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  1. I tend to look for pieces locally or travel to do the deal F2F. I've yet to buy a piece without seeing it first (unless it's relatively inexpensive and brand new).
  2. SDTMZpm.jpg SDTMZpm.jpg[/img] OK i give up
  3. Yup, Nadal is regularly seen wearing a Nadal Richard Mille
  4. It's a very nice piece for sure, the dial isn't as deep black as the original OVM1 but it's a lot better IMO, it has a real vintage matte look to it looking almost a matte dark grey in some lights and a deep matte black in others. The plexi is a beauty. Comes with the handmade leather strap as well as a nato strap. Here's a few rough pics i took of the watch straight out of the box, all stickers still on so excuse the rough looking crystal! Direct sunlight Shade Crystal Once again apologies for the awful pics!
  5. Shipping started a couple of days ago! I got mine yesterday lunchtime
  6. I think it could look quite large depending on the shape of your wrist, but 42mm isn't a large size for todays standards. My advice would be to scout out a 42mm piece in a local watch store near you and try it on for size, granted it will most likely feel/sit different but it will give you an idea of the diameter.
  7. That's true. Certain AD's have to meet Rolex demands, such as a specific 'Rolex room' which has been known to cost that exact figure! As for the OP's question. When you step back and look at the competitors in the SS Rolex price range (4-6k as example) there really isn't a great deal of brands that match up to Rolex - ignoring the brand name you get: Fantastic fit and finishing, arguably one of the best oyster bracelets in the game, work horse in-house movement (as you know in-house movement R&D and production does not come cheap), in-house metals (904 SS, Rolex created precious metals). The brand however does help with resale due to it being globally recognised.
  8. That's an oyster bracelet, president bracelets are found on DD's OP, the bracelet may have a little stretch but I wouldn't worry about it too much, as other have said, you can get it refurbished if desperately needed. 14060 is a fantastic watch!
  9. May as well have 'Folex' printed on the dial
  10. Ordered from Gnomon before - they listed the watch as a 'timing instrument' with a value of $100 and i got charged £14 at customs. Unsure regarding the question on refund if lost, but I have no complains with Gnomon and would hope they would honour a full refund regardless of the value they list it as for shipping.
  11. Many congrats! Good choice too, love mine
  12. Gnomon watches get exclusive limited editions made specifically for them, thus they are only sold through Gnomon.
  13. All 300 will be with Gnomon, they usually release them in batches. Expect the further 100 to be made available once the first 200 are sold
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