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  1. Wow thanks! Do you have a photo of your Solar watches? I'd love to see them.
  2. Sounds cool! Do you have a photo of yours? I'd love to see it. Right now I put the Seiko calfskin strap on my Cronos watch and the Cronos suede strap on the Seiko.I switched the buckles too. I also ordered this Dassari strap from StrapsCo. The one I ordered is 20mm
  3. Changed the watch band.The original strap that comes with the watch looks cool but it is really uncomfortable to wear so I changed it to the strap I had on my Cronos watch.That watch came with 2 straps,a rubber one that is now on my Invicta 8928ob and a suede one that I put back on the Cronos
  4. Thanks! I got my watch today.Glad I ordered it when I did because Amazon is sold out now.
  5. I had one in my Amazon shopping cart for a couple of weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger.
  6. I have watches with NH35,Miyota 8205 and Sellita SW200 movements. Can I turn the time backwards tomorrow at 2:00 am or will that hurt these movements?
  7. Cronos Bronze Diver 62MAS is in the Top 5 Watches of Lum-O-Ween 2020! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1w7IuwgqKw
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