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  1. Love my Oris 65 and could gladly own another variant...
  2. A tempter.... https://www.ablogtowatch.com/yema-brings-the-wristmaster-series-to-the-21st-century/
  3. Baltic seem to to a lot of good things, I like that, especially in tbe beads of rice.
  4. The omega all day... the Alpina is too busy for my tastes.
  5. I have a BCP and a 65, love them both... and an aquis which is equally impressive! lots lo like about the brand... Chronoris would be a delight to own
  6. Tudor Royal is worth exploring, good VFM and lots of varients.
  7. I'm not going into specifics, just asking the question. The same could be asked of Oris. Both now featuring heavily on tne High Street and for me, both offer excellent VFM over more recognised or "High ro middle end" brands... Thoughts welcome
  8. Love tbe case shape, crystal, hands (especially the second hand) but would have loved to see a more sterile dial / less numerals/ markers. Pretty thing nevertheless
  9. Certina DSPH200m, quite a lot of watch for the money and quite pleasing on the eye IMHO...
  10. Mine sees a lot of wrist time, it does almost everything and is built like a tank! Only negative is its a propper sport watch/ beater, not dressy in the slightest! I'm no where near a rolex fan, quite th e opposite is true for many if their offerings but this could be the ultimate "do everything" watch?... https://www.rolex.com/watches/explorer/m124273-0001.html
  11. I like that! Ive a lot of time for oris as a brand and in particular the Aquis, mine sees a lot of wrist!
  12. Worn yesterday fir tbe first tine in ages, and again today... bloody lovely!
  13. Had one, a 007 (jap), it was "ok". Never seen what all the fuss is about tbh. Love what grand seiko do but I'd always be thinking "is it special enough" for the money?
  14. Yet to try one on (nor a datejust for fear of buying one!) BUT every tudor I've ever tried on feels like a very special watch to me, I think they get soooo many things right, fit and finish are sublime!
  15. Been looking g a lot at the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G lately, it's an awfully good looking watch and possibly a future tudor classic. However, the Tudor Royal range keeps popping up and I can't stop seeing / looking at it, it's bloody gorgeous , well priced and with 52 variety there's probably something to suit most tastes. https://www.tudorwatch.com/en/watches/tudor-royal It may even scratch my itch for a datejust!
  16. Kitchen isn't worthy of mention so here's the office clock, coloursed the heads/ digits myself...subtle eh! I do like the Mondaine wall clocks.
  17. I feel your pain bud Are you on both facebook groups? ( backer and confltingency)
  18. Are you UK based and what credit card company are you with? Seems there's some powple on tbw group that have had success with a refund. I'll keep you posted. Someone needs to find and approach Mark in person. I found him on LinkedIn but that has now gone (wish I screenshoted it as it had his employer on)
  19. Just wondering how many backers there are on here and what your mindset / course of action is? I've given up on the watch. I dont think it started as a scam but they have definitely now ran and hid as far as I'm concerned. I've just began the process of trying to get my money back via barclaycard.
  20. Always been a pleasure to deal with members when buying watches on here, and hopefully the same back!
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