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  1. Oops my bad... thought pointer date... pointer day I have no clue.
  2. It probably won't suit the budget but JLC makes a few... maybe a more vintage one might work for you. For more limited budgets try to find Cyma, Movado or Certina triple date watches which have pointer dates and should around the £500 mark give or take a bit.
  3. I would say that if the original parts are retained with the watch using new parts cannot harm it since it can be returned to originality.
  4. Out of all the suggestions I like that best... swap the seiko for a spring drive. I like the Pasha, it is beautiful and one of my earliest watches was a steel Paaha, it makes it a little sentimental. Thanks all
  5. No it is a smart walnut thing... cant remember the name off the top of my head.
  6. Just one... that Omega pre-bond midsize. The speedy that repaced it was a step up but I prefered the prebond and I gave a good deal on that not realising it would be flipped. Still at least you gave me feedback... the other sale I made here didn't. There are some watches I remember fondly but I don't regret many... I regret more watches I didn't buy which are fortunes now but everything I sold I did so for a reason.
  7. Its amazing... I wayched this video just a moment ago... and I dont spend much time watching watch videos these days... Anyway.. quite bizarre how they couldn't get this right.
  8. Suggestions noted... and we are all different so no offence taken. Personally the RO is my favourite in the collection... I can understand the sub and the speedy being least favourites... I wear the speedy a fair amount snd the sub is probably least worn. I agree I am missing a Moser or and FPJourne, while I appreciate Lange it doesn't touch my heart like a Moser would. And you all say Zenith? I think if I replaced the Speedy it would be for a Breguet Type 20. I am fairly happy though... at the moment I am not fixated on anything.
  9. I think I am done but I will entertain suggestions. I think I have a balanced collection here, lots of brands represented. Clearly not an investers collection but equally the watches are bluechip enough I shouldn't do my plums on them. I do not have any platinum watches, not a minute repeater (not a cheap complication to aquire) Watches are... 1. Omega Speedmaster MOTM 1861mt 2002 2. Vacheron Constantine Overseas Chrono 49140 - 2000 3. Audermars Royal Oak 14790st 2004 4. Seiko Presage Cocktail time with power reserve 2018 5. Patek Philippe Gondola rose gold 8111r 2008 6. Omega seamaster midsize auto blue wave dial 1999 7. Rolex submariner 16610 date + mineral glass holes case 1990 8. Jaeger LeCoultre 18ct white gold master calender 140.3.98 moonphase officers case 2003 9. Cartier pasha 18ct gold 2002 auto 10. Rolex extra-prima 9ct yellow 1924 manual wind 11. Longines manual wind steel cushion shape 1921. What would you lose? What would you add? What is your favourite?
  10. The 1980's Omega seamaster bracelets are good too. Rolex has produced some crappy bracelets over the years and only just seem to have caught up in recent decades.
  11. If the modern seamaster is the same as others you can unscrew the crown and in the first position (not pulled out) you should be able to manually wind it. Mine seems to run for more than a day when I take it off and I never manually wind mine, but I am quite active.
  12. Its all OK, we are culturally enriched. Keep feminism, scare stories about CO2 and Brexit and transgender issues on the tele and maybe we will enter some mythical alternate universe and forget what is going on in the real world. When there was an attack on a mosque Mr Khan was very vocal... is he so vocal with all these attacks against churches? Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of any religions but it seems we are in the process of a cultural and social suicide at the moment and there are only two positions... the far left with their eyes shut and the far right. Those in the middle are self censoring and afraid to say anything for fear of the consequences.
  13. True... MSM is a complete fiction trying to convince us of false naratives.
  14. I have an instagram but because of the way Instagram appears to share data with Facebook I am not comfortable with plastering it with my valuables.
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