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  1. have to say that all the watch collection are very cool and charming. enjoy your post.
  2. actually, there are many great watches made in China, you can trust. the excellent hand craft, high quality, you can from the finished one.
  3. my favorite is the Seiko and the Rolex. i think they are the No.1 in my heart.
  4. I go bed with wearing my watch seldom, i think that would bother me, and it is inconvenient. i don't wear the watch at night that is myself habit
  5. frankly speaking, I never covered any insurance for my wrist watch, i don't think it is useful when there is some wrong with your watch.
  6. I also like this one, so cool .
  7. the sportier watch? it is really the first time that I see this watch piece, I know adidas well , but never known it own the watch products nice piece
  8. funny video you sharing I prefer to appreciating that watch you are wearing,the color is very nice, is it luminous in the black?
  9. the shape looks like the gear. very cool! But don't you worry that piece will hurt you ?
  10. actually, I t is my first time see the inner Operation of the watch splendid
  11. this valuable piece worth the money.
  12. those watches are really in similar looking. but i still prefer to the Seiko. nice post Bruce
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