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  1. Always been a pleasure to deal with members when buying watches on here, and hopefully the same back!
  2. Mitch Mason chronicle, it really is a nice timepiece IMHO....
  3. I have a black Bay, still want a bremont!
  4. I have the brass A1, stunning watch, near perfect IMHO.
  5. Back on steel and back in rotation..
  6. Yema were fantastic with me... Great comms, good price and delivered from France in 2 days!
  7. £500 quid is certainly a lot of money to me also! The creator has re-appeared and stated that the watch will be finished.
  8. Under £175 delivered, seems decent to me (would prefer red LED tbh) https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/bulova-watches-for-men/products/bulova-watch-computron-led-96c139
  9. Mass produced but this Yema is a bit unique... This D Hodge 2824F a bit unusual, I chose the vintage lume, the hands and the text to the dial. This unimatic is one of 500 soo hardly hens teeth but I'm unlikely to bump into another... Nothing unusual about a Rado Diastar but this one is from 1978 (my birth year) so again, not likely to come across another from this year very easily... A fantastic plastic circa late 60's The patina and hand made strap make this Armida a bit of a odd ball...
  10. Don't be so silly! I won't be going in the sea (the aquis and admixa are my pool watches through!)
  11. A week in Woolacombe and I settled on these 4 to join me....
  12. I thing it look massive to be honest! I too have girly wrists and a few larger watches but they seem to set well... This is my Oris Aquis DAte, worn yesterday with short sleeves, its 42mm and a bit of a lump (short lugs admitteldy), i also have a Tutor black bay heritag that is supposedly "slab sided" but doesn't wear big either (IMHO). I think you need to get the bracelet sized before you can form an opinion.
  13. It's not your problem Roy, kickstarter is a gamble... if it comes good I have a unique watch that "brands" would be asking four figures for. Win some, lose some... I've had great kickstarter watches!
  14. Have to say a big thank you to @scottswatches for this one... If anyine fancies something bit vintage/ special / out there, you won't be disappointed, a joy to deal with.
  15. It's not a loss just yet... And redundancy was the best thing that ever happen to me, good luck!!!!
  16. Yep... me too sadly. Emailed them a few days ago, not a sausage. Something is amiss
  17. Worryingly, no contact and no Facebook group posts
  18. Variety is teh spice of life! I'm yet to get my hands on it but have admired the diastar for some time, a new one is circa 800 quid but this is from my birth year (1978) and a fraction of the price, I couldn't turn it down!
  19. Got one Yema, it's a bit out there but was impressed with the overall service and the watch itself....
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