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  1. Im also only 42 but was thinking of making a will. I don't tend to like many people but those I do like should get a watch each if I peg it.
  2. I am afraid to say I think auction houses offer amazingly poor value. Those that sell the best/rarest items are taking a huge chunk at either end and its very much a case of buyer beware. I have been stung with counterfeit goods (not a watch and I managed to get credited) but it was an illustration of how little diligence there is... and I found myself emailing them when the same kind of fake appeared in the following auction and they hadn't learnt the lesson. I personally wouldn't want to chance buying any high value item without a good appraisal and it seems like the houses ar
  3. I think they have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. The fanboys still exist but even many of those have been badly treated by dealers and have gone off them. Rolex want to become exclusive like Patek and have alienated their audience. At Patek prices who is going to buy them rather than Patek?
  4. None. If they cannot supply me a watch then I will find a manufacturer who can. Preferably one that doesn't mass produce millions a year.
  5. The logic has always been that the tax has already been paid on an old item. Its irritating to pay VAT on old items from the states, and because they love to over-declare values to its always top rate. It often makes it not worth it. As to the EU, our government won't have previously received taxes on items purchased there and so want their piece of the pie. I happen to know that MG cars approaching the 25 year mark are liable to rise in value due to the US import rules (must be something to do with their rules on classic cars) I would think it certainly reasonable to exem
  6. I have sold some in the past, everyone seemed happy with them... always reliable and I think good quality for the price.
  7. I guess you are in no position to call others idiots then. Those in glass houses...
  8. So basically you are saying that because you aren't forwards thinking nobody else is? This thread is evidence against that...he was thinking of investing in an aquanaut, it would have done very nicely indeed. I was fully aware what I was doing when I bought a speedmaster, a Rolex Submariner and a Rolex Explorer 2. Had I thought they would lose money I wouldn't have bought them. 16 years I was 26 when I spent £3000 on my Audermars. At 26 that was a lot of money to me. Again I wouldn't have spent it had I thought I was going to lose money. Its now worth £15,000. A wa
  9. I bet the sub and aquanaut have done better than your land prorata over this time period. Whats more there's no capital gains tax and they can be bought mortgage free. They are also mobile and don't tie you down. I have never doubled my money in one year on a house but have done on a Patek. These are not mutually exclusive either. Anybody who knows anything about investments has a diversified portfolio. Your statement is a perfect example of Dunning-Kruger at work. Property is a better investment but its not possible for everyone and despite my objective not being maximu
  10. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra £2,308 https://www.chrono24.co.uk/omega/seamaster-aqua-terra-39mm-white-blue-stainless-automatic-25033300-watch--id17416877.htm?SETLANG=en_GB&SETCURR=GBP
  11. Breitling chronomat colt fits the budget but surely his speedy can be repaired?
  12. I thought Rolex treated everyone with equal contempt.
  13. We didn't seem to have any issues with customers returning these things for batteries. Normally the watches were left crown out to disengage the movt and we gave two year gauruntees. We only had a handful of solar watches so I can't really comment on them though.
  14. Having worked in a jewellers I can testify the window was often extremely hot as it was essentially a greenhouse. I cant see this being problematic concerning mechanical watched since its still way below the temperature that would effect the metals in any meaningful way and I am sure within the range that the oil is good at. I couldnt really say for the quartz but the nylon drive train is ok and presumably either the components fry or they dont.
  15. I agree with TDC theres no way I am spending big money in a watch that will be worthless. While resale isn't the most important factor to me the fact that I can get my money back on nearly every one of my watches means I can get out of it. If you buy what the market considers to be a dog you can never go back. I don't expect to sell any of my watches in the near future but who knows the future? As an old man will I need 16 watches?
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