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  1. A magnetized watch will still function but at a very rapid pace. (the hairspring coils will stick together and the watch will do 1 minute in 30-40 seconds or so because the hairspring becomes shorter so to speak)
  2. I would buy 10 such watches if they cost 270$ and wouldn't even do it to resell them. Very beautiful watch. The epitome of a vintage watch.
  3. Looks quite bad. Definitely cobbled up. Bracelet seems fake as well.
  4. Have you checked to see whether it loses those 30 minutes at the exact time ? And how does it lose time ? 30 minutes straight or slowly over 24 hours ? https://postimages.org/
  5. Can't help but I believe we might have some french members but not sure if from Paris. Since when are alligators endangered ffs ?
  6. Looks good in its current stage as well if you ask me. Gen 1 monsters are the best looking ones... So sad that most modern day watches are so lacking in the design department. No wonder the big boys release reissues of vintage versions... Omega, Zenith, Seiko, etc.
  7. gimli


    That first car is nicer than most cars out there today... The dashboard is very beautiful. Back when products were made with heart and soul and not consumerism in mind...
  8. From my own experience aftermarket crystals will not fit in perfectly with such a watch so I think that's why your watchmaker said he can't do it. Definitely recommend sending it to Citizen.
  9. Yes if the movements are identical, you can take the wheels from the old one and "transplant" them onto the new one.
  10. Maybe this place ? https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/22-electric-electronic-watches/ Anyway, some pics would be nice. Movements come with dates at certain positions specifically so no you can't adjust them. At most you can get a new date/day wheel that is correct for the position that you want (for the dial's hole basically) Some movements come with date at 3 o'clock, some with date at 4 o'clock... It's all about the angles that the numbers/letters line up.
  11. Hello and welcome. Are you a watch fan ?
  12. Apparently they are 89$ on a US website...
  13. I like them! Timex has been doing pretty well lately. I've heard of other reissues from them before. But how much do they cost ?
  14. Well it's not a Casio but I guess it tells the time just as good... That movement looks good. Reminds me of the early 1900s american PWs (hamilton, waltham, etc.).
  15. Is the watch new, preowned, vintage ? Do the pushers stay pushed in, basically, or do you just press them and nothing happens ?
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