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  1. Not "fallen" Jay.......just AWOL.............how ya doin buddy? Sort of fell out of love with watches for a while and got interested in a couple of other things that are also money pits. I have been lurking on here though, so not totally lost it. In fact, I think my interest is returning. Been thinking about selling a couple to fund a couple of new additions.
  2. Logged on and for a second thought it was the wrong site. Nicely done Roy.
  3. Been on the CW forum since Sunday. Now four pages long. Quite interesting. Why have Jaguar waited for four years? In the intrim, Jag have had the "-" added to their patent. It used to be "D Type" now it's D-Type.......the same as CW. Well, that's how I read it anyway.
  4. I don't work now but if I did I would wear mine. However I do wear mine sometimes when I go out for the evening......no one really notices though.
  5. Yeah well. You sent me a couple of bits when I needed something. "What goes around, comes around!" Glad I could help.
  6. I have a few. PM me your address and I'll stick a couple in the post for you.
  7. Radio room operator wandering around the ship, or gone to the loo/head? Needs to be back in time for "distress call listening"?
  8. What about Yuri Gagarin's watch in 1961 (12th April) then? Or even the watch that Vladimir Ilyushin was wearing when - alleged by some - to have actually been the first man in space on April 7, 1961?
  9. "Wash and brush up?" In your enlarged photos, it looks great already. If it were mine I wouldn't let it out of my sight again. And what's wrong with flairs anyway?
  10. Still reminds me of a younger Albert Tatlock.
  11. That's a diver. Try it in the tank. You could try using any reflections to your advantage, just for something a bit different......if you see what I mean. Without: With:
  12. "MMmmm!" Wonder which one that was then..........
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