referring to your own personal watches.
  7. Scenario, a friend / colleague / family member (I.e. Someone you generally like or trust) has asked if they can borrow one of your watches for a couple of days or a week or two. Regardless of value, would you or wouldn't you?
  8. That is very nice and certaily unique, not sure it would suit my feeble little wrists! how old is it out of curiosity?
  9. Not my photo (it's an art taking a decent photo of a watch!) but this is my current favourite watch that I own, just love the simplicity & robust feel, seems to be that little bit different from what I see most other ppl wearing too. It is a little more matte than the photo / lighting suggests.
  10. My obvious lack of knowledge is apparent... But my god it's a good looking thing!
  11. probably the most severe in house test would be a pressure cooker!... About 15 psi with water boiling around 120 degrees C
  12. Get this instead then http://www.heinnie.com/scuderia-touring-chrono pretty much my perfect watch...
  13. Are watch batteries Lithium Ion? If so this must be near the extremes of their temp range... If it's dud after the freezer test then a new battery may be required before writing it off.
  14. I know nothing of the older bulovas and about the same of the new ones Just before Xmas I nearly purchased a new precisionist Kevlar, under £150 from h Samuel with an alleged RRP of £299. lovely looking thing it was, kind of gutted I never took the plunge.
  15. I think it deserves to be worn! dont want to offend but it's not that pleasin on the eye is it!... But it has earned some wrist time!
  16. To go onto this. https://www.fossil.com/uk/en/watches/mens-watches/sport/decker-chronograph-black-silicone-watch-sku-ch2573p.html?cid=pds:conv:google:54739000:1916678560:gender:fossil%20ch2573&gclid=CJSP-bP26ssCFSco0wod_JoDaQ im also looking for a thick, brown leather (possibly distresses) NATO to go onto this (when it lands), again 22mm. Would like to get them from same seller to avoid P&P costs. any specific suggestions or good outlets would be appreciated.
  17. Definitely worth a look, I don't consider them to be skater watches but the design team have a boarder / bmx / surf / skater outlook or demographic. here' my three... Love the private SS at the minute. http://www.nixon.com/uk/en/mens-watches?gclid=CMXP6Kit6csCFU4o0woduCUMew csnt edit post, here's the current range (which changes very regularly!).
  18. Certainly not high end but I love Nixon watches, not something you really see on the high street. The looks and style are great and from my limited knowledge, the build quality (and if needed customer support) seems very good.
  19. There's a belter on here (can't export the image).
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