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  1. The trouble is discussing what to look for just teaches them how to fake them better?
  2. Generally I use my independant watchmaker... Since I use him directly the prices are half what they would be in a shop. Service is in the region of £40-£50 for most watches (even an AP, though the real high end watches I use Russel Tallerman for - still not unreasonable but much more expensive) I have never stood behind him and watched him service a watch from start to finish. I believe he partially strips the watch (without complete disassembly) and essentially ultrasonics pieces of it. He lubricates what needs doing, regulates and tests. He draws to my attention if parts are worn need replacing, some of which he will undertake and some not. Generally I tend to be in the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" camp.
  3. Yes. I bought a triple-date JLC and was strongly advised to make sure it was in English for that very reason. Duel language is a cool feature but expect to pay less if English is abcent.
  4. I have an aevitas - they seem to be decent without costing a small fortune.
  5. No luck really... Except managing to get 45% off an AP Royal Oak in 2006. I was working on a cruise ship and the shopping advisor had some good contacts and given how much trade she supplied the shops they were happy to give me a staff discount. According to Chrono24 its worth 5 times what I paid now.
  6. Papers mean less than nothing... I have seen a fake watch with genuine papers, a genuine watch with fake movement... Etc etc I have seen blank paperwork for sale, just type in your own details... The only thing that matters is the watch, certificates and paperwork don't make a fake real. If you doubt the seller you need to have the back off.
  7. I have two from the 20s
  8. It's too much dough. I love the Seamaster but at this level it doesn't look like value.
  9. To state the obvious a good number are the names of founders/watchmakers... Breguet Cartier Fabre - Leuba Dunhill Vacheron and Constantine Patek Philippe Audermars Just to name a few... The Rolex name was designed to be memorable and aesthetic, two syllables of equal length with some symmetry to it when written.
  10. I regretted selling a Seamaster too which led me to repurchase... I didn't get exactly the same model but it performs the same role.
  11. The bracelet looks incredibly short and in the photo of it on his wrist the divers clasp is open. I have had this watch in quartz, its one of the few watches I ever regretted selling. PS you are lucky to have anything more than the watch. I really wouldn't care about the cards.
  12. A redial perhaps? Buyer beware.
  13. Please refer to previous thread.
  14. So many two steppers? I have only ever had quartz watches that do 5 second jumps. Regardless it is an excellent feature.
  15. Many of Swatches watches are sealed into the case which is not designed to be opened or serviced. This was the case with all of the Pop Swatches and many of the other watches. They simply are not designed to be opened and serviced but instead to be thrown away and a new one purchased. It might be that it is possible but how do you get in? Smash glass to enter?
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