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  1. Classy. Silly o'clock? You don't know what silly o'clock is.
  2. A lot of watches I am not particularly keen on here. The Oris I want to like but for the size (Oris Aquis is too big for my liking) if you are a big guy that would be my choice. Tags aren't terrible either but I would never buy one for the money usually asked. Longines I am drawn to their vintage stuff more than modern offerings. I always throw Certina DS action indo the mix, its well reviewed but I haven't first hand experience, I did think about just taking a punt on the green bezeled one but somehow it never happened. Would love to give one a test drive first.
  3. Ch24 have nothing to do with it they just sit back and take their % and do nothing more than they need to (as you will find out if you have a problem) Their vendors can advertise any prices they like but have to compete with other vendors. Any common watch order the search results cheapest first and you should have some competitively priced watches and may even be able to negotiate further.
  4. Always the same for me. Seamaster. Its waterproof and durable, can be worn with anything, is respectable but not so expensive I worry. It's the perfect holiday watch IMO.
  5. I should also point out that the box and papers contributes nothing to any confidence whether a watch is correct or not. Plenty of fake papers, fake boxes or even fake watches with real papers and real boxes. The watch is still the important thing - condition and authenticity. If you don't know what you are looking at make sure you buy from a good source.
  6. I still think the 16570 is the one to have. I guess thats why I have it but 40mm is perfect for my wrist. It's my favourite Rolex.
  7. Bricey the thing is people with lots of money are often careless with boxes and papers but don't mind paying for services. Cheap people like me keep all the boxes and papers but don't tend to get watches dealer serviced every few years. Lack of papers doesn't make much statement on watch condition - the watch condition makes that statement.
  8. It depends really. I never really cared about papers, back in the day I used to reckon them at £100 but a lot of Rolex fanboys made these things and even the tags that came with the watch more important in the general sentiment. A watch like an Omega Seamaster I wouldn't care. Any Patek or Rolex it needs to be significantly represented by the price. Vintage watches usually have no papers and its quite a bonus if they do. Boxes can be picked up in hindsight and certain brands offer extracts from the archive which is the next best thing to the original papers... though often these aren't cheap.
  9. I kind of agree with the above, I can think of a million and one divers which are all vaguely equivalent ranging from next to no budget to skies the limit. Obviously the usual suspects of Omega and Rolex are popular and for those of less of a budget Certina seems to be a good option (though sadly I have never managed to get my hands on one to make a first hand appraisal) If you are looking for a quirky name on the dial (yes I know I am quite unadventurous generally sticking with long established swiss makers) one that I wrote off was the Halios Seaforth but someone at a meet-up showed me one and I was quite impressed.
  10. Useful info. Now I know prices have gone upwards quite a lot during the pandemic but these figures surprise me a little given what they are asking for these currently. Noisy movt? Not ideal either. I am not about to buy without trying one first since I haven't handled many mosers in my life. There's a gold one in Nothern Ireland but thats not exactly local... and thats part of the problem. The one I saw is an hour away which is what made it an option. I guess I have to keep looking till I see something I can't live without.
  11. Have you ever held one? In my opinion they called the wrong model "tank" because the roadster is tough as anything.
  12. Well I think I will take Cartier. Pilot: Santos (the original watch designed for a pilot. Blue dial, the picture is the auto but I would suggest this one in Quartz) Sporty/diver: Pasha Chronograph Panda dial Dress: Gold Tank (they do some funky dials on these too if you want a black or even red dial) Casual/beater: Roadster
  13. Most of my spottings are in casino's or poker rooms or even corporate events. All pretty safe arenas to know I'm not about to knock them over the head and run off with their watch.
  14. If I had a pound for every time I spotted a Patek or something and the person totally retreated into their shell when I mentioned it. Rolexes are different, but the conversation is usually nauseating. I'd say its the Omega or Grand Seiko guys that give the best conversations.
  15. Yes, a 612% increase on what I paid. I love the watch but at that price I would never buy one. Its like the nautilus and aquanaut, nice as they are its silly money when you could buy a pair of complications in precious metal for the same sort of money. I have a little regret I missed the boat on F P Journe. I guess I believe Moser may go the same way... maybe I have a fear of missing out again. If I go German I think Glaschutte would be the way forwards... MG and Laing & Heyne, maybe I'll give them a second look but IDK if they do it for me. I guess I feel more connected to some brands than others, and some models too... I can't always put my finger on why but some of these old swiss ones I have a relationship with... I am wary about starting new relationships until I am really familiar, somehow Moser feels comfortable to me because I have been watching them for a long time.
