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  1. I thought Rolex treated everyone with equal contempt.
  2. We didn't seem to have any issues with customers returning these things for batteries. Normally the watches were left crown out to disengage the movt and we gave two year gauruntees. We only had a handful of solar watches so I can't really comment on them though.
  3. Having worked in a jewellers I can testify the window was often extremely hot as it was essentially a greenhouse. I cant see this being problematic concerning mechanical watched since its still way below the temperature that would effect the metals in any meaningful way and I am sure within the range that the oil is good at. I couldnt really say for the quartz but the nylon drive train is ok and presumably either the components fry or they dont.
  4. I agree with TDC theres no way I am spending big money in a watch that will be worthless. While resale isn't the most important factor to me the fact that I can get my money back on nearly every one of my watches means I can get out of it. If you buy what the market considers to be a dog you can never go back. I don't expect to sell any of my watches in the near future but who knows the future? As an old man will I need 16 watches?
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGkAPeKn1Br/?igshid=1bxoy5ckszna5 Patek Gondola 5111R https://www.instagram.com/p/CDYQSQ_A0nT/?igshid=17lvtoorg7ni7 Rolex 1923 rectangular
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGSatd1nv2F/?igshid=82gv05mz920u Cartier Pasha, not sure why it doesnt inbed
  7. I have never done them in close succession but I had a steel pasha, sold it and years later bought a gold one. I had a 50p shape s/g santos, sold it and bought a square one. Sold it and replaced with the galbee model (curved links rather than the flat type that could crease) Sold a prebond seamaster, missed it and bought the Brosnan type one (which zi had owned previously in cronograph form)
  8. JLC or Grand Seiko out of the ones you listed IMO. Thats a classic reverso budget I think.
  9. Looks an easy fix if you have a decent jewellers near you. A wire can be passed through it, tap one end to flatten it so its wider than the hole then tap it into the hole so it jams solid then file back flush.
  10. Then he isn't managing his finances very well. We all require some money, unless you are able to barter at your local shop and trade in chickens or something. Large sums of cash earning nothing at the bank and losing purchasing power at an alarming rate is not the way forwards though. Better to hold a tangible asset, land or gold would be my advice but cash is screwed and only looks to be more so now.
  11. At the moment don't keep your money i the bank, money is devaluing at quite a rate. Regardless I'd go for a new one, though I am generally fond of old things Rolex have upped their game over the last 30years and I am sure the new one will be superior (not said with any certainty because I haven't studied that model but based on what I have seen with the bracelets on other models they are considerably better now than they once were)
  12. I don't have such occasion or attire but I could still be tempted at some stage if I cross paths with a suitably enticing example.
  13. Looks very clean, I think these things offer outstanding value given supply is greater than demand you get a lot for your money. Nice clear hallmarks, clean dial and bulletproof movt. Thumbs up from me.
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