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  1. I am of the type that doesn't want to own two pieces which are too similar. My vote is to lose one.
  2. I like watchfinders videos, I think the narrators voice sounds a bit like Alan Davies, a very particular if subtle pronunciation from the London/Essex border. They are simple and enthusiastic and if I like the watch they are interesting. Lange however is something I feel like I should want but actually feel pretty emotionally disconnected from. There should be balance in all things, its a fine line between "timeless elegance" and "vulgar opulance"
  3. I don't mind the GP but it is kind of slightly dumbed down poor mans Royal Oak.
  4. Dr Bethune would need a mortgage but I can't help but like their approach, the way to sprung lugs flex around your wrist is kind of cool. In terms of quality I'd expect that to be a cut above.
  5. Not for me, there are elements I like but only of they were on different watches. Dogs dinner springs to mind.
  6. Well I wouldn't buy a lefty and I can't imagine I am alone.
  7. . Do I like it? - key question 2. Do I need it? If I have something similar then it's a no. 3. Can I afford it? The answer within reason is yes, I am quite happy to save until I can buy one. 4. Where would it fit in my collection? I do try to balance my collection...see 2. 5. Is it good value for money? If it is going to sink like a stone or it is extremely unsaleable 99% chance I won't buy it. There are so many watches that when bought second-hand are going to retain or increase in value there's no reason to buy one that won't. If profit was the be all and end all I would o
  8. When I bought my Royal Oak it was 5k and I hardly took it off my wrist for ten years. Now it's three times that I am very careful about wearing it. It depends on the watch really. Something at 2k I wouldn't really think about unless it is made of gold (soft cases mark easy) or if is vintage and lacks waterproof or shockproof etc. I am not hard on any of my watches and take care of all of them but the worry barrier sets in somewhere north of 7k. Certainly my Patek and Ap now get worn significantly less than my speedmaster or seamaster.
  9. Vintage Modern The trouble is knowing what to wear.
  10. Pretty cool watch, a movement shot would have been of interest too. It's not guilloche (which is under a thin layer of enamel which this doesn't seem to have) this is almost like an applied fish scale pattern, whatever it's called its quite nice.
  11. Omega seamaster. Its a perfect all rounder.
  12. Just switched out the strap... this one came from fleabay "westonwatchstraps" for £7.95. Looks better than the white jobby that it came on IMHO.
  13. I remember a colleague drop kicking a bunch of gold watches across the shop once (they were on some cushions that used to fly quite well) I seem to recall a few were returned with reliability issues. Back to OP though, unless you deliberately jumped up and down on the thing I'd say the risk is all theirs. VC boutique in Bond Street have their own watchmaker downstairs (she took the back off one of mine and I should have taken a picture...and if the movement) I am sure they could correct any damage for minimal cost.
  14. In defence of the accusation that Chrono24 is expensive, it has many thousands of dealers on there. The sites commission is 5% (less than half of Ebays) and often some negotiation is possible. Dealers usually won't be as cheap as private sales but Chrono24 also has some private sellers. Maybe you won't find something for nothing there and maybe there is a great deal of variation between vendors but I hardly think that it's fair to claim it's particularly expensive.
  15. Wait long enough and it will become vintage. Don't rush such things.
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