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  1. Spyderco bug and klarus mi 6x on my keys all the time, both surprisingly usefull / essential!
  2. Would not touch with barge-pole!... looks like a £20 heap of junk and it's horrid anyway.
  3. I might be lucky but none of my watches appear to lose or gain much time... Not noticeably anyway. I wear / rotate all my watches regularly any use my motor & radio as a constant and they don't drift (again, I know v little of watches but they're all auartz, not digital or "winders" ... Excusing my terminology).
  4. I'm obviously new on here and not by any stretch knowledgable about watches but it surprises me the mephasis placed on knowing accuracy of time to miniscule margins. i have many ways of telling the time; my car, PC, iPad, phone, microwave, alarm cloc... Oh, and my watch(es). I set all bar my phone to read 5 mins fast, it's just the way I like it! It's my 5 minute contingency so that I always arrive early for anything! i guess all yours are accurate to +/- a couple of secs? Is this a biggy for watch oficianados? And if so what do you set them by?
  5. Love them myself, started a thread on the slow watches but I don't think there's much love for them generally on here.
  6. You can't beat a good quality torch (a guilty pleasure of mine!). I have... led lenser police focus klarus mi x6 (maybe my fave!) (85 lm) big maglight d cell (battering ram) fenix e15 (450 lm & tiny!) Nitecore ea4 pioneer (900lm) pled lenser h7 Don't start me on knives,I'm a bit like you lot on watches... More than I could ever want or need!
  7. Bit of a curveball. You can get this off eBay, new for £50, sorely tempted but... A - I'm eyeing another B- I've made a cheeky offer on a vostok its a Nixon Mellor if you're curious, typically circa £100.
  8. Looking at Stans ("retired mod") signature, he's got a good old collection of torches, that got me thinking.... So have I! Ive also got a collection of knives... In fact I like most things that are small(ish), metal, dense and well engineered. i'm guessing I'm not alone on this?
  9. I own the black one. Purchased for around £50 with the intention of general wear, work etc... its held up up well in the last 12 months and still looks new. Worn regularly, chrono works perfectly, no problems, strap still mint, comfortable, go swimming in it, nice size & not overstated. In short I'm quite content with it! loads of offers on Amazon and worth a punt imho.
  10. He may have just had a suddenly cold wrist?
  11. Only have 5 in total, the three nixons (one is on the third strap and second case / inserts) I will keep as they're.... A - nice B - Purchased for a reason C - not worth much to anyone other than me the other two are cheap ish (fossil etc) will be disposed of when they break, I purchased them for general use and will have served a purpose. I will buy other watches but any bigger / better purchases will be keepers. At only 37 yo I'm sadly already considering hand me downs for my son... Along with my knife collection and tools.
  12. If you're having this moral dilemma, you obviously appreciate the watch(es) and appreciate the value of money, I'd therefore say you're not a snob! Buy whatever makes you happy within your means. My most expensive watch cost me circa £300, that's expensive to me for a watch, a snip for others and extravagant so some.
  13. Something with a silicone strap to combat the suntan lotion & sand?
  14. Great focus on my coat, not so much on the watch!....
  15. That's lovely! Just some cheap junk for me today. it serves a purpose, ideal for working around the house etc... doesn't matter if it gets knocked about, not too displeasing on the eye and easy to view. Will select another for the evening. There are some very nice Vostok Europe watches, this is one!
  16. One of those sh1tty wrenches off eBay for removing screw backs (it works but only on smaller cases) and a butter knife. All ll I do is change batteries so it's all I need!
  17. Good call but distinct lack of brownness (I'm not pissing about changing straps), keep em coming! Bit too dressy for me, the strap is a bit "old man" if you know what I mean.. say s the 37 year old!
  18. Looking for a few pointers from you learned folk; I do know I don't want your general high street / fashion brands, but I'm not really sure what's out there.. im on the verge of purchasing this as a rough idea of what I like... I like something a little different, I don't like huge watches, simple but with a twist, must be brown leather for a start (or maybe canvas), good for daily use, half smart I.e to wear for work / social but no where near a dress watch, I like the almost old military / outdoors look. Only other things I've seen I like are the slow watch, some victorinox ones, mondaine (?), wenger black knight, Vostok Ekranoplan Classic (a bit too much going on)..... I absolutely love the Vostok mod I've seen on here with the plain bezel and orange face. any suitable suggestions (pics would be lovely) would be great! sorry for the poor terminology es, I'm no expert!
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