  16. All things are relative regarding "What I am not fussed with" I do like that Moser, at that money I better be sure I like it too... but its fantastic, I feel affinity for the brand, it has a great dial and the movement is a masterpiece. What's more its scarce, I am hardly likely to see one in someone else's arm. I guess the only consideration is nearly 12k for a steal watch...could get something in precious metal from an equally prestigious maker for the same money but that's only a passing thought.
  17. I don't object to either. In fact I like the styling of the first with its throwback numerals and Breguet hands. (Though I'd wager the bracelet betrays its price, probably rattles and pulls hairs out of your arm!) Second one has its place too. The trouble for me (and this became apparent to me in other fields of collection) is when collecting lower value pieces I end up as a hoarder with rooms full of things that hardly capture my attention. The reason for my generally gravitating to higher value stuff is not because I necessarily have quarrel with low value watches (actually in the contrary, though I am snobbish in some regards I will happily tip my hat to an Orient or other well executed budget watch) but because fewer higher value pieces hold my attention longer and also retain more of the value put into them (and though I don't buy with the intent to trade I know its an option I want available to me) Anyway congrats, both are good additions that should get some wrist time. That lume is awesome too.
  18. Thats the main issue, I feel 16 is already too many and more than half I am absolutely apposed to parting with, those that I would part with aren't particularly commercial or easy to switch out and all have their own merit. As Chopards go the LUCs are pretty sweet but again I am just not craving it. Most of my watches up to now I really wanted and saved up for. At the moment the feeling seems to be more along the lines of "I might as well buy something..."
  19. I can't see any preowned Dornbluth in the UK and to be honest there's nothing that convinces me to buy one of those when compared to some of the other brands I love. I have some nice dress watches so if I get another its going to have to have something pretty special or some complication I don't already have. Panerai I just do not want. I did peruse Blancpain and the fifty fathoms is an obvious choice but again its just not like a Patek. Anything I buy I am really looking to buy from the UK and there are few around... I will check back on that one as maybe they won't come to terms but it's a sellers market I guess when you have the only Moser Pioneer for sale in England.
  20. My mum told me if I don't have something nice to say don't say anything, but I never do as I am told. The thing is I have no direct experience with the brand but I simply don't rate them. It just feels like a wannabe brand trying to leach prestige by sounding like a long established high horology brand. Any Constantine that isn't Vacheron is a pretender as far as I am concerned. They may or may not be quality but in terms of design what are they offering thats new? I am just sure there's a thousand vintage watches from superior brands I would gravitate towards long before I go near a FC.
  21. All things I have considered. I have had a snowflake springdrive on my watch lists for ages. I guess it could replace my cocktail time. Hard to find one I can buy at a price I feel like I am getting a deal on. Breguet type XX could be an upgrade for my Speedmaster... I can't say I would want both in my collection but am not sufficiently moved to enter a trade. I have considered some of the other models but without having them in hand nothing has spoken to me sufficiently. Glaschutte was also considered at the time I got my JLC master calender triple date moonphase (panodate was the alternative) I am glad I have the JLC though it is not worn a great deal since there's always something easier to set. Lange I feel I should like more than I do, the ones that grab me are often out if range... and Moser does speak to me but are like hens teeth. Which is probably why the one I looked at got reserved within a few hours of me seeing it. I am alas a ball of mixed emotions. Maybe I have made a recovering from the watch addiction.
  22. I had said my collection was finished but recently I find myself scouring the internet in search of high horology. If anything I want to downside rather than add so I had thoughts of part exchanging my submariner against something exquisite. Yesterday I saw a Moser I liked but by the time I did my research it had been reserved. Also looking at Lange, Vacheron and Patek dress watches but if I do go for one I don't want any of the entry level stuff (either complication or at least a modern sized with exhibition back) the prices of which rapidly escalate into the unjustifiable. There's a travel time in London but I have done business with them before... a gold pasha, vacheron overseas and a Rolex cellini came from there but when I viewed a JLC they were decidedly unhelpful and wouldn't drop a penny from the asking price. I have a feeling they would want to nail me to the floor on a part exchange. The fact is every watch I have in my collection was bought with good reason, I feel no real compulsion to let any of them go but some don't get worn much and without something going out there won't be anything coming in. Since my flicker has gone wonky and my Instagram photos don't seem to embed I have no photos though I do have a state of the collection video which includes everything except an 18ct polerouter, platinum IWC Pilot and an 18ct JLC memovox. If this were your collection which way would you go? Out of boredom I sent it for review with Archie Luxury sometime back and believe it or not he didn't slate it at all. His only major criticism was the midsized Omega seamaster but to be honest I wear that more than most and particularly when abroad since it goes swimming, in saunas and is descreet and reliable, respectable yet not so valuable to worry.
  23. 10 budget watches and not a Seiko in sight. Unbelievable.
  24. I think you all know by now its the Royal Oak classic.
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