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  1. Is it solid gold or gold plated ? You should be able to do that but if it's gold plated I guess it depends how thick the layer is. How many microns, basically. If it's 80/120 or whatever then I guess it might be fine...
  2. Used to be a long time Firefox user but last year I bought a new Android smartphone (a flagship one) and in this case it's a lot better to use Chrome since it's a Google product just like Android and they work together. (I get lots of shared/common stuff across the laptop and phone due to the fact that I'm logged in on the same account and stuff) I'd say either pick Chrome or stick to Firefox. They're both good. Firefox used to be in the lead as far as popularity but now Chrome is the king...
  3. With some exceptions it's actually not the value of the watch but the work that needs to be done. Whether a watch is 50$ or 500$ both require the same servicing methods, technique, time, consumables, etc. (we're talking here about two watches with similar movements not a manual wind vs chronograph, etc.) There are people that charge approximately the same for working on these two watches, there are people that will charge more for the expensive one. The bottom line is that you will have to strip down the 40-50-60 parts of each of the 2 movements and the effort can be similar, hence the fact that, in the end, servicing cheap watches can be seen as too much. I guess it would be nice to have a close friend that can do this and offer a discount or something.
  4. I agree it looks like corrosion + verdigris on a plated metal.
  5. Some, perhaps most, are lying. Some people probably service them themselves (usually you should be able to tell this if that person sells a lot of watches/watch related items and if they have a good horology-related vocabulary). I've sold inexpensive watches that were serviced by myself so the only extra costs in my case might be a gasket, a crystal, maybe some parts and a very small drop of lubricant. I believe there is also a 3rd type of "servicing" a watch which is just lubricating some wheels that are within reach without removing the movement or even the stem from the movement. Technically it's as good as not being serviced but you can't really check until you have the watch in your hands.
  6. I only want to say one thing. If you spend right (whether you go modern or vintage) that money won't be wasted but actually invested. Your father has a very nice watch and were he/you to sell it you'd make quite a profit... So, you can buy something nice (that doesn't depreciate) and by the time you retire it might be worth a lot more. This is regarding that pension fund of yours. You can't really plan these things. We don't know whether or not Rolexes might barely sell in 20-30 years but do your research and I'm sure you'll find something. Yes it's going to cost a few grand but... It's up to you to decide whether you wanna go for it or not. Do you not own any other watches ? I'd say it's a bit wrong to wait for years and then spend everything on one watch. Imagine getting it damaged or something.. That's gonna cost! Might be good to get used to some "cheapies", maybe something pre-owned which is cheaper but still of good quality. PS: If a recession happens, you're not going to sell your watch for a profit (unless it's a rare thing that some crazy rich collector covets). Most likely you won't even sell it for what you paid.
  7. https://www.christopherward.eu/ It's a tight one, though. I think their prices have gone up but I did hear that they do a lot of "sales discounts"...
  8. Isn't the chrono hand the red one while the white one is just a center seconds hand (if activated) ? Is it possible that the watch might have a feature where the center seconds hand measures days or something like that ? Does the "issue" always repeat itself the same way ? Ideally someone should take a look inside. Looking at the hands with a loupe won't tell us anything. Sometimes playing around with the buttons/features might be a telltale sign of some issues but it's a trial and error type thing...
  9. Nice job. I like the way you improvised by using one of those cutter blades. I have a curiosity. What do you use to actually cut it like that ? A lathe ? A CNC machine ?
  10. I can't understand the problem. One of the hands is loose ? Can you please explain some more ? Are you talking about the white center seconds hand ? Does it wobble when it's not supposed to run ?
  11. Length isn't the only size that matters. Being a watch forum, you also have to pay attention to the thickness of a pivot, to the number and size of teeth on a wheel and much more.
  12. Both cars look good. The "big one" looks sturdy and versatile.
  13. The bracelet is also vintage and of good quality so keep it around. A photo of the case back ? Most likely it's screw in.
  14. Such a "supposedly" clean watch yet the hands have lost their lume ? (or are they not supposed to have lume?) And they also seem a big stained ? I feel like I see some faint marks on them...
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