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  1. chivycliff


    thats very nice. the best looking watch ive seen on this forum.
  2. im not calling vostoks inaccurate. im looking to make a time piece out of a victim. and for it to work on the original owner, it had better be either quarts, he wont take that apart. or cheep, he can strip it when it breaks and i'll just pop another cheap movement in it when he kills it. and kill it he will. the movement in this watch is way past regulation tho. and i could fit a nice new 2416, it would have been the right and cost effective thing to do. but not in this particular instance.
  3. i started collecting 19th century french cylinder movement pocket watches in the 70s, mainly because they were cheap and i like the dials, that and the key wind and set. i have all sorts now, i would avoid the chinese stuff as vinn said, cheep dials and cases, with the same movement in them all. unless you actually like them. or want something to pull apart for the hell of it. saying that ive a seagull 6498 with white enamel like dial, and the seconds at 6 oclock on my wrist. i wonder where i got a liking for that came from?
  4. al kaholik, good question, ive not really got a preference for the Chinese stuff. rather a dislike of this particular movement from this particular watch. a friend of mine bought it years back, and it never was reliable. it kicked around with him until the late 90s, by then he had taken it apart and left the bits in a tobacco tin, he sent me the tin watch included around 2004 ish, with the comment " you like puzzles". cleaned and put back together, i found several bits missing, the balance wheel, spring, cock and escape wheel. it sounds cruel to me, to do this to a watch, but if i were t
  5. thanks for that, ill look into it, i couldnt find parts on cousins site for vostock parts. and i still haven't managed to identify the movement, is there a Chinese equivalent to a 2416?
  6. ive had a bostock-vostock sitting in my watch box for several yeas now, and i finally got to look into it. the balance and its plate are missing, and the movement ruined, it was an automatic with date. would anyone on here know of a direct replacement movement for these? i would think that the chinese might have something.
  7. managed to find a foto of my beaucourt, i think i took this the day i finaly got it running, and befor i fitted a new second hand to it. poor quality camera ill take some more latter. http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/chivycliff/media/watch%20003_zpsgrmbysig.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
  8. just opend an account with photo bucket. with my only clock related image i have on the pc, im sure ill find others. any way this is a cuckoo clock i rebuilt. carved from black walnut http://s1055.photobucket.com/user/chivycliff/media/Picture%20002_zpsaxd3msps.jpg.html
  9. pictures will be a trick, and i've not seen the sun for several months, and modern lights are a bit of a joke, to think we pay for the electric through them bulbs, but i need to use a torch just see the keyboard. ill try n get some photos done and loaded over the weekend, wheres the best place to host them, i notice members cant load images direct to the forum.
  10. thanks sbryantgb. i was trying t o put more info on my profile page, but i havent found out how yet. i started collecting pocket watches when i bought a beaucourt from a market stall for 45p, it took me 40 years to get around to fixing it, and by that point my collection had grown quite a bit.
  11. hi every one, i just found the forum, and had a quick look round. looks interesting. i collect almost anything that has a tick, ( thats how i got the dog as well) but my interests are key wind pocket watches.
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