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  1. Funny you show that... I was researching these watches and am now extremely impressed. The way they show the month is quite original and it houses the most sophisticated movement of any Rolex. Add to that these were rather a flop due to the massive asking price and you can pick them up as a relative bargain now as some other bugger has lost his shirt, and they are not too common either. It has all the makings of a future classic.
  2. I don't think that was the point of the exercise. The metal was not put there to make it larger... In fact the original RO had the 37mm and 39mm Jumbo which was considered big (but very thin). The metal construction of the case was to squash the seals and have it waterproof, and took the design of the porthole off the Royal Oak battleship.
  3. The AP is the watch I would keep if I was told I could only keep one. The GMT is OK... Its too much money but that's how the market values it so that's what it is. I don't make my opinions on the basis of what's popular but I think they represent reality pretty well. For instance I understand people's motivations and how different things are regarded by different people. I understand snobbery, reverse snobbery, watch nerds, posers, people who buy the hype and those that want to be different. It doesn't mean I always agree with everyone, some views are based on ignorance but I can usually see both sides of any watch argument.
  4. Surely if you pull the crown out it will be OK. Nice selection BTW not bad at all.
  5. I am sure he would think it much too modern... But could I point out that even if he hasn't done a days work he is the third lowest claiming MP in the house of commons. Concerning the PMs watch it looks like most the gold plating has come off it.
  6. Personally I would always go for pre-owned, often they can be bought in perfect and pristine condition which will get you a lot more watch for your money. You say you haven't got Omega or Rolex money but I would say if you are prepared to spend 1250 on a tag you are already spending Omega money. Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M £1,220 https://chrono24.app/omega/seamaster-diver-300-m-41mm--id11779452.htm?SETLANG=en_GB&SETCURR=GBP That one is just randomly picked out of a hat.
  7. Very nice, I do like the double date wheel.
  8. I too have a 10 slot watch box but I am thinking I need to get another 5 slot box and designate it for vintage... I could then transfer three watches there and purchase 2 vintage and two modern. My trouble is the criteria for these purchases... I haven't got a GMT - I would probably go for a polar explorer II and see that they have become rather expensive. I haven't got a watch made from platinum - I would probably go for a Glaschutte Panodate I haven't got a seiko snowflake - wait that is a third modern watch didn't I just say 2 modern? I haven't got a vintage Memovox JLC.... So then obviously these things cost money... and I have plans to spend a couple of months abroad next year... can't do everything...maybe I can get one watch and still travel but somehow "This Patek is my final watch" didn't pan out like I thought.
  9. I do look at watches both as watches and as an investment. I work too hard for my money to spend it on something I think will be worthless and I love watches too much to simply buy "investment watches" like a box of Rolex. The truth is though if you buy well and you are aware of the market you can enjoy watches without losing all your money. You probably won't get rich but you won't lose the same sort of money car enthusiasts often do.
  10. Not sure where I was turning away from such watches, I have an old Longines because I am fully aware how amazing their vintage movements are. You aren't buying the watch that went to the moon you are buying into the story of it. Here I am asking for suggestions of watches... That could mean you explain the story of the Carter Pasha and the Rolex Oyster (two of the early waterproof watches) or some other notable quirk on a watch. If you are into movements that might be a technical invention like a resonance. It might be a design feature like flared lugs. Everybody has different tastes and I might appreciate a watch from many brands... I might not buy one for all sorts of reasons - expense, value for money, how it fits with my collection etc. That doesn't mean I am turning my back... I always loved J W Benson watches maybe I just didn't find the right one for me at the right price. Maybe I am missing something but your comments seem to indicate a distain for me mentioning brands... How else do you refer to a watch but through the brand and model name?
  11. Well I already have a moonwatch... Perhaps not as vintage as it could be but I like it. The JLC reverso often has nice manual wind movements, my mum has one and I am a bit jealous... I like it, the movement and the fact it has something different about it. I guess that's what floats my boat... There are a million nice simple Benson, Cyma, Record, Geneve, Universals and you fill in the gaps.... All of them are nice but the stand out watches all have some notable difference, history, invention or quirk.
  12. Supply and demand. Ask someone on the street to name a good watch... You will hear names like Rolex, Omega etc. I am not sure many are going to know Bremont... Certainly I don't hear many saying "I have always aspired to own a Bremont" Have they a long and rich history like Vacheron or Breguet? Have they own many awards like Audermars or Patek? Do they summon up images of pilots like Breitling? Or aristocracy like Cartier? In short they are little known, little recognised, unaspirational and probably difficult to sell on the secondhand market. I have sold many watches in the past, some being a struggle and some being easy to shift. I have never owned or sold a Bremont so this is not first hand experience but just my gut instinct. If I have judged them too harshly or missing something then I apologise but I just don't see what they have going for them. Also just because of the discount doesn't mean its a winner. Many brands sell to jewellers at half retail price. If that was enough to make a profit then every sales assistant would be snapping up half the window.
  13. I would suggest even with that discount anything with Bremont on the dial is unlikely to appreciate in value.
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