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  1. I called the AD I bought my Tudor Black Bay 58(below) from yesterday and asked if she could get me an Explorer. She said she could but it would probably take a couple of months. Is Rolex still making the 39mm Explorer? Some people have told me that I might not be able get one from my AD because Rolex may introduce a new 41mm version in April. Do you think that is true?
  2. I think Tudor Black Bay 58 offers alot Buck for Buck Why The Original TUDOR Black Bay 58 Reigns Supreme
  3. Beautiful! What is the model number of your Sub?
  4. I love the way the BB 58 looks with that cloth strap with the gold stripe. I originally wanted to buy that model but they only had the one with the steel bracelet.
  5. Thanks rafy1! I was lucky too find this watch.Last week I called my local Rolex/Tudor AD and asked how long does it takes to get a BB 58 39mm and the guy there told me I had to come into the store and talk to someone and after that it was something like a 9 month just to get on a waiting list and about 12 months to actually get one. At least I think that is what he said. Then he said their other branch really had all the Tudors and I should call there If I want more info. So I called the other branch and asked the same question to a lady there.To my surprise she tells me a Tudor Black Bay 58
  6. Oh man,that is a gorgeous watch! Here is a lume shot of my Black Bay 58. I don't need a Zippo lighter to read it in the dark,lol.
  7. Thank you!What year is your Tudor Monte Carlo? Do you have a photo? I'd love to see it.
  8. Thanks guys! I love this watch,the only thing that would make more perfect was if it had drilled lugs like a 58 Submariner.
  9. Early Christmas Present to myself: Tudor Black Bay 58. It probably the closet you can get to the early Bond Submariners in a modern watch.
  10. Beautiful watches! I thought you might like these videos.
  11. Ingersoll Radiolite RADIUM GIRLS & Radiolite Dial Watches. EPA:Radioactivity in Antiques
  12. Interesting to see how it compares(looks-wise) with old "trench watch". Ingersoll Linden Radiolite Automatic
  13. Ended up putting it back on the original strap.
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