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  1. Woah, both of them look awesome. The 2nd one would look really nice with a nautical themed watch.
  2. You're also going to have a chronograph and a dress watch. (mechanical) Also you're going to need a quartz or two. Not sure if you can find an automatic swiss chrono new but you should find some pre-owned. Oh and if we're talking a 5 watch starter collection I would recommend that one or two of them be vintage. The dress one should be vintage as there are plenty of those around and they're affordable. And they don't make dress watches like they used to...
  3. This was a train wreck from start to finish. How did that watch leave the factory (twice) with such scuff marks ?
  4. You definitely have to have a Seiko Diver automatic. For 350 GBP you'll find a good one too.
  5. An eastern european would simply buy the cheap mineral glass one then buy a sapphire for 20 GBP or whatever it costs then have the glass swapped. (oh and he'd swap it by himself but I guess it depends on how experienced you are with such things)
  6. Yema is one of the most popular french watch brands. They trace back to the 50s I think. At least that's the oldest watch that I've seen from them. Usually their watches are cheap but they made some vintage divers which go for a few hundred each nowadays. I doubt that the movement is anything special but I do applaud the effort of having something made in-house and, above all, here in Europe and not outsourced to Asia. (or the swiss) The watch looks nice to me. The price is high, though.
  7. Most of the watches with this kind of case back that I've seen were Swiss. Usually they have swiss made on the back but a few do not. If it's not Swiss then I'd say that it's French... Given that only the back is SS I don't think that it's a compressor case so therefore a cheapie one. And it's not even a real diver. Is it something by Enicar or anything like that ? Definitely not a high-end brand I would say... Quite possibly one of those generic obscure swiss/french brands. Time period 60s or most likely 70s.
  8. gimli

    new in

    Lume shot please.
  9. gimli

    Swisstime woes!

    If the timing is way off even though it's been (supposedly) checked once or twice then there's a big problem somewhere.
  10. I've seen some interesting bracelets but I am unable to find the information I need about them. Some people call them bamboo bracelets. I have found some made by Gay Freres and I wanted to know if they are the only ones that made such bracelets (looking for cheaper alternatives). If anyone could give me any literature on them I'd appreciate it. They seem to date all the way to the 40s but not sure when they stopped being produced.
  11. You need to travel to Eastern Europe (and probably many other underdeveloped placed).
  12. Isn't this one of those Japan/Asia only limited editions ?
  13. Looks good. What vostok is that ? modern or vintage ?
  14. I turned down a few that I should have (and could have bought). A vintage Rolex (not a rare or expensive kind but it was nice and classy) because I was unsure whether it's legit or not, a korea/vietnam war Hamilton because it had some defects and I didn't fiddle with watches back then, a pretty scarce PVD coated vintage Breitling because it was put up for a good price and someone else snatched it and the list can go on. I missed out on ALL the good deals but then again I've never risked large sums of money on watches. No win no loss I guess.
  15. The 5 in the logo isn't leveled. I too think that it's a redial.. Looks dubious.
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