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  1. 3 hours ago, Thrudge said:


    Stumbled across this while perambulating the interwebs and very much like the look of it. It's super legible (always a biggie for me) and that domed crystal is lovely. 



    Love tbe case shape, crystal, hands (especially the second hand) but would have loved to see a more sterile dial / less numerals/ markers. Pretty thing nevertheless 

  2. On 07/09/2021 at 11:14, sabailand said:

    As durable as the come.

    ORIS Aquis Date 5-Day Calibre 400 Automatic Watch 41.5mm | Black - Watches  from Francis & Gaye Jewellers UK

    Mine sees a lot of wrist time, it does almost everything and is built like a tank!


    Only negative is its a propper sport watch/ beater, not dressy in the slightest!

    I'm no where near a rolex fan, quite th e opposite is true for many if their offerings but this could be the ultimate "do everything" watch?...



  3. 1 hour ago, Roxyben said:

    Not sure it would do that. Like most things it would just be a placeholder until you actually got the datejust.

    Yet to try one on (nor a datejust for fear of buying one!) BUT every tudor I've ever tried on feels like a very special watch to me, I think they get soooo many things right, fit and finish are sublime!

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  4. 6 hours ago, bowie said:

    me too gutted but been told it is more than 120 days and can not do owt about it let me know if you have any luck please £550.00 thrown away.



    Are you UK based and what credit card company are you with?

    Seems there's some powple on tbw group that have had success with a refund.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Someone needs to find and approach Mark in person. I found him on LinkedIn but that has now gone (wish I screenshoted it as it had his employer on)

  5. Just wondering how many backers there are on here and what your mindset / course of action is?


    I've given up on the watch. I dont think it started as a scam but they have definitely now ran and hid as far as I'm concerned.

    I've just began the process of trying to get my money back via barclaycard.

  6. Mass produced but this Yema is a bit unique...



    This D Hodge 2824F a bit unusual, I chose the vintage lume, the hands and the text to the dial.





    This unimatic is one of 500 soo hardly hens teeth but I'm unlikely to bump into another...




    Nothing unusual about a Rado Diastar but this one is from 1978 (my birth year) so again, not likely to come across another from this year very easily...


    Screenshot_20210526-163028_Samsung Internet


    A fantastic plastic circa late 60's




    The patina and hand made strap make this Armida a bit of a odd ball...











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