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  1. It's really nice but not 21k $$ nice...
  2. Looks quite nice but I wish it had "jump seconds", if I may call it that, as well.
  3. I too did some searching and, yes, apparently it could just be some dirt or a part that is misplaced but also damage to various components... Haven't taken a decision, yet... Spoken to the guy and he really seems genuine about it but he doesn't seem to know what the problem is. Even offered me a photo of the lens ensemble with some sort of a rod that is part of the zooming/focusing mechanism that supposedly doesn't sit as it should but I couldn't figure out what the problem is as I have no experience with such things.
  4. Hello everyone, posting this here hoping that there's someone out there that tinkers with cameras and might help me out a bit. I've found a Panasonic TZ70 for a very good price on my local advert which I would be interested in website but it seems to have a technical problem. The camera was supposedly opened up to remove a speck (or something like that) on the sensor and ever since it gives an error. (System Error Focus) It's been opened up again afterwards but the same thing persists. The guy doesn't seem experienced about it. Is it possible that he may have messed something up (damaged/broken) or did he simply misplace something ?
  5. Very nice looking watches. Love the lume "dots".
  6. It looks interesting but as you said, useless in the real world... It's very thick but I'm sure that many would want to buy one.
  7. I've always loved the style/design of italian-swiss watches. This is one BEAUTIFUL watch in my opinion. Would have been nice if it had an ETA movement but it's still alright.
  8. gimli

    Stem won’t go in

    And if that happened, allow me to wish you a warm welcome into the interesting and sometimes frustrating world of watchmaking.
  9. Hey Nucejoe, Roy was very kind enough and helped me with this. Thank you for the offer, though! Appreciate it!
  10. Some photos would be nice. Of the movement... Could be a broken tooth on a gear.
  11. Hey Simon, nothing has been replaced. When I simply inspected the movement it looked clean (also meaning no lubricants). I added some in some areas where there's friction and it had the same problem. Now I cleaned it all up and assembled it without lubricant and so far it seems to run smooth.
  12. From your first post (more or less) you sound like you'll fit in LIKE A GLOVE. PS: Are all British seniors slightly older gentlemen so talented in the humour department or is it just a WIS thing ? Most of you here have an awesome sense of humour that you don't get to see very often. The younger generations either swear too much or get offended by anything.
  13. The holders are made so that the hands won't touch it. Hypothetically the only situation they would touch the holder would be if the hands are not the original ones and are much longer. (but that would mean that they wouldn't fit in the case either) I place the movement dial down on the holder and then just remove the crown and stem. Put the movement in the case then reinstall the crown then any screws and case back and that's it.
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