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  1. I like the retrostyling but would prefer both crowns to be screw down... It would seem more appropriate for a watch with a dive bezel. You mention the top crown is manual winding, is the watch auto too or purely manual wind?
  2. I personally would not want a collection that is heavy on Rolex. The reason why that seems to be more acceptable is from an investment point of view. If that was the only reason to buy a watch none of us would have much variation. If you had a box full of Rolex I would say the same... "Yawn, too many Rolex"
  3. I agree with your mrs. While I do really like your collection it is perhaps a little flabby around the middle. I like your Glashuttes but feel 3 is too many, so I would lose one of those, lose the Nomos and a Grossman. Maybe you can identify something you never bonded with or feel is a weak spot? Personally I would aim to lose 4 and replace with a single humdinger. Well I just saw the three you selected, and I wasn't far off the mark...
  4. Columbo is the best show for WIS viewers. Normally a close up of a JLC at some stage.
  5. I was very close to buying one of these a while back, in the end I went for a seamaster as I know that watch much better... but a green Certina DS action was tempting me. I haven't ever seen one in the flesh though and it is hard to judge till you have first hand experience.
  6. I am off to Russia again (St Petersburg this time) and then I will ride the Trans-Siberia railway through Kazakhstan. It should be an adventure. I was thinking about which watch to take and keep coming back to the seamaster, I believe it is the ideal watch for travel... waterproof, on a bracelet and durable... quality but not so expensive to worry excessively about muggings etc. Does anyone want to convince me differently, perhaps I could wear the Speedmaster instead as there shouldn't be too much rain... I don't wat anything on leather as it might be a bit clammy, and think Rolex/Audemars might be a liability. What would your choice be for a long journey? Would you take multiple watches? Perhaps someone will tell me I am missing a world time or a GMT function... I just saw another similar topic...perhaps I will read that one...
  7. It isn't a special occassion or anything but I couldn't resist...
  8. The extra prima is probably one of the watches I would let go... but what a difficult thing to value, on the one hand it had extreme rarity and one of the most saleable names.... on the other hand lets say the dial has patina and it is not a fashionable model/size. In response to Jet, these are an extension of me. The AP I am very sentimental about, I visited every continent wearing that watch. The Pasha is a throwback to one of my first decent watches...the ssne thing bit in steel. The JLC has romance, the VC I yearned for for 15 years since I first saw it. The Seamaster I have had long connections with and the speedy has the cool space history. Maybe I could go for a minute repeater pocket watch but it won't get any use other than to look at once in a while.
  9. I guess you may need to have it appraised as there are so many fakes, but you probably don't want to know how much money it dropped. I hate such sales spiel as in the OP. Empty words... tell us something cool... such as because they are pilots watches they are tested at 8 g-force and have special non-reflective glass. Every other watch advert makes subjective statements about high quality and style etc but Breitling can actually make some impressive and objective claims which would say far more.
  10. Oops my bad... thought pointer date... pointer day I have no clue.
  11. It probably won't suit the budget but JLC makes a few... maybe a more vintage one might work for you. For more limited budgets try to find Cyma, Movado or Certina triple date watches which have pointer dates and should around the £500 mark give or take a bit.
  12. I would say that if the original parts are retained with the watch using new parts cannot harm it since it can be returned to originality.
  13. Out of all the suggestions I like that best... swap the seiko for a spring drive. I like the Pasha, it is beautiful and one of my earliest watches was a steel Paaha, it makes it a little sentimental. Thanks all
  14. No it is a smart walnut thing... cant remember the name off the top of my head.
  15. Just one... that Omega pre-bond midsize. The speedy that repaced it was a step up but I prefered the prebond and I gave a good deal on that not realising it would be flipped. Still at least you gave me feedback... the other sale I made here didn't. There are some watches I remember fondly but I don't regret many... I regret more watches I didn't buy which are fortunes now but everything I sold I did so for a reason.
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