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  1. The thing about Rolex are though they are recognized as high value among thieves they are the worst choice of watch to steal because of the serial registration system. Now I don't know what circles you mix in and where you hang out but I walked around with a Royal Oak on my wrist 24 hours a day for ten years and was hardly conscious of it... they say familiarity breeds contempt and that was just normal to me despite hanging around poker clubs in Clarkenwell, taking night buses home drunk through some dodgy areas and having no insurance. That watch has not only risen heavily in value but has enormous sentimental value to me. Now there are four watches in my box I am hyper aware of which only come out on special occasion, AP, VC, PP and JLC, for the most part I wear my speedmaster or polar explorer and don't worry too much. I do have insurance now too BTW.
  2. I am quite happy to order a watch online if its from a reputable source and I am familiar with the model, I did poop myself when I found they had mailed an £8000 watch to the wrong address though and had to sit on the phone to UPS or whoever it was for ages to get the issue sorted out. The problem comes in my opinion when you haven't tried the watch on before and it may or may not measure up to expectations. For this reason you cannot beat a physical shop, to try on the models and make judgments about them.
  3. Some serious watch making there, from a brand that I would love to add to my collection one day but I cant say this model really grabs me aesthetically.
  4. I am thinking because of this thing a good many people are going to have to liquidate assets like Rolex watches and gold because they need currency to pay mortgages and other costs. This might mean short term such assets will actually drop though they would remain a reasonable store of wealth long term.
  5. Thought I would go for a jog of all things... phone jumped out of my pocket on the grass and when I retraced my steps had gone. I cant even think about what I have lost, thousands of notes and photos and girls phone numbers.
  6. If they issue more money in order to float the economies then the good watches will go up relative to currency (and should keep those gains) If not pressumably currency will bounce back after this crisis and presumably much of such gains will be lost? It might well be a buyers market where the less desirable stock is concerned. I like many others find themselves bereft of work and are tightening the belt though.
  7. Heat blued steel hands are a classic... which is why all the best watchmakers use them.
  8. Rectangular or square watches always feel much bigger than their dimensions suggest. Mont Blanc I feel is surprisingly impressive for a pen manufacturer and new kid on the block but in terms of history and brand recognition the JLC is head and shoulders above. They call JLC the watchmakers watchmaker and its probably my favourite manufacturer.
  9. I'd guess a little earlier since there's no shock protection (after mid thirties the majority of movements had it? ) The name on the dial could be a retailer or a maker, there were so many small firms that drifted in and out of existence but I don't know the name either.
  10. I wear the Seiko Presage more and it rattles less.
  11. I said no more than ten... Since then I bought a second box. The cap is now 16 and I have two spaces. I have yet to discover what these last two are likely to be. I think my watch desease is in remission, I am in absolutely no hurry.
  12. I just looked on Chrono24 to see if they had maybe moved the Swiss made from the bottom of the dial but they seem to have that... One of the first entries I looked at had no Swiss made on the back... This is a 2004 watch being sold in Northern Ireland. And on a 2007 bei g sold in Germany. I guess it is something they added on later models.
  13. The best way to get top money is ask if they will take the watch on a sale or return basis. Most don't want their money tied up and will take a much lower cut if you are prepared to wait for them to secure a sale... Obviously only do this with vendors you trust and tell them how much you are after taking into account what you think the watch can sell for.
  14. A months wage when you are in the forces isn't such a big deal. All your food and accommodation is paid for you can save pretty well I imagine. Also its a case of just getting lucky... The right model and good timing to end up with that dial.
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