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  1. I think I am looking for a 60's model with batons and the obviously faceted dial, leather and 18ct. The prices I see makes that no value. The same in steel maybe a possibility but I don't think I can find one with a clean dial for the money I want to pay. I see one of those for £1700 when I want to pay £1000ish. Such a killer when the heart and the head pull in opposite ways.
  2. It is a boon if you have all that stuff with it as generally these don't have.
  3. From what I hear the market is undergoing an "adjustment" not just on Rolex but on all the over hype models from all lines. There are a number of watches like the Batman, or some Nautilus models that were commanding silly prices. For that reasons dealers were overpaying so as to have these high demand and low supply watches and subsequently putting them in the window with speculative prices... hoping some mug would over pay just because he wants it. In the end you had a lot of these watches being traded among the trade at inflated prices but with no customers willing to buy them at that. It has led to a drop of 10-20% on selected models and an unwillingness in the trade to buy those models because of a loss of confidence and fear they may drop further. Basically greedy people have tried to wring too much out of some watches and paralyzed those watches. I do believe many of the Rolex are crap watches for the money, maybe more so with the older models, but if the market puts a value on them and they can be sold for such prices that's what they are worth...
  4. Watches are not like fruit, they don't go mouldy or anything. I don't consider the amount of time they get worn is relevant to how important they are to my collection. I would potentially wear any of mine but some get worn very rarely. For me it is more about what role they perform and how much I like them.
  5. You seem to be missing a photo of a seamaster. As all around watches go I can't think of anything more versatile.
  6. I can't recall it... All of my quartz have had low battery indicators so I wasn't taken by surprise. I guess some digital in my youth ran out on my wrist but I wasn't a watch nerd at the time.
  7. I was thinking maybe I need an omega pie pan dian in the collection but was rather dismayed to see what people are asking for them now. I am sure I remember a good steel one being £400 and gold ones being around £1000... Now the prices seem to be 3 times that. Has all the value gone? Are there still good ones to be had? Does any one know what years they had the duodecagon crowns because I see many having rou d crowns and I wonder if they are original. Any thoughts on these watches? Anyone have one in their collection?
  8. I spoke to Bill when he was just getting going with his collection and I happened to know he is a fan of the Gondolo so when I bought one I pinged him an email with a photo of my collection and my thoughts on the watch. He said he might revisit the collection for a review and I said if so I could supply better photos. I didn't hear back so I was surprised when I saw he had reviewed it simply editing the photo I sent him of them all together. Actually I think AC3 wouldn't be too harsh on my collection... He would slag off the seiko probably and maybe the seamaster but he isn't getting $100 from me.
  9. I thought it was cool for Bill to review my collection, I think I will leave out sending it to Archie Luxury, AC3, Paul Pluta Aka the Pontiff. Has anyone else had their collection reviewed by a "Guru"?
  10. Have you added any watches? Are you considering any?
  11. I did three weeks in Russia and Kazakhstan with a Seamaster. It seemed the perfect watch for swimming in lakes, getting sweaty in clubs and getting knocked around hiking up mountains. In fact I haven't changed it and been back a week... OMG time to have a switch up.
  12. I flipped a 50 pence shape Santos in order to purchase a square one. I realized that though I never buy with the intent to part with a watch there is nothing wrong with upgrading.
  13. You could do far worse than the Omega. I feel like that particular price bracket is loaded with pitfalls and traps. It is too cheap to be a proper luxury watch but enough money to hurt if you go wrong... Every watch at that level is aspiring to be in the tier above. For a smaller wrist let me make an obscure suggestion... I think they look good, have a respectable name (though they have their critics) and I think a good value watch for the money... Cartier Pasha C £1,324 https://chrono24.app/cartier/c----w31044m7--id11794510.htm?SETLANG=en_GB&SETCURR=GBP
  14. Personally I would go for a speedy but a more standard variety (with the straight white hands) I discriminate against IWC on the grounds that they are hard to see and a certain loss but I simply don't fancy the one pictured regardless of brand.
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