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  1. A bit unfair given that I only own one and I made it myself. It was difficult enough, I am not entirely satisfied with the result and am still waiting for the buckle to come back before my final video. I have now started making a chess set, something I did once before but this one is going to be more intricate. My position hasn't changed either, Hublot are poop in my opinion. Not that I am going to war over it, since I care nothing for the opinion of the other suggested combatant.
  2. Quality is better than quantity. Out of the ones to sell there's some I would hang on to (that Jungans and Certina wouldn't be going anywhere) I would take the Tudor and the Breitling as incoming. Do you need both chronographs?
  3. I agree and I would not rent a watch either.
  4. One simply doesn't do this with the sort of watches I am interested in. (Actually maybe I wouldn't do that with any watch just out of principle but I don't trust the post muchwith expensive watches) Nor do I think that the kind of watches being offered for rental are likely to be affordable Seiko automatics.
  5. Yup its 9 carat as designated by the 0.375. A rather standard battery watch, Accurist is at the lower end of the spectrum but is a known name that produces reliable watches. A gold watch is just that, not to be sniffed at.
  6. The aqua terra is nice but I don't envy you. What a lamentable position to be in, without a Cartier.
  7. I disagree the crooks in Kilburn used to at least know which Rolex and Cartier they wanted to target and besides if you get mugged they would probably take your watch on the off chance its expensive. I would be miffed if I lost my seamaster but it is at least replaceable without saving all year unlike some of my other watches.
  8. Yes, you need a watch that is waterproof, durable and not so expensive you worry about wandering strange lands in it. If none of your others tick that box then this will be a designated travel watch. Mine is my midsize seamaster.
  9. The only advantage I can think of is the opportunity to test drive a variety of watches in order to decide what to buy.
  10. Probably Badger or Ratty. I think Badger probably likes Rolex more than I do.
  11. I don't think he will be, he is very old school. My original thoughts involved laying shoulders between the edge of the case and the lugs to give them a pleasing form. Honestly now I just think I will leave them close to as they are as I am nervous about heating it up any more since I have already used 3 grades of solder on it. I am just going to run a little extra easy on a couple of joins to reinforce them and thats it. Maybe its a pretty crude design, maybe not so pretty, but you won't see another like it. I see the sound somehow got moved on my video so it's a little out of sync... not even sure how thats possible but hey ho.
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