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  1. Having multiple watches I find I am a bit more likely to pull a manual wind out to wear than an auto... and more of my watches are auto than manual. If I was a one watch guy I think I would go with an auto but there's something cool about picking one out and winding it, wearing it and then returning it to its place. Seem to be wearing a 1959 IWC cal 86 in platinum most of the time. I can't put my finger on why I like it so much.
  2. Same for me... I want variety, each watch contributes something. I am thinking of migrating, and don't want to pay taxes importing to another country. I considered thinning the collection but find it impossible to chose anything to get rid of. I guess that means they are all offering something.
  3. JLC for me. Though it depends on you... if its an everyday wearer really its better to have a bracelet watch... wearing the same leather strap every day isn't so great as the leather gets sweaty and gets no rest. JLC is classier than Rolex however if you are expecting to resell the Rolex will probably hold better value and be easier to sell.
  4. I like precious metals. There is something warm about gold, though I don't really like gold bracelets and its not so hard wearing. White gold however is similar to steel in hardness.
  5. 16 3 x Rolex (Sub date, polar explorer, gold rectangular) 3 x Omega (midsize wave dial seamaster, Motm Speedmaster, Gold pie pan constellation) Patek Gondolo rose gold 5111 Audermars Royal Oak Vacheron overseas chrono 2 X Jaeger le coultre (master calender moonphase 18ct white, vintage memovox 18ct rose) 18ct Universal Geneve Polerouter Seiko cocktail time Platinum IWC pilot Longines cushion shape Cartier Pasha 18ct
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGkAPeKn1Br/?igshid=1owgcoi47vpq2 Im not sure why my instagram images dont inbed but my Patek isnt very common.
  7. I think Seiko is still what it once was but most of my examples are higher tier. Lange is better than it was, Blancpain too I gather (correct me if I am wrong) Plenty of others have just maintained their position but I would say more have declined than risen.
  8. I wonder if people consider the wear on the button and stem setting and resetting. MAny quartz watches have nylon gear trains which seem pretty durable. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  9. I have the gun metal grey dial one with the power indicator and pointer date subdial. (at the time this dial colour was fetching a premium above the others) Its quite a thick watch, which surprised me a bit when it arrived as I bought it without trying it on (which is a bit of a rarity for me) I believe the cocktail time title simply refers to the dial with the lines of the dial configures as in MRZEE's post. (cocktail time can be both Presage or non-presage) I don't think you can go far wrong.
  10. Im also only 42 but was thinking of making a will. I don't tend to like many people but those I do like should get a watch each if I peg it.
  11. I am afraid to say I think auction houses offer amazingly poor value. Those that sell the best/rarest items are taking a huge chunk at either end and its very much a case of buyer beware. I have been stung with counterfeit goods (not a watch and I managed to get credited) but it was an illustration of how little diligence there is... and I found myself emailing them when the same kind of fake appeared in the following auction and they hadn't learnt the lesson. I personally wouldn't want to chance buying any high value item without a good appraisal and it seems like the houses ar
  12. I think they have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. The fanboys still exist but even many of those have been badly treated by dealers and have gone off them. Rolex want to become exclusive like Patek and have alienated their audience. At Patek prices who is going to buy them rather than Patek?
  13. None. If they cannot supply me a watch then I will find a manufacturer who can. Preferably one that doesn't mass produce millions a year.
  14. The logic has always been that the tax has already been paid on an old item. Its irritating to pay VAT on old items from the states, and because they love to over-declare values to its always top rate. It often makes it not worth it. As to the EU, our government won't have previously received taxes on items purchased there and so want their piece of the pie. I happen to know that MG cars approaching the 25 year mark are liable to rise in value due to the US import rules (must be something to do with their rules on classic cars) I would think it certainly reasonable to exem
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