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  1. Thought I’d follow-up the before with the after photo ... https://ibb.co/LJhmfx2
  2. About 20 years ago I picked up a second hand Seiko 5H26-7A19 divers watch. It was cosmetically poor but I've used it over the years when fishing and become somewhat attached to it - my lucky fishing watch - to match my lucky pants which are equally 20 years old. I want to treat it to a new crystal and a new bezel (or bezel insert) - either the same pepsi blue/red or black/silver. Doesn't have to be A1 original, though perhaps deserves it if parts are readily available. Cousins do a replacement bezel (86311248) for £75 which I think would fit. Can anybody on the forum help, either to supply a suitable alternative bezel or even to take-on the refurbishment - not sure I trust my ham-fists to replace the crystal? Or just some pointers would be welcome. Many thanks Kevin
  3. To reply my own question, an M3 x 25mm from Maplins does the job nicely, or at least it does for a Hermle 451.053 movement.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Ordered from Cousins, all in stock and delivered promptly. Good service. Very happy, except for the dent to the credit card. The Hermle movement didn't come with the two screws to fix it to the seat board. They were included with the last Hermle movement I had. Cousins sell them with the fixing brackets but I've already got the latter and I'm reluctant to pay an extra £16+ with postage for two screws. Can anybody tell me where I might find a suitable alternative? M3 bolts don't fit. Thanks Kevin
  5. I've come by a grandmother casing and want to buy the movement. I've got another identical casing (made to the same plans) with a Hermle movement fitted, so I want to buy the exactly the same to be sure it fits. I'm struggling to find one in the UK and I'm reluctant to ship in from the USA. I got the last one from Craft Supplies but they no longer sell them. HS-Walsh sent me one but it was incomplete and they're struggling to get another. Cousins have them but will only supply trade. Hermle don't seem to reply to emails. Any suggestions or recommendations? I'm after the Hermle 451.053H (94cm) movement, a Hermle Westminster Chime (50cm), 3 weights (2x4.7lb, 1x6.6lb), brass shell cases with caps, hooks and eye, 94cm pendulum and a 115mm bob. Also a Hermle night silence mechanism. Thanks Kevin
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